Adkins: The OTA Inside Skinny

The Browns have been practicing outside the eyes of the media for over a week now. Is anything happening in the secret sessions worth knowing about? The answer is a definite "YES!". Browns insider Lane Adkins lets our subscribers in on what's going down...

What our spies are telling us about those top-secret OTA sessions...

* Rookie CB's Mil'von James and Darnell Terrell are quietly having productive practice sessions and have been very competitive. Both James and Terrell, undrafted free agent signings by the organization following the draft, have significantly improved with the close coaching of these practice sessions. They are expected to make the roster battles in training camp interesting. Special teams play ability may ultimately dictate if either player makes the final roster.

* As reported exclusively by the Orange and Brown Report on the day of the injury, Daven Holly ruptured multiple tendons and is expected to on the shelf for nine months. The OBR has been told by a team source that the cornerback is doing well and has begun the rehab process with range of motion and non-impact therapy.

* WR Braylon Edwards has returned to practice and shows no issues with a hip-pointer injury suffered on the play which ultimately led to season ending surgery for CB Daven Holly.

* Rookie WR Paul Hubbard continues to demonstrate the ability to take coaching.  He is catching the ball better much than he did in the opening week of the OTA's.

* As noted in the days following the draft, DE-turned-OLB Chase Ortiz is a player of interest. Ortiz has shown high-energy and quickness off the edge of the scheme. Ortiz leverages well and is physical enough to compete.

* While not in pads and not involving contact, rookie LB Beau Bell is making strides in recognition and scheme responsibility. The organization likes the instinctive qualities Bell possesses.

* Veteran OLB Shantee Orr is having very good OTA practice sessions. Many were of the belief Orr was basically a special teams signing, but in the practice sessions Orr has displayed very good pass rush technique and versatility in sliding inside in the base defense. Of course, Orr has been involved in special teams, but his role may change if he continues to be outstanding in practice sessions.

* With veteran Willie McGinest tending to personnel business in California, Antwan Peek has gotten significant work in these voluntary sessions and continues to impress. The lighter and quicker Peek has been exceptional in individual drills and has been vocally active in recognition during 11-on-11 drills. Additionally, Peek is not making life easy for the RT's and TE's he has been beating in practice sessions.

* All three QB's in camp continue to be efficient, but the non-battle for the starting spot still has some intrigue. Starter Derek Anderson has thrown the ball well and backup Brady Quinn has been very good. While Anderson is the starter, Quinn continues to impress and push Anderson, which pushes both players to excel. Competition in this case has made the position stronger.

* Heading into his third-season in Cleveland, wide receiver Travis Wilson has had yet another productive week of practice and just may make competition in training camp interesting.

* CB Terry Cousin, a recent free agent addition to the defensive backfield has been solid and has a great understanding of the position. Cousin has fared well in practice sessions and has been very supportive of the youth and relative inexperience on the roster at the CB position.

* Safety Mike Adams continues to get reps in the slot as well as his safety spot.

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