Transcript: Adam Caplan Chat

How will the Browns match up against the Cowboys? Adam's early take is part of this week's chat...

<64superfan> Hi, Adam. What are you hearing about potentially available CBs?
Adam Caplan: 64: Nothing new. The sense of urgency gets greater as they get closer to training camp.
Adam Caplan: I'm expecting at least one signed or traded for
Adam Caplan: I don't get the idea that Ashton Youboty situation is going to change either
Adam Caplan: meaning the Browns will have to be more aggressive to get him

<ramllov> Adam, Do you have an opinion on Youboty and what draft choice level is his value to the Browns?
Adam Caplan: RAM: He's nothing special, developmental player with some upside. I don't see him starting even if they got him. The Browns will have to up their offer to have a chance.
Adam Caplan:
The Bills will want at least a 4th that could be as high as a third

<64superfan> Are the Eagles still asking for the moon for Lito Sheppard?
Adam Caplan: 64: They never were, that's incorrect.
Adam Caplan: Sheppard wants his contract ripped up
Adam Caplan: and he wants a new deal
Adam Caplan: that's what is holding a potential trade up
Adam Caplan: he has four years left
Adam Caplan: and reasonable money

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, any news on the FO signing draft picks?
Adam Caplan: BR: I would expect a few to get done by the end of the month.

<64superfan> Ty Law still on the market?
Adam Caplan: 64: Yep. He's on my updated best available free agents listed today
Adam Caplan: Problem with Law is that he wants to get paid more than he's worth
Adam Caplan: teams want to basically pay him minimum

<wsu99> would the browns consider going after Sheppard and do they have the cap room to redo his contract?
Adam Caplan: WSU: There's virtually no way the Browns would trade for him and redo his deal
Adam Caplan: would be a bad move
Adam Caplan: he's been hurt the last three years
Adam Caplan: and doesn't play well when hurt
Adam Caplan: big knock on him

<64superfan> Well, if there aren't any takers for Law by training camp time, maybe he'd become a tad more realistic and opt to play for RAC again.
Adam Caplan: 64: I think you have a good point on Law.
Adam Caplan: These older veterans need to get realistic

<ramllov> Jerametrius Butler CB just signed with New Orleans, how much did he sign for and were the Browns interested in him?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Veteran minimum for Butler and no the Browns didn't go after him

<ramllov> Adam, do you see any problem with the new defensive line veterans signed this year learning and executing the 3-4 defense?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Not really but I'd like to see how Corey Williams does changing schemes.
Adam Caplan: That's always a challenge
Adam Caplan: run responsibilities will change

<kramp> Any updates on Bentley, Baxter, or Tucker?
Adam Caplan: ZK: Nope and as noted in previous chats, there won't be until the veteran camp
Adam Caplan: this coming Tuesday-Thursday
Adam Caplan: 610-6/12

<CorDawg> hi adam, what are the chances Colvin ends up a Brown? it appears that Houston has a leg up, and possibly a bigger need.
Adam Caplan: COR: Not good
Adam Caplan: they really haven't been aggressive in trying to get him

<zkramp> How do you feel about Pittsburgh's OL? I don't think that they will hold up well against the Browns DL. Drafted skill players wont matter if the ball stays in the backfield.
Adam Caplan: ZK: LT and LG are problems
Adam Caplan: for the Steelers.
Adam Caplan: Can Marvel Smith hold up? How will Kemeotu do at LG?

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, besides CB, have you heard of any other concerns the FO has with the team for this year?
Adam Caplan: BR: Just really the CBs
Adam Caplan: and the Ss playing better than last year
Adam Caplan: depth at ORT, OLT

<CorDawg> any word on how Rubin has looked playing the nose at OTAs. does it appear he may get some time as a rookie, or just learn on the bench for a year?
Adam Caplan: COR: Way too early to really say one way or the other, what I want to see how he does with the veterans next week
Adam Caplan: that's when you can see where he is mentally

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, will Flacco or Smith be the starting QB for the Ravens when the season starts?
Adam Caplan: BR: Smith or Boller and wouldn't be a surprise if it's Smith
Adam Caplan: they don't want Flacco playing unless they have to

<Brownsfan91171> Safeties seemed to play better at the end of the year
Adam Caplan: BR: The problem is consistency
Adam Caplan: the safety play was terrible for a while
Adam Caplan: they have to get off to a better start.

<jsl214> Any news on Resigning Sean Jones before the season?
Adam Caplan: JS: I'm not expecting anything getting done if at all for their veterans for a while
Adam Caplan: they don't have enough cap space now
Adam Caplan: that could change later on

<64superfan> Adam: What's the mood on the defensive side of the locker room as to how things will look under Mel Tucker?
Adam Caplan: 64: Doesn't seem to be an issue. Tucker is well respected.

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, are the Bills concerned about Lynch situation?
Adam Caplan: BR: They should be. Ask yourself this, if you didn't do it or wasn't involved, wouldn't you have said that already?

<iupuiguy82> Why is it when we have one good season we get the schedule from hell yet the Patriots get a cake walk??
Adam Caplan: IU: I don't see the schedule as bad as you do
Adam Caplan: the beginning is tough
Adam Caplan: I look strictly at how the teams are now, not what they were last year
Adam Caplan: When you look at the schedule, there are plenty of beatable teams
Adam Caplan: Washington may not be as good as last year
Adam Caplan: Same with Buffalo
Adam Caplan: Denver is terrible
Adam Caplan: as is Cinci
Adam Caplan: Houston is decent but that's about it

<Brownsfan91171> I hope A.J. Davis steps it up and takes one of the spots
Adam Caplan: BR: Davis is the one young CB who could make the active roster
Adam Caplan: but again, it all starts next week

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, you like the Titans? I still think they lack a passing gamebr> Adam Caplan: BR: If you see my team rankings article, I have them in the middle
Adam Caplan: I agree, QB and WRs are a problem

<wsu99> is PIT going to take a step back this year?
Adam Caplan: WSU: I don't see PIT any better
Adam Caplan: OL is still a problem
Adam Caplan: good offense though
Adam Caplan: secondary is decent but not great

<ramllov> Adam, what are you hearing about the Browns LBs?
Adam Caplan: RAM: They really are interested to see how Bell does next week
Adam Caplan: while you can't hit they want to see how he handles it

<zkramp> What the heck is this "Bengals D is as good as the Browns'" stuff?
Adam Caplan: ZK: No idea. I said on the Podcast, the Bengal secondary is better, CLE front seven is better

<wsu99> how good is the WR (Limas Sweed) from TX PIT got in the draft?
Adam Caplan: WSU: Good hands, good RAC, needs to get stronger
Adam Caplan: he'll help in the red zone
Adam Caplan: but honestly, they should have got help for their OL
Adam Caplan: I don't really see what they were doing there

<64superfan> Adam: PIT's D line is getting a little long in the tooth, no?
Adam Caplan: 64: Smith only turns 30
Adam Caplan: but back problems for a tall lineman is a problem
Adam Caplan: I think PIT lacks a blue chip offensive lineman
Adam Caplan: now

<racmpc> Does Tucker seem to have the leadership to bring all the new faces together on the defense?
Adam Caplan: RAC: the team believes he does
Adam Caplan: but you really never know until he has to do it
Adam Caplan: he's well respected though

<wsu99> is Dallas the best team we play this year and how do we match up?
Adam Caplan: WSU: The problem is when DAL spreads them out
Adam Caplan: Crayton goes to the slot
Adam Caplan: and if they have Glenn, that's another problem
Adam Caplan: Witten too
Adam Caplan: Owens
Adam Caplan: but Cleveland can challenge their secondary too

<64superfan> Adam: Actually, I was aking about the Steeler Defensive Line. Hampton, A. Smith aren't getting any younger.
Adam Caplan: 64: Yes and Smith is coming off of a bad injury

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, isn't Dallas' depth at WR not that great?
Adam Caplan: BR: Past the top-3, yes
Adam Caplan: bad
Adam Caplan: I was surprised they didn't draft a WR

<64superfan> It would seem that our O line should be able to handle the PIT D line pretty well. JL should run well between their tackles, no?
Adam Caplan: 64: Watch out for LaMarr Woodley though
Adam Caplan: he may be really good

<Brownsfan91171> Is Romo a top 5 qb?
Adam Caplan: BR: Yes, he was good last year
Adam Caplan: He played under control
Adam Caplan: and he has Owens, Witten, possibly Glenn, Crayton
Adam Caplan: good running game
Adam Caplan: good OL

<Brownsfan91171> Doesn't it seem like he starts strong then regresses over the season?
Adam Caplan: BR: Because they rested the starters in the final game of the regular season, that carried over to the NYG game
Adam Caplan: but yes, he has to win a playoff game at least

<Pazienza> What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Dallas D?
Adam Caplan: PA: They are strong in almost every area, weakness is clearly at safety

<64superfan> Hopefully Lawrence Vickers can handle Woodley. If so, we should get some good ground yardage against PIT.
Adam Caplan: 64: PIT is always good against the run
Adam Caplan: average against the pass
Adam Caplan: at least the DAL game is in CLE

<Irishjt> How will the Browns match up with Jacksonville?
Adam Caplan: IR: JAC good against the run, average against the pass based on personnel

<zkramp> Will Pac-man be in the game week 1
Adam Caplan: ZK: Maybe, maybe not, he has to stay clean

<zkramp> is dallas the toughest game for cle?
Adam Caplan: ZK: For sure.

<Brownsfan91171> Don't worry about pacman, i am taking him to some strip clubs before the game.....
Adam Caplan: BR: I hear he's putting a pole in the locker room

<zkramp> how do you grade Jax WR's, i give them a C-
Adam Caplan: ZK: IF Porter comes to play, he could be good
Adam Caplan: but the rest of them aren't very good
Adam Caplan: they can run well
Adam Caplan: QB played well surprisingly
Adam Caplan: they run a very simple scheme
Adam Caplan: 1-2 reads
Adam Caplan: get the ball out of the hands
Adam Caplan: of the QB

<Shrooney> Which position battles do you think are going to be the most interesting to watch when camp opens?
Adam Caplan: SH: ILB, CB
Adam Caplan: DL

<zkramp> how will the browns cover TO and Witten with the young CBs
<zkramp> safety help, man?
Adam Caplan: ZK: That's the problem, they had a safety over the top for Wright a lot last year
Adam Caplan: If the Browns to more man, they'll get destroyed
Adam Caplan: I'd think that game they go zone
Adam Caplan: can't believe we're talking about this now but...
Adam Caplan: why not
Adam Caplan: slow time

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, cover 2 that game?
Adam Caplan: BR: I'd have to
Adam Caplan: CLE is so short at CB

<ramllov> Do not forget Eric Wright was rated a first round corner, but his past experienced cost him .
Adam Caplan: RAM: He's yet to play at that level but he showed enough last season so give them hope that he'll be solid

<Brownsfan91171> Can our DL get pressure on Romo?
<Brownsfan91171> That is the whole ball game there....getting pressure on him
Adam Caplan: BR: I'm interested to see how they move Wimbley around in camp

<zkramp> is McDonald the real deal?
Adam Caplan: ZK: I was talking to a scout from an NFC team last week so said he thinks he will be a future pro bowler
Adam Caplan: and I've known this guy for a while and he's rarely wrong
Adam Caplan: so take that for what it's worth
Adam Caplan: A trusted source for years
Adam Caplan: his team was apparently looking at him in the draft

<zkramp> Savage makes comments that the CB situation isn't as bad as it looks from the outside, is it that everyone is underestimating McD and Wright?
Adam Caplan: ZK: McDonald's play was pretty good on the field in the time he got last season
Adam Caplan: he has the physical tools to be a starter

<Pazienza> Is Wimbley overrated?
Adam Caplan: PAZ: Not sure what you're referring to

<64superfan> Seems like the key will be push the pocket with the D line, free up the LBs, put on the pressure and let Wright and BMac pressure the receivers at the line.
Adam Caplan: 64: Pressure has to be 100% better this season
Adam Caplan: no question, at the very least to make it easier on the secondary

<Pazienza> Can Wimbley be a dominant pass rusher?
Adam Caplan: PAZ: You would have to define dominant but he can be solid
Adam Caplan: they will make some adjustments in where he's lined up

Adam Caplan: All: See you next week, good chat

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