Transcript: Adam Caplan Chat

Adam Caplan visited the OBR subscriber chat room last night, and talked about the LeCharles Bentley situation with a packed house of Browns fans. Get the scoop from Adam on what happened, plus wide-ranging discussion about the Browns as finish up the June mini-camp...

Adam Caplan: hi everyone

<DeLappDawg> Give us the scoop on LeCharles
Adam Caplan: I detailed most of the Bentley situation in my blog tonight
Adam Caplan: he basically wasn't going to be given a chance to compete for the starting job
Adam Caplan: so he asked for his release

<DeLappDawg> Adam, what is your opinion on Hank Fraley, strengths and weaknesses?
Adam Caplan: DE: Solid leadership, slightly above average in blocking/run-pass

<Pazienza> What team will Bentley sign with?
Adam Caplan: PAZ: Teams that could have interest: NO, CIN, STL
Adam Caplan: they all need a veteran to compete for job
Adam Caplan: at center

<zabam> Adam - I'm a Savage fan - but whether or not it was the right football move, wasn't it a PR blunder
Adam Caplan: ZA: PR blunder? No. But they should have let him compete against Fraley?
Adam Caplan: Why not?
Adam Caplan: What was there to lose?

<DeLappDawg> will Pittsburgh or Cincy have interest?
Adam Caplan: DE: Steelers - Probably not as they think Justin Hartwig can handle it or Mahan
Adam Caplan: Cinci does need a veteran center

<Pazienza> Are there any issues that make LCB tough to deal with - recall the fight when he was at OSU?
Adam Caplan: PAZ: None at all.

<skirpa> Are they allowing Baxter to compete for the starting FS spot?
Adam Caplan: SK: They may in training camp
Adam Caplan: he's just starting to show them that he can move around
Adam Caplan: and they'll keep him at safety for the time being

<CaryNCBrownsBacker> Did Bentley have a grudge against the F.O.?
Adam Caplan: CARY: I wouldn't say that, I would say he wanted a fair shot to start and wasn't going to get one
Adam Caplan: It's a shame after all he went through
Adam Caplan: not to be given a chance

<DeLappDawg> Baxter will be good at safety if he can make it, would match up well against Heap, Miller, etc if healthy
Adam Caplan: DE: He has the size to play FS, the range is the issue
Adam Caplan: that will be better known in training camp

<skirpa> Would Bentley have had any trade value (conditional picks)?
Adam Caplan: SK: They weren't looking to because Bentley would have to agree to go to that team
Adam Caplan: and he wasn't going to go anywhere where he couldn't compete for a starting center
Adam Caplan: job so they did the right thing and agreed to let him go

<BrownsBot> Why wouldn't they give him the chance? That just seems asinine as he was a 2 time pro-bowler pre-injury.
Adam Caplan: BR: Fair question, only one that they can answer. I'll leave it at that.
Adam Caplan: No one thought he could ever be the same but I'd at least let him show that first
Adam Caplan: that's the problem
Adam Caplan: why give him the impression he wouldn't get a chance to start

<DeLappDawg> Adam, does the release save any significant cap money?
Adam Caplan: DE: Not really, that $605,000 isn't going to get a starter in there

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, isn't the center the captain of the O-Line, Fraley is a good communicator and leader. Would you
want to jeopardize that?
Adam Caplan: BR: That's kind of what they were thinking

<Pazienza> Would LCB have asked for his relief without the knowledge that somebody else wants him badly?
Adam Caplan: PAZ: He believes he'll start somewhere, that's why he wanted out
Adam Caplan: or at least he'll get the chance to elsewhere

<browns3213> Kasper has been getting some decent press so far, any chance he's still around come training camp?
Adam Caplan: BR: He should go to camp. Typically because he runs fast, he looks good without pads
Adam Caplan: he has to show he can do more in pads
Adam Caplan: the good thing is they will keep at least 5 WRs
Adam Caplan: because of Joe J's injury status
Adam Caplan: although he's feeling much better of late

<zabam> Adam - how are the CBs looking - if we don't pick up anyone else, can these guys hold up enough for us?
Adam Caplan: ZA: They will get at least one veteran into training camp
Adam Caplan: maybe two

<DeLappDawg> The word is Travis Wilson looks more focused, anything new with him?
Adam Caplan: DE: They are happy with Wilson so far
Adam Caplan: he's not only catching the ball but he knows where he's supposed to be
Adam Caplan: big difference from last year at this time

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, what about the QB's?
Adam Caplan: BR: Neither have been consistent
Adam Caplan: both have made good and bad throws

<skirpa> Is Terry Cousin a legitimate shot at starting over Brandon McDonald?
Adam Caplan: SK: It doesn't help that McDonald wasn't there for the first two days
Adam Caplan: They are under the impression though that McDonald will start
Adam Caplan: unless he's really bad in August

<zabam> Adam - Harrison is getting some good buzz - any chance he replaces Wright as our #2 back?
Adam Caplan: ZA: Probably not because they don't see him in that role
Adam Caplan: they want him to get 5-7 touches/game
Adam Caplan: change of pace
Adam Caplan: that's what he was drafted for
Adam Caplan: showed flashes last year

<Pazienza> Any UDFA standing out?
Adam Caplan: PAZ: Almost all of the CBs from what I understand had some good moments
Adam Caplan: there's a chance at least 3 go to camp
Adam Caplan: they have to do it again tomorrow
Adam Caplan: and rest of OTAs though

<DeLappDawg> is Wright as good in the blitz pickup as I think, he seems to be excellent doing that?
Adam Caplan: DE: He did a good job with ATL with that and so far with CLE
Adam Caplan: he has good size

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, is Peek ready to take off this year?
Adam Caplan: BR: As long as he has no setbacks with his knee, yes
Adam Caplan: and I think Orr will help too

<Brownsfan91171> It seems like Rodgers is starting to fit in with the other players already. I like that.
Adam Caplan: BR: And Rogers will play end too
Adam Caplan: I think he starts at NT though

<ramllov> Adam it sounds like they are still hurting at CB and the back CB positions. No one is making contact.
Adam Caplan: RAM: For sure, you can only see so much without pads. That's why they have to get some veterans in there.

<browns3213> Adam, can we expect Wimbley to return to form this year?
Adam Caplan: BR: According to the coaches, he had a ton of hurries last year and was close on 20 plays or so of getting
Adam Caplan: it could be that he needed to have his alignment readjusted
Adam Caplan: I discussed this in my notes a while back

<ghostwolf> Adam, what FA left look good for a fit at CB, if any?
Adam Caplan: GH: All dime CBs mostly, a few nickels
Adam Caplan: but most don't fit
Adam Caplan: except Ty Law
Adam Caplan: who they haven't shown any real interest in

<Pazienza> Most teams seem to be using a RB tandem, not the Browns - does Wright get more carries this year?
Adam Caplan: PAZ: He could depending on how effective Lewis is
Adam Caplan: July is usually dead but I really think they get 1-2 veteran CBs
Adam Caplan: almost a lock for one
Adam Caplan: by start of training camp
Adam Caplan: the sense of urgency rises closer to the start of training camp

<browns3213> Why the lack of interest in Law?
Adam Caplan: BR: He wants more than the veteran minimum

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, any news on signing of draft picks?
Adam Caplan: BR: Talks are with all of them
Adam Caplan: I'd expect the late rounders to be in within two weeks

<Pazienza> Do the Browns have much cap room left for signings?
Adam Caplan: PAZ: They can sign or trade for at least one CB
Adam Caplan: but no more than $1 million or so in base

<zabam> Adam - when you say "veteran corner" - is there anyone that will be available and be more significant than
Cousins? Or equally significant?
Adam Caplan: ZA: They may have to trade for one

<DeLappDawg> Adam, do you expect Andra Davis to be on the bench sometime during the season?
Adam Caplan: DE: Depends on Bell really. IF he has a great training camp then I can see it
Adam Caplan: Not so sure on Leon Williams

<pastvar71> will Law accept the minimum in July?
Adam Caplan: PAST: Only he can say but if he wants to play and there's not a lot of interest, I can see it.

<Brownsfan91171> Williams is regressing?
Adam Caplan: BR: No but I think they'd like to see Bell take a starting job
Adam Caplan: they believe he could be a difference maker

<ghostwolf> does the sense of urgency get felt by the players as well?
Adam Caplan: GH: Usually by the start of camps but some can be stubborn

<Brownsfan91171> DQ is a lock at the other inside spot?
Adam Caplan: BR: No way, no one can be a lock at ILB. But he does have the best chance to start of the four.

<browns3213> What position are the Browns deep enough at to offer a player in a trade for a respected vet CB?
Adam Caplan: 3213: I wouldn't say they are deep enough to trade anyone. In fact, I'm not so sure they can trade Wilson now
Adam Caplan: based on Joe J's situation

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, 1st game, who so we have starting at RG?
Adam Caplan: BR: I'd guess Hadnot if they were playing now
Adam Caplan: I can't see how Tucker can miss so much time and be ready
Adam Caplan: we'll see

<Pazienza> What % of time will the Browns use a 3 man line?
Adam Caplan: PAZ: I'm not sure they know yet.
Adam Caplan: Keep in mind they have new players and have great depth.
Adam Caplan: but they are a 3-4 scheme base
Adam Caplan: and always will be
Adam Caplan: personnel dictates that, obviously more than 50%
Adam Caplan: now

<DeLappDawg> What does Hadnot do well? Weaknesses?
Adam Caplan: DE: Good run blocker, so-so pass blocker

<browns3213> Any of the UDFAs have a chance to make the roster / contribute?
Adam Caplan: 3123: No way to know until they are in pads
Adam Caplan: they are happy with what they are seeing from the three UDFA CBs to a point
Adam Caplan: but once the pads go on, it doesn't matter

<Pazienza> How's Rogers looking?
Adam Caplan: PAZ: Good so far, high energy

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, are we close to having good depth on the team?
Adam Caplan: BR: CB still is a huge concern
Adam Caplan: I think they will be ok at OLB
Adam Caplan: and ILB
Adam Caplan: they are really optimistic

<DeLappDawg> Adam, is Brodney Pool a legitimate NFL starter at Free Safety?
Adam Caplan: DE: I'd like to see more consistency

<ramllov> Adam thanks for the positive comments on the rookie FA cornerbacks, that is good news.
Adam Caplan: RAM: Just be cautioned all could be cut next week. UDFAs are in a day-to-day, week-to-week position.

<racmpc> seems like we have improved depth at every position but CB over last year. Pretty good chance to keep getting
better as long as the injuries don't pile up in the wrong place....
Adam Caplan: RAC: IF McDonald is the real deal, and Cousin and one more veteran CB can do ok, they may get by there

<browns3213> Adam, any major changes expected in defensive schemes with Tucker, or is RAC really running the show?
Adam Caplan: BR: Yes, some subtle changes here and there but I expect them to be more disciplined
Adam Caplan: all around

<boozer2> Is the Winslow contract going to be a distraction if no changes are made?
Adam Caplan: BO: They will take care of him at some point--may not be this year though
Adam Caplan: and Winslow won't be a bad distraction based on the way he is.

<pastvar71> how important is it for Mcdonald to have competition? I'd rather see him win the job than get it by default.
Adam Caplan: PAS: I'd agree to a point. He's self motivated though

<nudawg> How are Melila Purcell and Chase Pittman looking? can they provide quality depth?
Adam Caplan: NU: Pittman has to prove the added weight makes him better
Adam Caplan: some times guys put on more weight and it doesn't make a difference

<Pazienza> Jason Taylor going to stay in Miami?
Adam Caplan: PAZ: For now
Adam Caplan: unless they can get a high second for him

<ghostwolf> Adam, curious on your take of Pittsburgh O line and Baltimore offense under Cam....
Adam Caplan: GH: I really think PIT didn't do a good job of addressing their OL, not sure if it's any better. Signing Starks to that transition tag was a joke
Adam Caplan: As for BAL, they are really young on the OL

<Pazienza> SD should go after Taylor
Adam Caplan: PAZ: They don't need him
Adam Caplan: SD

<browns3213> Do you think PIT would look to LCB to address their OL?
Adam Caplan: BR: As I noted earlier, they want to give Hartwig or Mahan a shot

<nudawg> don't you think Baltimore may make a play for Bentley? They could use a center.
Adam Caplan: NU: They will start Jason Brown there
Adam Caplan: so Bentley wouldn't get a shot to start I don't think

<gdaniels> Think RAC can motivate them to play under the bright lights like their schedule dictates this year?
Adam Caplan: GD: He did a good job of holding them together after the week one debacle so sure

<DeLappDawg> Adam, is Baltimore's defense still a top tier d or is age slowing them a bit in the secondary?
Adam Caplan: DE: They need depth at CB
Adam Caplan: Fabian Washington could help there
Adam Caplan: his former DB coach with Oakland a few years ago is with him now

<boozer2> is Rosevelt Colvin going to end up in Indy?
Adam Caplan: BO: HOU probably has the edge
Adam Caplan: since they can offer more $

<scout63> Dal seems to be heavy on corners......who gets cut over there?
Adam Caplan: SCO: Henry will likely stick for this season at CB
Adam Caplan: because they don't trust Jones

<ramllov> Adam, When do you see RG, Tucker coming back to practice - mid August?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Probably somewhere at that point
Adam Caplan: but the key is for how limited he'll be
Adam Caplan: it's hard to hand a job to a guy who can only practice half speed
Adam Caplan: if he's full speed and can get at least 2 games in he has a chance to start

<gdaniels> Think RAC will let Tucker be more aggressive with defense given the talent of Rogers and Williams? His
comments and Rogers comments didn't make it sound so
Adam Caplan: GD: Yes, as I noted earlier, I expect Tucker to be more aggressive.
Adam Caplan: they can go with different fronts now because of the depth at DL
Adam Caplan: I'm very interested to see how they use the front three guys

<Pazienza> Is Ashton Youboty still a possibility?
Adam Caplan: PAZ: Outside shot

Adam Caplan:
All: That's all the time I have, see you next week
Adam Caplan: later

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