Mini-Camp Notes: Down the Depth Chart

You asked for it, we'll provide it. Enough about the quarterbacks and LeCharles - how goes the battle for roster spots? Lane Adkins reports on some of the battles further down the depth charts. How are the rookie free agents doing? Heard from Louis Leonard? What about Alex Hall? Lane's got the scoop, per usual...

* WR Donte Stallworth returned to the team following the death of a family member and worked in individual drills.

* DB Gary Baxter worked in individual and team drills and looked more fluid and quick while lining up at safety on Thursday.

* Rookie CB Mil'von James stayed on the hip of receivers throughout the week and Thursday was no exception. James, an undrafted free agent, continues to impress with his fluid skills in coverage and a nose for the football. What may ultimately decide the final roster positions in the defensive backfield could be the ability to display a physical presence in the nickel and dime, as well as special teams play. James uses his hands well and has been able to body a receiver out of position in practice sessions.

* Rookie CB Darnell Terrell has had his ups and downs in practice sessions, but closed well on a ball early in practice sessions to break-up what would have been a big-play down the the far sideline.

* DB's Jereme Perry and Damon Jenkins have been fairly non-descript in sessions, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Both players have been relatively successful in drills as the defensive coaches work players in and out of the scheme.

* Defensive lineman Louis Leonard caught my eye when blown off the ball on a play, only to follow up the miscue by penetrating, maintaining gap integrity and pursuing the ball carrier on consecutive plays. In subsequent series, Leonard maintained relative consistency, but tends to play a little high giving linemen the advantage of getting under his pads.

* DE Melila Purcell may be ahead of Chase Pittman on the practice depth chart, but a player of interest at the end position could be Brian Schaefering, rookie from Illinois. Schaefering displays some interesting ability and agility from the end position and tends to move off blocks a little better than the 2007 draft selections noted.

* While Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn continue to garner all the attention at the QB position, the best play and thrown ball of this day belonged to Ken Dorsey. Dorsey, not known for his arm strength, threw a tight 30-yard touchdown strike to Nate Hughes, beating Darnell Terrell in coverage.

* Later in the session, Braylon Edwards turned Eric Wright inside out, leaving the second-year pro who is having a great off-season spinning, as Edwards hauled in a long reception.

* Rookie Travis Thomas fumbled off-tackle, which fellow rookie LB Alex Hall swept up. He would have been off to the races in game type conditions. Hall received some celebratory noise from his defensive mates, as a dejected Thomas walked back to the sideline.

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