Transcript: Adam Caplan on QBs and Mini-Camp

What does NFL expert Adam Caplan think about the stories about Cleveland Browns quarterbacks Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn that emerged during OTAs? What about the availability of cornerbacks and other players who have come free? Get the latest transcript of the "fastest 30 minutes on the internet"...

Adam Caplan: hi all

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, are the cowboys in trouble at wr?
Adam Caplan: BR: Yes, especially if they don't bring back Glenn

<ramllov> Adam, did you hear about any mini camp surprises?
Adam Caplan: RAM: No real surprises since the players aren't in pads. It's more about development
Adam Caplan: UDFAs in non-contact practices generally look better than they are

<ramllov> Adam, Did any players show some development unexpected?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Offensively, Travis Wilson did what they wanted him to show. That's good because he will be needed.
Adam Caplan: There are a bunch of players that will be expected to show something more once the pads go on.

<Pazienza> Derrick Morse OG - any upside?
Adam Caplan: PAZ: Just a developmental OL they want to take a look at, I'd expect him elsewhere this season.

<jb42776> Anything new on veteran corners the browns may look at?
Adam Caplan: JB: A league source notes they are still searching for a veteran CB
Adam Caplan: My sense that means a possible trade because there are none on the free agent market
Adam Caplan: This is the time there's general talk because teams have to be at the 80-player limit

<jsimmsy21> Mil'von James, where is he from? why did he go undrafted?
Adam Caplan: JS: UNLV

<Brownsfan91171> anyone out there you like Adam?
Adam Caplan: BR: Teams generally don't make decent CBs available now. That comes at the end of training camp

<Pazienza> Mendenhall has criticized Zook - any issues that caused him to drop to the Steelers in the draft?
Adam Caplan: PAZ: No, he dropped in part because of some bad interviews, according to several sources.

<mawebb31> How realistic is it to expect seeing Josh Cribbs get more time on offense?
Adam Caplan: MAW: The coaches aren't expecting to use him much more than they did last year unless they have to.
Adam Caplan: He'll have specific packages put in for matchups depending on the opponent.

<jsimmsy21> how does Pittsburgh think Mendenhall will help with their crap OL?
Adam Caplan: JS: Run blocking isn't a problem for PIT, the pass blocking is more of an issue.

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, is the front office looking to make any moves at other positions?
Adam Caplan: BR: We could see a veteran WR signed as well if Jurevicius isn't ready.

<redright> ADAM, while there are no quality CBs available on the free agent market, who might be available at CB in a trade? One that wouldn't cripple the Browns in a player for player? Do we have to give up a draft pick for a CB?
Adam Caplan: RED: Teams generally don't make decent CBS available, it's about Cleveland being aggressive to pry one away.

<browns3213> Any sense as to when JJ might be ready?
Adam Caplan: 3213: They're hoping some time in August to practice once a day.
Adam Caplan: If he's ready before that, he would be ahead of schedule.
Adam Caplan: The key is knowing what he can and can't do.
Adam Caplan: They really have to know that.

<64superfan> Adam: While Bentley's '08 salary was only to be $605k, the Browns had apparently built in incentive bonuses for him for up to $4million. Any way that money is re-programmable so the Browns could use it to pay a Ty Law vet minimum and then load him up with incentives?
Adam Caplan: 64: Cap rebates come next year for incentives
Adam Caplan: they don't get that back this season
Adam Caplan: just the salary-bonus

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, do you think JJ is done after this season?
Adam Caplan: 91171: No idea as he doesn't know
Adam Caplan: they will get an idea once he starts practicing

<ramllov> Adam, I read yesterday that Buffalo brought in 4 CBs in the off season. Ashton Youboty might get cut at the end of the preseason.
Adam Caplan: RAM: Two things have to happen, rookie CB Reggie Corner has to be in their thoughts to play every week, same with Will James. If that happens, Youboty will be traded. That's what I'm told.

<flounderou> Adam - any word on where Bentley ends up or who might be interested?
Adam Caplan: FL: No offers yet, STL makes a lot of sense though

<mawebb31> Adam - is there any chance the Browns sign a veteran RB like Lamont Jordan to compete with Wright and Harrison?
Adam Caplan: MA: Very little chance
Adam Caplan: Jordan can't be trusted

<mawebb31> They like Jason Wright and Jerome Harrison that much?
Adam Caplan: MA: That's not it, it's about the player you're looking to sign.
Adam Caplan: If any of those backs could be an upgrade, they'd look at it

<64superfan> Adam: What's your sense of how Beau Bell will do when the pads go on? Word was he's a heck of a thumper and one would think that would start to show in training camp when the hitting starts.
Adam Caplan: 64: He's physical and talking to someone last week about him, the Browns have really high expectations for him for this season, not just the future. That tells me he could start.

<ramllov> Adam, I hate to admit it, this usually is the fastest 30 minutes on the internet
Adam Caplan: RAM: I type fast
Adam Caplan: BTW, I'm on Sirius this weekend, 6-9pm ET on Saturday

<jsimmsy21> could STL be the team to go from worst to first in their div?
Adam Caplan: JS: Their D is average, OL is weak

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, K2 seems happy. Do you think FO has told him that he gets a new deal after this year?
Adam Caplan: 91171: That could be it but he's also not the type of player who will cause a problem.

<drumslayer> Whats happening with Brandon Mcdonald, I have not heard anything for a couple of weeks.
Adam Caplan: DR: Nothing going on. But it's too bad he had to miss the veteran camp. He'll be there in training camp ready to go. He needs reps.

Adam Caplan: BTW, I talked to one of Shantee Orr and Antwan Peek's former teammates last weekend, both are really pumped to be playing together again and are expecting to have a big year

<jb42776> Do the Browns think Ryan Tucker will be back at RG for the opener?
Adam Caplan: JB: Back is one thing, his role is another.
Adam Caplan: they won't know until he can practice to see where he's at physically

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, will Marshawn Lynch get a suspension?
Adam Caplan: 911: I have to think so, short one though. First time he's been in trouble

<redright> Seems the camaraderie is good for this team?
Adam Caplan: RED: I think all the BS from the former Defensive Coordinator is gone
Adam Caplan: and the players seem to like each other, pull for one another

<browns3213> Is Terry Cousin simply a nickel-type guy or is there a chance he challenges for a starting role?
Adam Caplan: 3213: In a really good secondary, dime CB
Adam Caplan: this one, nickel

<mawebb31> Why was Todd Grantham so angry?
Adam Caplan: MA: That would be hard to explain here. It's just good he's gone.

<mawebb31> haha good answer. thanks
Adam Caplan: MA: My hand would fall off trying to type it all.
Adam Caplan: We'll have to do another podcast next week.

<64superfan> Adam: I know it's real early, but how do special teams seem to be shaping up? One would think that Bell and Orr will add some pop to ST. Any other names cropping up as far as help for STs?
Adam Caplan: 64: Orr will play on specials. Good in coverage there.

<ttylicki> Do you think 9-7 wins the division this year?...with our schedule, can we go 9-7?
Adam Caplan: TT: 11-5 will win it.

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, how much we going to miss Chaun Thompson on special teams?
Adam Caplan: BR: There and also as a situational LB

<Pazienza> At the end of the year the Browns starting QB will be......?
Adam Caplan: PAZ: Derek Anderson
Adam Caplan: there's really no competition at this point
Adam Caplan: Despite what some uneducated fans think, both QBs weren't in competition in OTAs etc. Their mechanics were being tweaked. That's what OTAs are for. That kind of stuff can't be done during the season.

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, after this year will they make a final decision on QB?
Adam Caplan: 911: Anderson, as I first reported months ago, has roster bonuses in 2009, 2010.
Adam Caplan: So he's on a year-to-year evaluation

<Pazienza> No competition because BQ is providing it or the coaching staff doesn't want it?
Adam Caplan: PAZ: It was a teaching time
Adam Caplan: If there's any real competition, it would be in training camp
Adam Caplan: That's when players can push each other, games too

<redright> Tell us about Ken Dorsey, How good can he be if we have to go with him?
Adam Caplan: RED: He's a #3 QB, the season would be over if they had to go to him

<64superfan> Adam: Realizing (again) that the pads aren't on yet, what's your sense as to how disruptive our new D line can be, especially against the Pittsburgh passing game?
Adam Caplan: 64: I think the run defense on the front seven is going to be much better

<mawebb31> Adam - do you believe Anderson and Quinn genuinely like each other as much as they both say?
Adam Caplan: MA: Yes, my understanding is they do like each other, very competitive though
Adam Caplan: which is good

<Pazienza> Did BQ's new grip make a difference on his throws?
Adam Caplan: PAZ: Quinn won't ever be a natural thrower. That's the way he delivers it. But his release point and grip can and will be tweaked.
Adam Caplan: Follow through as well

<browns3213> Adam, you said 11-5 wins the division; you pick the Browns to win, and say Anderson is the starter at years end ... does that mean BQ's gone?
Adam Caplan: 3213: He'll finish the season as the starter. But that doesn't mean he'll be back in 2009
Adam Caplan: they'll evaluate his tape and go from there

<ramllov> Adam, I read somewhere that Anderson could have between 3500 to 4000 yards passing, with 28 to 31 TDS
<ramllov> Is that fantasy or actual?
Adam Caplan: RAM: No idea but I'd think 4,000 can happen if all of the talent around him is there

<64superfan> Adam: I guess what I'm asking is, if the front 3 tie up the O linemen, shouldn't that open up lanes for both Wimbley and Peek?
Adam Caplan: 64: Yes, that was a huge problem last year, protection up front, RAC said as much when I talked to him about that earlier this year.

<Pazienza> Can Troy Smith make it as an NFL starting QB - looks like he might be the starter in the opener?
Adam Caplan: PAZ: No but I'm told there's a better chance than 50-50 he will start opening day
Adam Caplan: unless Joe Flacco forces them to start him

<ramllov> Adam, do you see Donte Stallworth as a solid number 2 WR?
Adam Caplan: RAM: For half the season, yes, but keep in mind he really fizzles after half way

<redright> Adam, will tweaking Anderson's grip and follow through make him more accurate? More consistent?
Adam Caplan: RED: His footwork is also an issue
Adam Caplan: They tend to shuffle some times
Adam Caplan: and release point on short throws

<ttylicki> Are the Browns actually satisfied at back up RB? I would think of J Lewis goes down, our running attack is a non-factor...
Adam Caplan: TT: That would be a problem

<ramllov> Adam, considering he has mature, could Stallworth contribute the whole season?
Adam Caplan: RAM: I don't know about maturing with Stallworth based on what has happened in the past few years.
Adam Caplan: What he says and does is another issue
Adam Caplan: nice guy but losing out to Jabar Gaffney wasn't good

<ramllov> Or is Stallworth fragile
Adam Caplan: RAM: The injury bug isn't as bad at least

<Pazienza> How does Pittsburgh offensive line rate?
Adam Caplan: PAZ: Not good enough at LG and C

<brownzjunky> How do you rate our kicking game - field position and accuracy...
Adam Caplan: BR: Kickoffs are still a concern

Adam Caplan: all: I have to run, see you next week

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