Transcript: Adam Caplan Chat

Adam Caplan visited the OBR chat room again on Wednesday. There were some terrific questions and the time to really dive down into roster and player analysis. Who's going ot make the final roster? Adam offered his perspective on the team's roster in the defensive backfield, right tackle, tight end and more.

Adam Caplan:
hi all

<vonbock> Adam, do the browns really NEED to get another corner ? or can they get by with the young guys already
on the roster if need be ?
Adam Caplan: VON: Yes, they have no choice
Adam Caplan: they have to get at least one more veteran
Adam Caplan: as we said on the podcast, g'd forbid Eric Wright got hurt
Adam Caplan: I could live with one more CB
Adam Caplan: veteran who can play in dime or nickel
Adam Caplan: that would be pretty much it plus a WR
Adam Caplan: veteran backup type
Adam Caplan: I talked to Eddie Kennison last month, he still wants to play 2 more years
Adam Caplan: but wants to wait for the right situation

<ramllov> It sounds like Andre Dyson, but I heard that on your podcast
Adam Caplan: RAM: He's had a lot of injuries but in a nickel role I can handle him there
Adam Caplan: he could be a possibility closer to camp
Adam Caplan: BTW, we plan to do those podcasts weekly or by weekly starting in camp

<FanofBrwns> Do you think the Browns should bring in a veteran RB?
Adam Caplan: FAN: What's out there isn't going to help
Adam Caplan: All of them have some issues in one form or another

<ramllov> Adam, have you heard much about Jereme Perry, CB, who played for the Browns in 2006, and is now
back as a free agent?
Adam Caplan: RAM: The hope is that he can be the 5th CB
Adam Caplan: him or A.J. Davis
Adam Caplan: I would expect them to keep 5 CBS
Adam Caplan: Terry Cousin can play slot
Adam Caplan: Perry has a little more size than him
Adam Caplan: I'm also interested to see how many safeties they keep
Adam Caplan: my guess would be 4
Adam Caplan: plus Nick Sorensen who is basically on specials

<vonbock> what of our safeties ? behind Sean Jones and Brodney Pool, do we have any alternatives if they should look horrible ?
Adam Caplan: VON: The veteran backups could be Gary Baxter and Michael Adams
Adam Caplan: possibly Steve Cargile
Adam Caplan: Although I would think Baxter is more of a FS which is where Adams is

<vonbock> both Baxter and Adams can play corner in a pinch as well, can't they ?
Adam Caplan: VON: Not sure if Baxter can play CB again
Adam Caplan: we will see in training camp how he moves in pads
Adam Caplan: that's the key now
Adam Caplan: Adams played a little CB for SF
Adam Caplan: but he's really a safety

<royswift> Why do the Browns let Joshua Cribbs play gunner on specials. I cringe everytime i see him make the tackle. The field position he gives the team on returns seems too valuable to loose him to a silly injury. Am I off base?
Adam Caplan: ROY: That's why they don't want him on the field as a WR, they like him more in the other roles

<vonbock> do you think the Browns will have to alter their defensive game plans to make up for the lack at corner ?
Adam Caplan: VON: Not really unless Wright and Brandon McDonald struggle

<ziffels> This Browns' regime has never kept more than 5 WR. Four spots are set: Braylon Edwards, Donte Stallworth, Joe Jurevicius and Cribbs. That leaves one spot for Travis Wilson, a former 1st day pick who appears to be improving, or Paul
Hubbard, who Phil traded an '09 5th round pick to move up an take, or Kevin Kasper, a veteran who can serve
as the backup KR/PR. Do the Browns really need to add another veteran to this crowded mix? Will they risk losing both Wilson and Hubbard this year?
Adam Caplan: ZI: They don't use WR sets really so you're looking at 4 plus Cribbs plus one on practice squad
Adam Caplan: only way they keep 5, is for injury or if they don't want to risk Hubbard through waivers
Adam Caplan: Wilson's progression will ultimately decide that position depth

<ramllov> Adam, How good can Rex Hadnot get in the pass protection?
Adam Caplan: RAM: He's decent but more of a run blocker
Adam Caplan: I don't see it being an issue
Adam Caplan: I would be more concerned with OT depth

<royswift> Do you see Cribbs developing into more than a SP threat, more like Devin Hester where the Bears design
plays for him? Or does he not possess the right skills to be a true weapon on offense?
Adam Caplan: ROY: He's really more of a very special KR/PR. That's how they see him. Plus CHI has no other options which is different than the Browns who have at least two solid starters

<vonbock> any chance the Browns bring back Orpheus Roye as a back up lineman this year ? wouldn't he be
perfect in a limited role and backup on gamedays ?
Adam Caplan: VON: None really because they didn't think he could play any more

<royswift> I read that Isaac Sowells was back at tackle and looking better. Could he help our OT depth?
<ramllov> Adam, did you hear any updates on Sowell at the Tackle position during the Minicamp or OTAs?
Adam Caplan: ROY/RAM: Sowells is kind of a swing OL, can play guard mostly and tackle if he has to as he did in the minicamp
Adam Caplan: but the bottom line is they can't take that chance
Adam Caplan: LT/RT are way too important
Adam Caplan: especially in their scheme

<ziffels> Do you think they'll carry 8 or 9 OL? If Ryan Tucker is healthy in camp, will Hadnot and Seth McKinney's ability to play
center make Lennie Friedman expendable? Would Sowells be kept at OT instead?
Adam Caplan: ZI: I would think they will carry 9 unless they pick up a veteran OT who can play guard as well
Adam Caplan: Friedman will have a tough time making it if Tucker is ok
Adam Caplan: I believe they still like Sowell's upside enough to keep developing him
Adam Caplan: BTW, as for Ethan Kelley, I don't see it either
Adam Caplan: they have enough depth for a change
Adam Caplan: the vibe is they don't see it as a priority
Adam Caplan: they want to see Melila Purcell, Ahtyba Rubin, and Chase Pittman get on the field

<ziffels> Since I'm asking about number of roster spots at different positions, how common is it that a team with 3
specialists (K, P, LS) would split their remaining 50 roster spots unevenly (anything other than 25 offense, 25
defense)? Could they afford such an unbalanced situation?
Adam Caplan: ZI:
Adam Caplan: Each team looks at their roster differently, it usually comes down to scheme and injuries
Adam Caplan: to importance

<royswift> How do you think Baltimore's offensive will play this year, and do you see them positively or negatively
affecting Joe Flacco. Clearly, this is a loaded question dripping with bias, but what hell
Adam Caplan: ROY: Their OL is very young
Adam Caplan: They are good in the interior but both tackle spots are issues
Adam Caplan: especially LT with Jared Gaither
Adam Caplan: Flacco moves well for his size but they would rather him sit
Adam Caplan: but he did so well in the recent workouts that he will push for the starting job right away
Adam Caplan: Plus he has to beat out two scrubs.
Adam Caplan: Best Baltimore can be is 8-8
Adam Caplan: But getting back both of their starting CBs and Todd Heap healthy will be big for them

<royswift> Love hearing that. Can't wait to return the favor on their QB for a change
Adam Caplan: ROY: I spent a few hours with Flacco two weeks ago, he really likes their scheme and feels
Adam Caplan: Probably the biggest QB I've stood next to
Adam Caplan: a shade over 6'6

<royswift> Had to ruin my fantasy. You gave me about 24 seconds to enjoy it ;)
Adam Caplan: ROY: Their OL is a big question though
Adam Caplan: If they had a good veteran I'd say they could be better than 8-8
Adam Caplan: BTW, a radio station in Dayton contacted me, I should be on there some time next week
Adam Caplan: I'll post a note on the message board

<royswift> If their OL really sucks, he could be in for a confidence overhaul like Couch and Frye, no?
Adam Caplan: ROY: He's got a temperament like Derek Anderson but probably sharper mentally

<vonbock> how are the Browns going to keep so many tight ends on the roster ? who gets cut ?
Adam Caplan: VON: Darnell Dinkins won't make it
Adam Caplan: BALT could re-sign him if he and when he's cut

<ziffels> Do the Browns think they can slide OLB Alex Hall to the practice squad? Or are they worried about losing
him? LB looks really crowded right now.
Adam Caplan: ZI: Him or David McMillan have a chance to make it
Adam Caplan: but I'd agree, Hall might not make it through waivers. A 3-4 team could claim him.
Adam Caplan: 3 if Heiden is healthy, Bread Cieslak could be the 4th
Adam Caplan: depending on the other positional issues-depth/injuries
Adam Caplan: BTW, once I narrow down the dates I'll be at Browns camp I'll post it on the board
Adam Caplan: I should know in a few weeks

<vonbock> that still leaves four tight ends right ? or do they drop the rookie to ?
Adam Caplan: VON: I'll be looking at that closer to training camp

<BrownsBot> When are the Browns planning on signing rookies?
<BrownsBot> seems rather strange to not have the 4th round picks signed with less than a month until camp...
Adam Caplan: BRBOT: I would expect Hall and Rubin to be signed after July 4
Adam Caplan: Paul Hubbard around there as well
Adam Caplan: the sense of urgency rarely is there 4 weeks out
Adam Caplan: with second day picks
Adam Caplan: I wouldn't sweat it

Adam Caplan: all, that's all the time I have, see you next week

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