Rookie Free Agent Performance: Part One

Knowledgeable football fans know how important undrafted rookies can be to a football team. Exhibit one: Josh Cribbs. Are there any players with that potential in this year's group? Lane examines the performance of each of the Browns new rookie free agents in camp.

Here are our scouting reports on the the Browns rookie free agents, based on what we saw during rookie camps, OTAs and mini-camp, as well as talking to peronnel evaluators around the league...

CB Damon Jenkins has been relatively quiet in rookie, OTA and mini-camp drills, but this does not mean he isn't making an impression. The rookie corner from Fresno State has shown solid ability and technique against the pass and adjusts well to the ball while in flight. While not a big defensive back, Jenkins does display the ability to get his hands on a receiver, he can move a receiver off the route and he closes well. From all indications, Jenkins looks like the type of player that displays consistency, can play specials and could be in the running to make this roster with a strong training camp.

CB Mil'von James has made some eye-catching plays in camp sessions and has a nose for the football. More than anything, James has improved as the sessions went on and continues to attack the receiver and ball in flight. Not as smooth as Jenkins overall, James possesses a mentality that any ball in his direction is his and practices with confidence. He could do a better job with his hands and footwork in press, but has developed at every stage in the practice sessions and has pro-caliber talent. A potential roster spot may come down to he and Jenkins, which is another intriguing battle as training camp commences.

TE Kolomona Kapanui is a tight-end in body and athletic enough to have the coaching staff adapt his size, strength and blocking ability as a fullback in numerous drills. Kapanui has caught the ball well in practice sessions and picked up on the intricacies of the fullback position after a slow start. An interesting prospect, Kapanio has the unfortunate circumstance of being a tight end, where the team is deep in quality talent. Due to the talent on this roster, Kapanui has the deck stacked against him in making the final roster.

OL James Lee has been a relative surprise in camp sessions. In the early stages, Lee struggled with technique and the overall speed of the game. This did not appear to be a physical issue for the lineman, but rather involved mentally adapting to the system. Since those early sessions, Lee has been steadfast at left tackle behind starter Joe Thomas and has cautiously impressed due to his quick set, strong punch and much better than anticipated footwork. While the starting line is firmly set, and the top two backups may be already a given, Lee is a talented young man and should command significant consideration if he continues on the path of development in training camp.

WR Lance Leggett catches the ball well with his hands, which is significant when looking for an opportunity with the Browns. Receivers coach Wes Chandler preaches fundamentals and Leggett improved a pro camp setting. His length and quickness provide this WR an opportunity to remain in camp and battle, as the roster depth at the WR position is in question.

OG Derrick Morse is a big body guard who has upside, but needs refining. Morse was re-signed by the team recently, after being in the Browns rookie camp. He did not participate in the OTA's and mini-camp practices. At this time, Morse possibly can be a developmental player.

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