Adkins: Ten Telling Items

Lane Adkins has spent a lot of the off-season on the sidelines in Berea, watching practice. Lane has put together his list of the ten most telling or interesting things he's seen on the field this off-season...

I was recently asked about the ten most interesting or telling telling things I saw during the Browns off-season camps. Reflecting back on them, here are the ones that come to mind...

1 - I can not remember a Browns team being as focused, prepared and as willing to help other teammates on technique, etc. as I viewed the past couple months.

2 - Veteran OLB Willie McGinest spent time working with OLB's and DE's with their hand-fighting and moves at the point of attack. It is quite interesting watching a veteran of this caliber working with the talent in camp settings, McGinest leads by example.

3 - OLB Antwan Peek has been a man on a mission in these sessions. I anxiously wait for the training camp sessions to begin to see if his dominating presence remains intact when the pads go on. Also, OLB Shantee Orr showed me that he is a player wgi knows how to get to the QB. His role is rising within the defensive scheme, as well as being a solid specials player.

4 - NT/DE Shaun Rogers is physically imposing, and has talent and quickness. I haven't seen a player like this in camp in a long time. His presence on the field in non-contact drills has been impressive and I believe he is going to be a huge acquisition for this team.

5 - While CB Eric Wright has been impressive in press coverage, I would be remiss in not acknowledging the presence undrafted rookies Mil'von James and Damon Jenkins have played in the defensive backfield. Each player possesses speed and quickness. James is more of the flashy player, while Jenkins is more consistent.

6 - The linebackers appear quicker and are lighter than a season ago. Much rides on the play of the defensive line, but quickness in general at linebacker is improved. It will be interesting to see rookie LB Beau Bell when the pads go on. I am one of many curious to see whether the lights come on for the young man when the hitting starts.

7 - WR Travis Wilson looks much like the player this organization anticipated when selecting him out of Oklahoma. Interestingly, Wilson is running solid routes, making catches and most importantly has knowledge of what the expectations are. For the first time, Wilson is consistent in getting his head around in receiving drills. This may seem to fall into 'who cares ' type category, but to succeed at this level a receiver needs to get his head around, find the ball in-flight and fight for the reception. Wilson has been on the mark.

8 - Remember it is very early, but I did not see 'real' improvement in the short-passing game of Derek Anderson, nor in the long / down-field vertical game of Brady Quinn.

9 - Patiently waiting for RB Jerome Harrison to get a legitimate chance on game-day. We all know of his blocking issues (which he has worked on) and being a player on specials, but this young man works as hard as any player in camp in drills and remains on the field after sessions working on ball-handling and receiving drills. I see a player with great vision, an instinctive runner with power and quickness and much improved ball handling/securing skills.

10 - Watching starting safety Brodney Pool deep in the defensive backfield discussing the sets and scheme with defensive backs coach Cory Undlin when other players are in drills. The play of the safeties were an issue last season and seeing Pool spending the time with the coach is promising, as the safety is a talented and athletic back.

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