Three Questions With Jerome Harrison

The running back keeps working, and looking for opportunities. We spoke to him at the Browns recent mini-camp...

Q: Jerome, coming off a successful collegiate career you have had limited opportunities to this point here with the Browns. Heading into your third season, where do you see yourself at this time in regards to playing time and making an impact with the Browns?

JH: I've learned a lot since coming to Cleveland and know that eventually my time will come and I have to be ready. We have good backs here, Jamal (Lewis) is great, Jason Wright can play and I am working hard to get better in all aspects of the game.

Right now, I am working on everything. My ball handling skills, pass catching, blocking and special teams responsibilities. I'll do whatever is asked of me, I just want to contribute in any way I can.

Q: We've noticed you spend time after almost every session working with a member of the staff on your game. What is the basis for the additional work you are doing and do see progress in your game?

JH: It's all about getting better, being prepared. If you don't work for it, you won't get it or be ready when that time comes for you. I know there are things that I can improve upon and feel it is important to be as physically and mentally ready as you can possibly be. The more you work at a goal, the better you become as a person and a player and I know I can only get better.

Q: You've had some success in the limited opportunities you have had running the football for the Browns. Does it bother you that you haven't gotten on the field more to show your talent in game situations?

JH: Sure it bothers me, I would like to be playing more, but I understand the situation too. With a guy like Jamal (Lewis) here, you have to wait your turn and capitalize on the opportunity when it comes. Jamal is a great back and he had a great season. I have learned a lot from him... he has taken time with me to improve me as a person and player.... he really deserves to be where he is.

The only thing I can do is keep working, showing the coaches I am ready to play when called on. I know I can play in this league, I am confident in my ability, which is why I keep working on all the aspects and responsibilities of my position to be a complete player.

The coaches here are willing to work with you, they want you to get better and they let you know what they expect and where you can improve as a player.

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