What We've Been Told

Looking for answers to those roster questions, Lane puts the pedal down and gets quick responses from those tied to the Browns organization. In this edition, we learn more about the QB position, a rumored RB and more about the perceived unease at CB.

On the non-competition at the QB position -

" Derek Anderson is the starter and nothing has changed in this regard. That does not mean we are not keeping a close eye on the play of either Derek or Brady (Quinn), but everything remains status quo and we don't anticipate anything will change."

On the Ryan Tucker injury and depth questions along the offensive line -

"We anticipate Ryan (Tucker) will be back at some point during training camp. His rehab is going according to plan. Like any surgical procedure, healing time is factor as well as getting back into football condition.

"You never like to see a player such as Tucker go down, but it is part of the game. We have some guys in camp that we feel can step in and contribute at a high-level, such as Rex Hadnot and we have some young guys that we are developing."

On the depth and perception of issue at the WR position -

"We are comfortable with Braylon Edwards and Donte Stallworth as our starters in the two receiver sets and we use our ends in the sets as well. We have to wait and see what happens with Joe Jurevicius as our third receiver, right now it is simply too early to know where he will be in his rehab."

"There is a possibility one of the guys can step in and play, you can't discount what (Travis) Wilson and (Kevin) Kasper have done this spring, or we could look in another direction. Right now, it is too early to determine what direction we will go... we'd rather see Joe (Jurevicius) back and have someone from the roster contribute, but we do like the talent and potential we have at the position."

On the interest in running back Kevin Jones -

"We look at all the possibilities and see if there is a fit for us. In this case, we see a player that has some similar qualities that we like in a back in this offensive system, but he also has had injury issues. We will simply conduct our due diligence in the event we would happen to be in the position of need at some point. This is basically what our philosophy is, better to be informed, which leads to a improved chance to get a player which can help the team if the necessity arises.

"We are comfortable with our depth at the position."

On adding another cornerback prior to training camp -

"This is something that has been discussed and the organization has not made a definitive determination as to what path we will follow. There are a couple players out there we believe can come in and help us, but on the other hand we like the talent we have at the position and may want to play it out longer."

On the interest in CB Ty Law -

"Nothing has changed in regards to Ty Law and what was noted in mini-camp by Phil (Savage) and Romeo (Crennel). He is a player with a history tied to Romeo, he has played the game at a high level, but we do not believe he is a financial fit at this time."

"We may look at it if we hear something changes in regards to his expectations, both financially and role-wise."

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