Transcript: Adam Caplan Chat

Fans wanted to talk about Joe Jurevicius, team depth, and more... another great chat between Scout's senior NFL reporter and some of the best hard-core fans around.

Adam Caplan: hi all

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, I am getting it out early, any news on JJ?
Adam Caplan: BR: I don't expect him to do anything on the field until late August if at all during that month.

<ramllov> Adam, do you have anything new on the cornerback position?
Adam Caplan: RAM: I would expect a veteran added shortly after camp starts, probably early August.

<Brownsfan91171> will he get to play one more year? Seems like he really wanted to
Adam Caplan: BR: He has to show them that he can play. That #3 WR role is very important on third downs.

<camelotbrowns> In addition to the JJ news, any news on E. Parker? cut? traded? how good would he fit the Browns?
Adam Caplan: CAM: I expect the Chargers to deal or cut him by the end of August. The best move would be for the Browns to sign him after he's cut. It will be hard to deal him based on his salaries.

<ramllov> Adam are you going to Browns training camp?
Adam Caplan: RAM: I'm actually making out my tour as we speak.
Adam Caplan: Just booked SF/OAK, MIN/KC
Adam Caplan: I should know on the Browns by the weekend

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, if he doesn't play, do we have someone to step in and contribute?
Adam Caplan: BR: Wilson could factor in but they like him for the #4 job first.

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, speaking of salaries....any news on rookie signings?
Adam Caplan: BR: Both 6th rounders should be done over the weekend. Expect them to sign 4-year deals worth about $2.6 million (signing bonuses are in that for about $90,000).

<Brownsfan91171> So, Wilson saved his job?
Adam Caplan: BR: IF he shows in pads in camp like he did in shorts

<ramllov> Adam, Four year contracts, I thought the later rounds did three year contracts?
Adam Caplan: Ram: Rounds 3-7 can sign for up to four years
Adam Caplan: some do three
Adam Caplan: but most do four because they want more years since they are likely to have a hard time making the team in some cases

<hpschlos> HEY ADAM: You have mentioned on previous chats that as a BROWNS fan, we don't know what to expect from Shaun Rogers in terms of not going all out on plays. I'll tell you this, if we were to get that "average Shaun Rogers last year then we wouldve been in the playoffs...that's ridiculous, who had 7 sacks on our line last yr???? What 340 lb plus lineman goes all out on every play????
Adam Caplan: HP: Here's the thing, he has a roster bonus for next season so he knows that if he doesn't play well, he won't be back in 2009. I'll break down his contract in my blog next week

<brownbomer> Do you see Ty Law in a browns uniform this season?
Adam Caplan: BR: I'd say 40-60
Adam Caplan: he has to be more realistic but he seems to want to wait until a team has to sign a veteran so he would have more leverage

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, so there are bonuses designed to keep Rodgers hungry?
Adam Caplan: BR: Yes, I noticed after looking at a bunch of the deals recently, most have roster bonuses, kind of smart since many of the signings were risky

Adam Caplan:
BTW, Rucker will likely sign a 4-year deal for around $2.2 mill
Adam Caplan: Those 6th rounders should actually get $1.8

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, little off target. What are you hearing about Farve playing football this year?
Adam Caplan: BR: I was on TV yesterday saying no question he wants to play but the issue is, will he go through with it. It's really late to be doing this especially if he's traded or released

<camelotbrowns> What kind of shape is the Browns CAP when thinking of all the CB, WR, OLB and other vets on the FA radar?
Adam Caplan: CAM: You're looking at veteran minimum type of money for 1-2 players
Adam Caplan: CB is first priority
Adam Caplan: clearly
Adam Caplan: they will address that

<ramllov> Adam, what will Beau Bell sign for?
Adam Caplan: RAM: 4 years, shade over 2.2

<brownbomer> For the right price, do you think the browns should go after a veteran RB to back JL?
Adam Caplan: BR: They don't really see it as a priority

<hpschlos> Adam or Barry: How concerned are you about JJ? I'm not. If he plays or not, we have to prepare to move on, how many yrs does that guy have left in him. With the quality of off line that the Browns have, someone like Wilson, Kasper, or if you want to sign a Kennison will be fine. It's not like JJ is breaking the bank for us. Is it a concern? Not as much as CB.
Adam Caplan: HP: Why wouldn't you be?
Adam Caplan: They would then have two reliable pass targets
Adam Caplan: the less good receivers you have the easier it is to defend
Adam Caplan: Especially on third down
Adam Caplan: Stallworth can't be depended on clearly

<Brownsfan91171> I want JJ back. He is one thing.....DEPENDABLE!!
Adam Caplan: BR: Exactly
Adam Caplan: you need a good handed WR on third downs
Adam Caplan: especially when the weather gets colder

<tony4228> Adam do u agree on Keith Kidd's WR Rankings having Browns 6th behind NE, Ari, Cinci , GB, and Indi? Isn't that way too high for GB??
Adam Caplan: TON: GB is deeper than CLE
Adam Caplan: that's the issue, depth
Adam Caplan: CIN is a problem after the two starters
Adam Caplan: And Indy has problems if Harrison isn't ready

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, is the front office waiting to see how the youngsters play in shorts before getting a veteran CB?
Adam Caplan: BR: I think more than before, he seems to have a better idea of what he's doing

<Brownsfan91171> Scary thing is if CIN had the potential to have the best depth at WR.....oops!
Adam Caplan: BR: They have two veteran starters and three rookies
Adam Caplan: I like the new TE, Ben Utecht though
Adam Caplan: he's a good move TE

<daduke8475> Adam, who do you think will be the Most Improved Player on the defense this year?
Adam Caplan: DA: You can make a case for a lot of them, safeties, CBs
Adam Caplan: since those 4 will be asked to do a lot
Adam Caplan: Peek too

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, is Sean Jones on the list of people that the front office wants to extend contracts on?
Adam Caplan: BR: He's on the list but not a real high priority either

<daduke8475> On a scale of 1-10, how do you rate the browns o-line with pass protection and run blocking?
Adam Caplan: DA: 9 if they are healthy there

<tony4228> Adam what do you think about Leon Williams' chances of starting this year? I thought he played the best out of all the ILB's last year when given the chance
Adam Caplan: TO: With Bell in there, probably not as good
Adam Caplan: but I'd put him as #3 out of those 4
Adam Caplan: Jackson/Bell starters would be the early guess

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, will Tucker retake the starting RG position?
Adam Caplan: BR: Probably not because he will have been out for so long
Adam Caplan: he could be the swing OL

<hpschlos> No team in the NFL is 100% perfect at every position. And for the Browns, the secondary is their weakest part. If the defensive line can apply pressure, the secondary we have will be fine. The Steelers when they won the Super Bowl didn't have
outstanding CBs
Adam Caplan: HP: Problem is the experience which is clearly an issue

<Brownsfan91171> Who do you like better at RG Tucker or Hadnot?
Adam Caplan: BR: Tucker just for continuity

<hpschlos> I agree...but if the lines hold up on both sides of the ball---the Browns will have a chance
Adam Caplan: HP: Certainly if the front 7 plays much better especially with the pass rush
Adam Caplan: they have the players now to get it done

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, does depth at Tackle scare you?
Adam Caplan: BR: yes, in a big way
Adam Caplan: they have none
Adam Caplan: Shaffer could always go to LT if Thomas got hurt
Adam Caplan: but that puts them in a bind

<daduke8475> Adam, I understand that Harrison has to get better at blocking and holding onto the ball, but he seems much better than Wright at running. How can he be held back this year?
Adam Caplan: DA: They really need Harrison's speed on the field
Adam Caplan: that's a missing element to their running game

<brownbomer> How many WRs, TEs, and RBs will the browns keep, and who do you think will be the odd ones out?
Adam Caplan: BR: 4 TEs possibly, 3 RBs, 4 WRs plus Cribbs would be the early guess
Adam Caplan: Hubbard is the issue really at WR, if he's your typical rookie WR, he will have a hard time making it because the lack of depth at other positions
Adam Caplan: what he did in shorts and a t-shirt won't mean much when they put the pads on

<daduke8475> Adam, what is it that makes DA's short game come up short (sorry about that one). Meaning is he inaccurate? Does he check down too slowly? Lack of touch?
Adam Caplan: DA: Touch, that's a really big problem for them

<Brownsfan91171> Edwards, Stallworth, Wilson and JJ?
Adam Caplan: BR: IF JJ is healthy, yes
Adam Caplan: Because the Browns really don't use many 3-WR sets other than on third or passing situations, it makes more sense to only keep 4

<Brownsfan91171> Would Hubbard make it to practice squad?
Adam Caplan: BR: He has to go through waivers first, that's the entire issue, he could be claimed by another team
Adam Caplan: if he clears waivers, yes, he would go there unless he's really bad in camp

<hpschlos> Adam: Will Rob Chudzinski leave after the end of the season to be a head coach elsewhere? How close was he to becoming the head coach of the Ravens? And what kind of contract did he receive from the Browns?
Adam Caplan: HP: He could if the offense is good again but he wasn't close to getting any job

<Brownsfan91171> If they see potential of Hubbard being a replacement for JJ, do we risk it or keep 5 WRs?
Adam Caplan: BR: They have no idea what to expect from Hubbard, they did like what they saw from him in shorts
Adam Caplan: I can't see them keeping 5 wrs plus Cribbs
Adam Caplan: seeing the problem at CB
Adam Caplan: where we are now
Adam Caplan: things can change but that's where it's at
Adam Caplan: Hubbard isn't the same type of player like JJ, that's the problem
Adam Caplan: they badly need a possession WR for third downs

<hpschlos> Adam: You need to make an appearance on NFL Network and chime in the BROWNS! They could use your insight!
Adam Caplan: HP: Ha, I was on the playbook show on the first year of NFLN

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, is there a concern with wearing out arms by having only 3 QBs in camp?
Adam Caplan: BR: Some teams bring in 3 some 4

<daduke8475> Do you see Sean Jones blitzing more this year and having him up in the box? Seemed effective when he did last year.
Adam Caplan: DA: He's best used as a box player probably
Adam Caplan: because of his size
Adam Caplan: and his ability to close

Adam Caplan: All: I'll see you next week
Adam Caplan: same time
Adam Caplan: later

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