New Blogs Hit the Munilot

More Browns blogs and an unbelievable auto racing blog make the Muni a worthwhile stop!

I love seeing the growth of the OBR's Muni Lot blogging area. It's a return to what we started doing waaaay back when, just offering up takes on Cleveland sports for anyone who wants to read them, involving fans, and having fun with it. 

We've got some new bloggers on the Muni Lot, that I'd like to introduce to you. There are more on the way as Cavaliers and Blue Jackets bloggers join us in the  the coming weeks. 

First, John Taylor returns to blogging with Stock Car Talk. If you like JT's inside scoops and writing on the OBR, and you happen to like elliptical sports performed at insane speeds, you'll enjoy his amazing new blog. John has great information and perspective on racing, and I fully expect that Stock Car Talk will become one of the leading auto racing blogs on the web.

Given where we all come from, the Muni Lot has a strong focus on the Browns, as you would expect. "MikeB", like Ace Davis one of the very first Browns bloggers on the internet, is back to look at the team as they look at their roster prior to camp. Mike's latest entry for the Dawghouse Blog is What FA's Can Help the Browns; Bentley Still On the Curb.

We're also pleased to have Michael Langston Moore join us to blog on the Browns. A long-time forum denizen on the OBR, Michael is far from a new writer, having and extensive portfolio of articles published on sports and other subjects. His first article, Derek Anderson Gives Browns Reason to Worry makes it clear that the Muni Lot has another new voice worth hearing.

If you feel like surfing the blogosphere further, we highly recommend visiting, a terrific general Cleveland sports blog that captured my attention several months ago and was mentioned yesterday by Terry Pluto of the Plain Dealer. Very good stuff on all Cleveland sports topics, completely independent and fan-operated. 

Another Cleveland-area blog worth reading is BrewedFreshDaily, which has been kind enough to host some of my recent blogs expressing my opinions about the Dolan family's (mis)management of the Cleveland Indians. BrewedFreshDaily deals with all kinds of topics of interest to Clevelanders and is also worth a visit.

Check 'em out! Read, comment, enjoy.

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