Transcript: Chris Steuber Chat's Draft guru joined the OBR in our chat room on Wednesday night talk draft past and future. We'll continue to have chats with Chris throughout the season, as the OBR continues its tradition of 12-months-a-year draft coverage...

Chris Steuber: hey guys, what's with all the red lines?
<BarryMcBride> That's an anti-Steelerfan force field.
Chris Steuber: LOL! We need that around these parts, huh?

<ramllov> Chris - How deep is the CB position in the 2009 draft?
Chris Steuber: The CB class for the 2009 draft is looking promising. Malcolm Jenkins (senior) and Vontae Davis (junior) lead the charge. Victor "Macho" Harris is not too far behind.

<ramllov> Chris to you see starter quality at CB through the first two rounds of the draft in 2009?
Chris Steuber: It all depends on who enters the 2009 draft. There are a lot of quality underclassmen and if the declarations are like this past year the CB class is promising and deep.

<BarryMcBride> What did you think of the Browns draft class?
Chris Steuber: For not having many selections, I thought the Browns made out pretty well. To get Beau Bell, Martin Rucker and Ahtyba Rubin were solid selections for where they were picked. I'd give them a B overall.

<64superfan> Chris: Any sense of why DL Ahtyba Rubin fell to us in the 6th round? He had been ranked higher than that early on.
Chris Steuber: Rubin is a good player, but he doesn't do anything exceptional. He's not much of a pass rusher and he doesn't clog the middle consistently. I think he's a developmental player, but he has upside with proper coaching.

<ramllov> Chris, If the 2006 draft for the Browns is fresh in your mind. How do you like that draft since it is now the start of the third year?
Chris Steuber: 2006... 2006, oh yeah, the Kamerion Wimbley draft. Obviously he was a solid pick and a player they can build their defense around for years. He's a very good pass rusher with a bright future. He had a bit of a down year last season, but he will pick it up. D. Jackson was another solid selection. I think looking back that draft deserves a C+.

<BarryMcBride> Any thoughts about RB Austin Scott of Penn State?
Chris Steuber: The problem with Austin Scott is that he never saw much playing time at Penn State. He was always in the dog house and when he was finally about to get playing time, he had off the field problems. The kid is talented, but he has a lot of negative distractions. I'd like to see him make it, but it seems to be a uphill battle.

<browns3213> You mentioned Bell, Rucker and Rubin....what do you see as the potential of Hubbard?
Chris Steuber: I like Hubbard's size and speed, but he's very inconsistent. He's a big tease; at least that's what I call him. He has all
the physical tools, but something is missing in his game. It's a little word called "focus".

<speedguy2132> hey Chris, they have to keep 6 WRs if they dont want to lose Hubbard - how are they going to keep 2 FBs and 3 TEs, not to mention the extra LB?
Chris Steuber: That's a great question, Speed Guy. That's why they have training camp and to be honest with you, I'm not sold on
Hubbard. Like I said, he's a tease and when you look at him you will be intrigued. But in the end you will come away

<64superfan> Chris: Although I'm glad they did, I couldn't understand why the Steelers basically stood pat with the O and D lines.
They've lost two all pro O linemen over the past two years (Hartings and Faneca) and their D line is getting pretty long in the
tooth, wouldn't you say?
Chris Steuber: I agree with you on the Steelers; they will miss Faneca this season. He was their rock and the road ahead may be
bumpy for that potent rushing attack. Roethlisberger will miss Faneca as well. They're building up front and they did draft Tony
Hills, who if he didn't get hurt would have been a second round pick.

<ramllov> Chris, what about the seventh round choice, since you covered the first four?
Chris Steuber: I know very little about Alex Hall. He's a small school kid who the Browns view as a potential threat as a pass rusher.
He's extremely undersized, but has great quickness. He's an interesting prospect, but I honestly don't remember the last
prospect to come from St. Augustine.

<Ottocorp> Chris: Do any of our UDFAs have the potential to be contributers in the near future?
Chris Steuber: I really like Chase Ortiz; to me he's going to be a very good defensive end.

<64superfan> Chris: I was just wondering. Can you think of any UDFA over the past five years who has had more success than
Josh Cribbs?
Chris Steuber: Wow, Josh Cribbs was one great pickup. That's a tough one... I don't recall another UDFA having as big of an impact
than Cribbs.

<BarryMcBride> Who would you list out as the top five guys available in next year's draft?
Chris Steuber: Am I including underclassmen and seniors or just seniors?
<BarryMcBride> Let's call it seniors for now
Chris Steuber: Top five seniors are: 1. LB, James Lauriniatis, Ohio State 2. OT, Michael Oher, Ole Miss 3. CB, Malcolm Jenkins, Ohio
State 4. LB, Rey Maualuga, USC 5. DE, Tyson Jackson, LSU

<BarryMcBride> Chris, there always seems to be a quarterback every year that comes out of "nowhere", to us non-draft-gurus,
and winds up in the first round. Any sleepers at QB we're going to be hearing about this April?
Chris Steuber: Well, he's not much of a mystery, but Louisville's Hunter Cantwell will finally get a chance to play. He's been Brian
Brohm's backup and he will finally take over the team and he's prime to have a breakout year.

<ramllov> Chris, I believe Mil'von James is a free agent CB, the Browns are high on. Do you have an opinion on him?
<BarryMcBride> Add Damon Jenkins to Ram's question as well.
Chris Steuber: Jenkins is a nice CB with good size and James is a marginal prospect to me; both will have a hard time making the

<BarryMcBride> We've got an article on the spread offense in this month's OBR mag... do you have a hard time getting a sense of
QBs or other positions in that offense?
Chris Steuber: I think you can always teach a QB some nuances about the game, but accuracy is something you can teach. I think you either have it or you don't. There are QBs that are streaky and then there are QBs that are deadly. The deadly one's have the
fame, the streaky one's get the blame.
Chris Steuber: Anyone who's read my articles last season and leading up to the draft knows that I think Brian Brohm was the best QB in the draft. I think he has the mental makeup and the talent to be a quality starter in the NFL. I think when we look down the
road five years from now, Brohm and Colt Brennan will be the two best QBs from the 2008 draft.
<BarryMcBride> Not Joe Flacco, eh? I like to hear that.
Chris Steuber: I live outside of Philly and saw Flacco play live at least eight times. He has a long way to go. He's not ready to play just yet. He has talent, but the NFL is a different game from what he's used to. I think Flacco is in for a rude awakening.

<ramllov> Chris is the 2009 draft class deep at RB and WR?
Chris Steuber: The running back position looks a little slight in the 2009 draft, especially if Beanie Wells stays at Ohio State. I think he will probably enter the draft, barring injury, but overall it is decent. The WR position is a little better than the RB position. Michael
Crabtree is the best, but he's a redshirt soph and I'm not sure if he will enter the draft. Aaron Kelly is the best senior WR.

<ramllov> Chris, I would also like your opinion on Brandon McDonald, CB, Memphis in 2007?
Chris Steuber: Brandon McDonald is a good depth guy, who's a bit of a fringe player. He has talent, but lacks the overall quickness
you want in a CB.

<Ottocorp> In your opinion what AFC North team other then the Browns helped itself the most during this offseason.
Chris Steuber: I'm not sure if one team in the AFC North really helped themselves tremendously. I like what the Steelers did in the
draft by getting Mendenhall and Sweed, but losing Faneca may end up being devastating.

<dogsqb13> Is it gonna be a game of chicken between favre and management?........who will blink first .......or will they actually grant him his release at some point?
Chris Steuber: I think Brett Favre got tired of the quiet NFL off-season and as he was sitting on his couch watching the NFL Network he thought, "Well, it's about time I stir things up."

<ramllov> Chris, Brodney Pool, FS, was in the 2005 draft. He seems to have the phyiscal skills. What do your remember about
Chris Steuber: Brodney Pool was a big rangy kid, who wasn't physical. I thought he was the ultimate tweener. He had a great frame, but didn't have the bulk to match it.

<BarryMcBride> Alright, we'll get you in trouble... Quinn, Brady... what did you think about where he went in the draft last year,
and his overall potential?
Chris Steuber: I honestly loved Brady Quinn at Notre Dame. He was inconsistent at times, but he's a leader. The kid lives for football
and is a great competitor. He's a student of the game and understands how to lead a team. It will be interesting to see how the
QB position for the Browns shakes out over the next two years.

<dogsqb13> Any surprise training camp cuts around the league?
Chris Steuber: I think there will be a lot of borderline veterans cut and guys who make a nice chunk of change looking for

<speedguy2132> Any chance we could draft the best safety in the draft if Pool has a bad year - big ball hawk would be nice
Chris Steuber: The 2009 safety class is deep. If the underclassmen become available, it looks great! Taylor Mays, USC; William Moore, Missouri; Nic Harris, Oklahoma; Michael Hamlin, Clemson; Courtney Greene, Rutgers; I could go on for a little longer...

<dogsqb13> Is there alot of o-line depth in the next drsft?
Chris Steuber: The O-Line looks very good as well. Michael Oher, Ole Miss; Alex Boone, Ohio State; Phil Loadholt, Oklahoma, Herman
Johnson, LSU; Duke Robinson, Oklahoma; etc... etc...
Chris Steuber: It's too early to talk draft strategy for the Browns now, especially since the season hasn't even started. Let's discuss draft strategy in November.

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