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Gameballs and Goats: Week 11

The Dawgs have spoken and they have said... "The last shall be first. Except for Dennis Northcutt, who shall remain first." William Green, the Browns offensive line, and offensive coordinator Bruce Arians get bouquets instead of brickbats this week, while Dennis Northcutt solidifies his lead in the Gameballs column. By the way, the Gameball and Goat results for each week are linked on our 2002 <A href="">schedule page</A>.

Each week, like we've done since 1999, we ask folks to send us three nominations for Bernie's Insiders gameballs as well as thee nominations for the team goat. We add up all the nominations and post them each week, and also keep track of the votes throughout the year. Gameball and Goats nominations can be sent to us via email to or via replying to a post in the Watercooler.

We tabulate the yearly finish based on adding up each week's results throughout the year. The top gameball vote getter is awarded 7 MVP points for their finish each week, second place gets six points, and so forth. The top "goat" vote getter is awarded 7 David Modell points which are subtracted away from their total. Second place in the goat voting gets 6 David Modell points, and so forth. So, if a player finished second in gameball voting one week, they would be given 6 MVP points. But if they finished first in goat voting the next week, they would get 7 David Modell points, and would have a year-to-date total of -1.

It's sort of like the BCS formula, except more complicated and irritating.

Anyhow, there are some shake-ups this week. Phil Dawson, previously challenging Dennis Northcutt for team MVP in the year-to-date voting, got 7 David Modell Award points for his top finish in fan goats, due to his miss of a short field goal. This knocks him away from Dennis Northcutt, who now has a firm grip on Team MVP voting.

Goat point mainstays William Green, Bruce Arians, and the Offensive line got gameballs this week, which helps them move away from the top spot for the David Modell Award. Current front-runner for the David Modell Uselessness Award is head coach Butch Davis, who took it on the chin when the Browns were sliding earlier in the year.

Tim Couch now finds himself in the MVP listings after a strong performance last Sunday, but the MVP listings remain essentially like they were last week. Between Northcutt getting four MVP points for his placement in this week's voting, and Dawson's -7 MVP points for his top goat finish, Dennis Northcutt now has 35 MVP points with Dawson (21) and Jamel White (20) his closest competition.

Week 11 Results

1. William Green
2. Tim Couch
3. Offensive Line
4. Dennis Northcutt
5. Earl Holmes
6. Bruce Arians
7. Browns D

1. Phil Dawson
2. Special Teams
3. Secondary
4. Anthony Henry
5. Kevin Johnson

Year-To-Date Leaders

Team MVP: Gameball Voting

1. Dennis Northcutt (YTD Total  35 / Previous Rank 1)
2. Phil Dawson (21 / 2)
3. Jamel White (20 / 3)
4. Kelly Holcomb (19 / 4)
5. Mark Word (13 / 5)
6. Andre Davis (10 / 6)
6. Tim Couch (10 / 12)

David Modell Uselessness Award (Team Goat)

1. Butch Davis (YTD Total -27 / Previous Rank 2)
2. Offensive Line (-26 / 1)
3. Bruce Arians (-22 / 3)
4. Defensive Backs (-12 / 8)
5. William Green (-11 / 4)
6. Special Teams (-10 / 17)
6. Coaching Staff (-10 / 5)

Method: Gameball or goat points are awarded to the first through seventh place finishers in each category. (Seven points to the top gameball vote-getter, six to second place, etc). Goat points are subtracted from gameball points to calculate a total.

Weekly results throughout the year are now posted on our schedule page.

Your Comments in Week 11


Defense:  3 words.  Dillon going Ballistic.  I vaguely remember poor play letting Cincitucky score at will  in the first half, but I don't remember it well enough to take away the gameball.  In other words, you guys attoned for any and all mistakes today with your goal line stand.  Dillon's reaction was simply priceless. - TobesWSU

William "Puke" Green-25 carries for 96 Yards. Finally has a good rushing game. (As for the "Puke" Nickname,if he has to puke to get going, then puke away.) - Jam-Dawg

Tim Couch - About midway through the game they played the United Way commercial I've seen dozens of times with you taking on all those screaming kids.  But this day the words echoed through my head... "Tim Couch.....Field General...."  Despite an INT on an inexcusably poor pass, you showed fantastic control and command of this team, once again showing why you and not Kelly Holcomb are out on that field. - PhilS

Gameball-To the one and only, William Green---Hopefully your goat horns will turn to nubs. - Chad G

Dennis Northcutt: One word to describe him this year.......playmaker! - Yogi

Earl Holmes - Getting more & more comfortable in the schemes of his new team. We still haven't seen his best yet! - DaytonDawg

William Green - WOW!!!  Nice running.  Hope he pukes the rest of the season if that is the kind of production we'll get from him. - Eric S.

Bruce & Butch - Finally we see a little creativity out of these guys - Christopher P.

Couch -- What can you say -- looked like the preseason form!!! - AlamoDawg1

Run D - they pretty much held Dillon in check, and the goal line stand was of the stuff that warms the offseason. - GoofBoy

O-Line-They actually blocked for a whole game. Over 140 yards on the ground for the team is a HUGE improvement. Way to go guys! Keep it up. - DXDawg

Tim Couch -- A very Krenzel-like game. His numbers weren't spectacular, but he made smart decisions (save one play), read blitzes well and had a great  sense of timing.- Matt W

Mike Brown - I thank this man for consistently keeping this team bad. - Josh

Defense - A goal line stand for the ag

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