Adventures in the Decleating Zone

Remember how we said yesterday that the intensity would get cranked up during Thursday's two-a-days? The Browns didn't disappoint on Thursday morning, as Brent Sobleski relates from morning practice...

Scenes from Thursday Morning Practice

"Shut up. He's trying to make the team," bellowed the gregarious Shaun Smith after linebacker Shantee Orr decleated Jamal Lewis during the Browns Thursday morning practice. Orr's consistent high-octane effort culminated with the blow dealt to the starting running as he scampered down the sideline after a reception.


The grumbling Lewis was not to be upstaged. Later in the session, the running back got the better of the two.

While Shaum Smith might have understated Orr's standing on the squad, the tone was set as the team wore full pads for the first time this season.

Unlike Wednesday afternoon's walk-through, the fast pace of the practice was littered with a number of exciting plays while most fans were still trying to put numbers to the new faces. Here are some of the highlights from practice:

- Travis Wilson continues to practice as well as he has the entire off-season. One catch in particular caught the fans' attention as he beat coverage, dove, and ensnared a shoe string catch.

- Jerome Harrison continued to display his speed and explosion as he scampered for multiple long gains.

- Shaun Smith planted Seth Mckinney on his backside with a simple bullrush during pass rush drills.

- Two undrafted free agents met head-to-head as Note Dame product, RB Travis Thomas, trucked over Oregon State DB Gerard Lawson as the back broke out wide into the open field. Lawson later made up for the play, breaking up a long pass intended for Syndric Steptoe by knocking it down at its highest point.

Browns Notes

- WR Donte Stallworth again did not practice this morning. The wide receiver did attend the session but was in shorts, no pads, and watching from the sideline.

- Shaun Smith lined up as the starting nose tackle throughout the practice. He and Shaun Rogers split most of the repetitions evenly among the first unit.

- CB Brandon McDonald looks to be solidly entrenched with the defense's first unit opposite Eric Wright.

- OL Issac Sowells has moved from second-string right tackle, the position his participated in minicamp, to second-string left tackle. Left tackle was the position Sowells spent most of his career at Indiana University.

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