Transcript: Adam Caplan Chat's Adam Caplan visited the Browns chat room again on Wednesday for another terrific session with Browns fans. Get the latest takes on developments in Cleveland and around the NFL. Adam offers the scoop on which teams NFL front office execs are buzzing about, and more...

Adam Caplan: hi all

<cmayer2222> Eric Parker, what's up with our interest?
Adam Caplan: CM: As we've detailed for a while, there's a big need there because of the Jurevicius injury. There are a decent
amount of teams that can use Parker though.

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, any idea of contract dollar amounts for rookies?
Adam Caplan: BR: Yes, I already gave Barry the Hall deal, the rest will be posted tomorrow.

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, are you concerned about JJ not returning at all?
Adam Caplan: BR: I would be at this point because of all the work done on that knee.

<Brownsfan91171> Huge loss if that is the case
Adam Caplan: BR: No question but Parker, if they sign him, is an excellent slot WR.

<GregTNG> Adam, not sure if you know but what's the reason behind an active list and an inactive list during the season? What was the reasoning behind not allowing teams to use the entire roster?
Adam Caplan: GREG: The NFL explained that to me a few years ago, kind of too detailed for this room. But it could be brought up in the new CBA talks.
Adam Caplan: And don't forget they used to name the inactives on Friday's

<GregTNG> ok, thanks... never made sense.. I always assumed it had to do with contracts
Adam Caplan: GREG: I still think it's wrong though as is the 80-man limit
Adam Caplan: should be over 90

<ludden007> how much has Chud opened up the playbook this year?
Adam Caplan: LU: I think you'll see Harrison in more, Wilson, if he makes it, get some plays on third downs

<ckindians> Has Harrison improved any? He showed flashes , and we do need that kind of speed
Adam Caplan: CK: Yes, they're are happy with his progress.

<Pazienza> Any word on Law or Youboty?
Adam Caplan: PAZ: Nothing new on the CB front
Adam Caplan: My expectation is, as it has been for a while, that they get one in by middle of next month

<ludden007> Adam, any word on how Tucker is progressing?
Adam Caplan: LU: The expectation is he won't be practicing until late next month

<Pazienza> Where will Favre end up?
Adam Caplan: PAZ: The guess would be KC or TB
Adam Caplan: if he does come back
Adam Caplan: if he decides he wants to play, GB has to deal him

<donodawg> Hi Adam: your thoughts on the Bengals defense - no help at DT in the draft, and a revolving door at defensive
coordinator. I'm smelling disaster there.
Adam Caplan: DONO: I like the additions of Odom and Rivers
Adam Caplan: but it's still not a good defense
Adam Caplan: on paper
Adam Caplan: Keep in mind they wanted Dorsey or Ellis and got neither

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, would they have to redo contracts to get Parker or a CB?
Adam Caplan: BR: They can get him in

<ludden007> Adam, are the rams still interested in Bentley? any other callers?
Adam Caplan: LU: There's not really that much interest in Bentley other than for just over veteran minimum and some

<64superfan> Adam: If the Browns have to trade for a veteran CB, who could they move? (other than future draft picks)
Adam Caplan: 64: I don't see the depth where they could give up any player to be honest

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, will Henry get picked up by any team, seems like Bengals are done with him?
Adam Caplan: BR: Dallas or Oakland
Adam Caplan: would be the guesses

Adam Caplan: Anyone going to camp soon?:
Adam Caplan: I'll be there on 8/12
Adam Caplan: Tuesday
Adam Caplan: last week of camp
Adam Caplan: which is the best time to be there

<howldawg> Adam so basically the Browns made the right call on Bentley?
Adam Caplan: HO: Yes.

<64superfan> Adam: Any teams long on veteran CBs who might take a flyer on a couple of developmental guys (TEs?) in
exchange for excess CB?
Adam Caplan: 64: I could see some teams getting rid of excess CBs at the end of August
Adam Caplan: but not really before then, that position is usualy the toughest to let go

<GregTNG> Adam, what's the early word on the CBA? Any hope or are there too many Jerry Jones issues to make it happen?
Adam Caplan: GREG: Nah, the talk is the sense of urgency won't start until 2009

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, didn't they give you the memo that the Browns camp was the only one worth while and that you
should be there every day?
Adam Caplan: BR: If I only covered 1 team and not 32 I'd be there more

<bobbyflats> Adam, how seriously do you take your job as Polls Forum moderator?
Adam Caplan: BOB: I don't pay attention really, I just had Barry add me so I can post what's needed

<ckindians> Any chance of Ty Law?
Adam Caplan: CK: As I noted last month, Andre Dyson, Law make most sense based on scheme fit

<GregTNG> thanks... just waiting to see what the most popular league is going to do to screw things up... :)
Adam Caplan: GREG: It could get very ugly before it gets settled, even uglier this time
Adam Caplan: the NFL won't get hosed this time around

<64superfan> Adam: What's your take on the battle for backup D linemen between Rubin, Leonard, Purcell and Pittman?
Adam Caplan: 64: I have to think two of them make it

<jimherbert> Adam, when do you see them changing the way they do rookie contracts? I really wish they would address this issue!
Adam Caplan: JIML: Next CBA and the thing is the veteran players are pissed off about it as well

<GregTNG> Seems like Eric Parker is considered a must get at this point
Adam Caplan: GREG: For insurance, yes

<branc> adam where do u rank Kevin Shaffer as a rt
Adam Caplan: BR: Upper half
Adam Caplan: which is good when you consider he didn't want to play there in the first place.

<64superfan> Adam: Eric Parker a good gamble in the slot if JJ is out?
Adam Caplan: 64: Yes, he does have an injury history though

<GregTNG> Lito Shepherd going to get moved out of Philly?
Adam Caplan: GREG: Eagles aren't looking to deal him now, too late. Some team would have to knock them over to do it and
again, Sheppard wants a new deal.
Adam Caplan: not an extension

<branc> it weird that the right side is considered the run blocking side and they averaged a yard and a half less running that way last season
Adam Caplan: BR: Pass protection wise they were solid all around

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, did the Redskins actually get better with the trade for Taylor?
Adam Caplan: BR: Yes, probably based on the upgrade but even so, they have no depth at DE

<64superfan> Adam: I have heard that, in a pinch, Chud might be able to do some creative schemes while JJ is out. For
example, Heiden at TE and K2 in the slot. What's your take on that?
Adam Caplan: 64: They don't need to change much actually. If Winslow or Edwards were out, that would be hard on them.
Adam Caplan: But they use a lot of two-TE as it is
Adam Caplan: in that scheme

<dogsqb13> what are the chances Rucker could excel enough to get any playing time?
Adam Caplan: DOG: He's the third TE at best so I don't think he's going to do much
Adam Caplan: they will have a package probably where Rucker and Winslow play at the same time, that we could see him
doing something

<browns3213> Are we gonna see Kasper still in a Browns uniform come week 1?
Adam Caplan: BR: He actually could make it based on the problems at WR
Adam Caplan: but if Wilson makes the team and JJ is there, that ends Kasper

<donodawg> I just read Don Banks report on Ravens camp. He says Troy Smith likely the QB starter. Do you agree? Good news for us?
Adam Caplan: DON: I wrote almost two months ago that Smith had the edge based on what the coaches thought.
Adam Caplan: But it could be a close race in the end with Flacco

<64superfan> Adam: If Rucker steps up in camp and preseason games, I would think Chud could set up some interesting
scenarios with him and K2 in the game at the same time, no?
Adam Caplan: 64: That's what I just mentioned, you could see a few packages with both in the game for defenses to have a
hard time adjusting to

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, did it surprise you that Ravens would not consider bringing in Farve?
Adam Caplan: BR: They want to develop Flacco as soon as possible

<BlennyBaller> adam what is your opinion on who will be starting at ILB?
Adam Caplan: BL: Jackson and Bell would be the early guess but we're a long way away of having an idea

<BlennyBaller> What would happen with Andra Davis then Adam?
Adam Caplan: BLE: Bench or gone
Adam Caplan: But then again, depth isn't great there

<GregTNG> Adam, what teams are the front office people you talk to buzzing about this year?
Adam Caplan: GREG: CLE, DAL, PHI, ARI of all teams, scary

<jimherbert> Bell...really!! you think has a chance to make the starting lineup?
Adam Caplan: JIM: Sure, they want a physical downhill LB, he's that

<GregTNG> Whisenhunt's making progress... wasn't he on the Browns' staff under Belichick?
Adam Caplan: GREG: you might be right, don't recall.
Adam Caplan: They were 8-8 last year and that division is bad

Adam Caplan: BTW, I'll be at Vikings next Weds so the chat will be moved up to Monday at 9pm ET

<BlennyBaller> Adam what do you think about Ryan Tucker going to pup as for now?
Adam Caplan: BL: He can come off at any time when you're on there

<Pazienza> How does Pool rank as a safety?
Adam Caplan: PAZ: Middle with upside

<GregTNG> Whisenhunt was on the Browns' staff in 1999, special teams coach according to wikipedia
Adam Caplan: GREG: Cool, former NFL TE with ATL and NYJ
Adam Caplan: backup though, special teamer

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, is this really the first year where we will make suprise cuts due to talent on the team?
Adam Caplan: BR: Competition is really good this year, that I can tell you.

<jimherbert> What is amazing to me is the difference between this year and last year!! Things seem a whole lot more stable and calm
Adam Caplan: JIM: And don't forget John Collins/Savage stuff 3 years ago

<CT-Dawgz> Adam... is this the year Pool lives up to his expectations?
Adam Caplan: CT: Time will tell, but the more he plays the better off he is. It doesn't hurt that the DC was his secondary coach,

<BlennyBaller> > Adam have you heard anything about future trades?
Adam Caplan: BL: Sure, that could happen with a CB later as camp progresses, they will get a CB one way or the other

<branc> adam can the browns win the super bowl this year
Adam Caplan: BR: I can't see them getting there based on problems at CB and inconsistency of the Ss

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, are you pleasantly surprised with Rodgers weight right now?
Adam Caplan: BR: The thing is the effort has to be there consistently
Adam Caplan: and they do have enough players that he doesn't have to be on the field for much more than half the plays

<browns3213> We heard a lot about missing Russell last year as the general in the secondary, is S. Jones gonna step up into that role this year?
Adam Caplan: BR: The key for a veteran safety is to make sure the guys near him are lined up correctly and the communication is good. Jones
can do that.

<Brownsfan91171> Scary that Rodgers is the key to our D-Line being disruptive
Adam Caplan: BR: He's one of them.

<ludden007> Adam, does Cribbs repeat his numbers, or will more teams kick away from him?
Adam Caplan: LU: I think he'll be solid again, but as good as last year will be hard to do.

<BigDaddy78> Word is Rogers production follows the teams path, as they fade, so does he.
Adam Caplan: BIG: The thing is, it's not all about him, they have depth and talent around him.
Adam Caplan: And if he's bad, he won't be back, as I reported a few weeks ago, he has a roster bonus for next year.
Adam Caplan: As does Stallworth-big one

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, are you surprised so many late 1st round picks are still unsigned?
Adam Caplan: BR: No because a lot of camps don't open for a few more days

Adam Caplan:
All: That's all the time I have, see you this Monday at 9pm.
Adam Caplan: later

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