Observations from Day Two

Lane Adkins scouts the Browns during their initial two-a-day session in Berea...

Here are some of my observations from watching the Browns first set of two-a-days in Berea...

- WR Travis Wilson has continued his quality play and at this time is pushing for more practice time and a roster spot. Wilson is running clean routes and making some very good catches, while finding a niche in blocking downfield, which has been a weakness in this third-year receivers game.

- WR Kevin Kasper has been the beneficiary of Donte Stallworth's hamstring strain. Kasper has lined-up with the first team offense and has been in the slot. Catching everything thrown his way, Kasper could ultimately be a nice surprise for this team.

- Special teams star Josh Cribbs continues to garner reps in the Browns offensive scheme. Unlike OTA and mini-camp sessions which saw Cribbs drop many passes, he has been sure-handed and focused in the receiving game.

- Steve Sanders has been the forgotten man when discussing the depth at the WR position. On the practice squad last season for the Browns, Sanders has recovered from a bone-break in his foot and has done a nice job in receiving and team drills.

- Other than two interceptions thrown in the afternoon practice session, starting QB Derek Anderson is doing well. Anderson has thrown the short ball well, an area of weakness for him last season.

- Backup QB Brady Quinn has done nothing to dispel the belief that he can be a starter at this level through three sessions. His passes have been crisp (though he does not spin the ball consistently) while running the second team offense the majority of the time. Consistency issues which have been area of concern, but have not been evident to this point in camp.

- OLB Antwan Peek continues to be a beast coming off the edge. He has given every right tackle he has faced more than they can handle.

- OLB Shantee Orr has practiced at OLB and ILB. Orr has continued his high-energy assault, which will make it interesting and difficult for this staff to find him adequate playing time. This is one of those things that make you go hmmmm.... especially noting he has played inside at various times since the OTA sessions.

- LT Joe Thomas and OLB Kamerion Wimbley have picked back up from training camp a year ago, where the two had some of the best battles of the season. While Wimbley is stronger and quicker, Thomas is a star, he could very well be the best LT in the game.

- OL'man Issac Sowells is playing second-team LT in camp thus far, which is a complete switch from his RT practice sessions during OTA's and mini-camp. Let's just say, Sowells looked much better at RT, but we need to see more of the young veteran to gain a better perspective.

- In individual drills, the top four defensive linemen were impressive matching up with the starting offensive linemen. What makes it something to note is that in these drills the linemen basically square off and attack. These drills are tailor-made for the talents of the defensive linemen in the current Browns' defensive scheme. Many believe these linemen are going to basically be more read and less attack..............something tells me we are going to see more aggression coming from the defensive line due to the makeup of these four players at times.

- It's early, but OL'man Seth McKinney looks solid and healthy......and is more well-rounded than the lumbering starter at RG, Rex Hadnot, through initial camp sessions.

- It's only a couple days into the training camp season, but veteran OLB Willie McGinest is moving well. This just may have something to do with the defensive philosphy of being in position rather than trying to out-think the opposition.

- Tight-end Kellen Winslow is no stranger to lining up wide in the Browns offensive sets. It should have come as no surprise when he was mentioned in discussions surrounding the #3 WR position issue for the team. This option has been a part of the Cleveland offense, with this tight-end playing the role of WR in certain packages. An issue with such a move would be, due to Winslow's ability he is a mismatch for many defenses from the tight-end slot. I am skeptical we will see the TE become a legitimate WR in this scheme anytime in the near future.

- Making the Cleveland passing game potentially stronger in the long run could be the emergence of rookie Martin Rucker. While the staff is not putting any pressure on the rookie to do anymore than is expected, Rucker has been a pleasant surprise, not only in his ability to catch the ball, but his knowledge in the blocking game is improving.

- Due to the lack of experience at the CB position, there has been considerable focus on those players in camp. While Eric Wright and Brandon McDonald have been solid in sessions, the play of undrafted rookie Mil'von James and AJ Davis should be noted. Both have performed at a reasonably high level, with James continuing to be around the ball, while Davis isn't being bodied-off by receivers.

- Safety Gary Baxter looks good in his continued path to return for the Cleveland Browns. Running freely and with more confidence, Baxter is beginning to look like a healthy competitor in the defensive backfield. I cpuld be incorrect here, but the veteran appears quicker in a straight-line than he did prior to the horrific kinee injuries suffered a couple seasons ago. If he remains healthy and continues to show progress, I would not put it past him making this team in a reserve capacity. Regardless of what ultimately transpires, Gary Baxter is an inspiration.

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