Sunday Edition: Notes of Note

Through five days of training camp practices, some players are on the rise, while others are struggling to impress. Who didn't practice, which players are being noticed and what is the latest in the CB roster battles can be found in this Sunday edition of Notes of Note.

- DE Corey Williams (shoulder) did not practice for the second consecutive session, but was on the field in shorts talking with players in positional drills.

- TE Steve Heiden (knee) did not practice and is wearing a wrap on his injured knee.

- WR Kevin Kasper (hamstring strain) did not practice.

- FB Lawrence Vickers (hamstring strain) did not practice.

- RB Jason Wright (hamstring strain) returned to practice.

- WR Donte Stallworth (hamstring strain) returned to practice in all drills.

- OL Marvin Philip (back) did not practice, but was on the sideline during drills.

- WR Lance Leggett continues to impress in individual and team drills. Leggett, a long and lanky receiver, has shown very reliable strong hands in the receiving game. His route-running has improved since the OTA and mini-camp practice sessions, as he is now displaying an ability to run through the routes and break hard on the pivot. In numerous team drills, the rookie WR has shown to have adequate speed and quickness to possibly succeed, along with the height (6'3") this staff likes in a WR. Once considered very much a long-shot to make the roster, his consistency in sessions and ability to play special teams may provide him more than a passing look as training camp progresses.

- TE Brad Cieslak has grabbed the opportunity to gain reps in practice sessions and has run with the ball. Cieslak, an athletic TE, uses his hands well in receiving and team drills, very rarely does the ball get to his body and he is very quick to turn up-field after making a grab. As each session progresses, Cieslak becomes increasingly confident and comfortable in the offensive set. In team and positional drills, this TE has fared better-than-average in the blocking scheme. While he tends to get upright a little too quick, he has done a much better job of keeping low and driving through the defender. Cieslak could be an interesting option for this team on the depth chart, as Steve Heiden is on the shelf due to a knee injury, rookie Martin Rucker is just that, a rookie, (although he has done fairly well) and veteran Darnell Dinkins is limited in the passing facet of the position.

- Rookie DE Brian Schaefering received significant reps with the second-team defense and in most cases has lined-up in-front of 2007 draftees Melila Purcell and Chase Pittman. Schaefering is an intriguing prospect due to his ability to accept coaching and an endless motor. Though the rookie can play stiff and lose drive due to popping out too quickly, Schaefering's determination and attitude make him a player this staff has grown fond of in a short time. On separate occasions Sunday, Schaefering refused to be pinned off the gap which resulted in the rookie maintaining gap integrity. In both cases, the LB (Davis and Orr) were able to fill the gap and make a play on the ball carrier. Overall, Schaefering has been moderately consistent and has rarely been blown off the ball.

- Second-year NT Louis Leonard has quietly had a solid first week of training camp. Leonard's improvement in technique and physical strength is evident and the sessions thus far have been rather workmanlike and consistent. As he has had the opportunity to face the starting offensive linemen at times during camp, Leonard has displayed the ability to fight off blocks and can create at the point of attack. At times, the lineman will get sloppy with his technique or will be a little lazy coming off the ball, which could be a result of his being late to recognize his responsibility or uncertainty in the scheme.

- In another somewhat surprising scenario, rookie NT Ahtyba Rubin has done little to impress or solidify a perceived roster spot along the defensive line. Rubin sports solid physical measurables for the position, but has not been consistent in drills, is easily stood-up and moved off the ball, and generates no push at the point of attack. The most concerning aspect with this rookie has been the ability of opposing offensive linemen to stand-up the NT and completely neutralize his presence with a single blocker, as was the case again in drills on Sunday.

- Rookie OLB Chase Ortiz is a battler, and was as consistent in the Sunday session as he has been at any point since joining the team. On two occasions Sunday, Ortiz blew-up his blocker which resulted in a negative yardage play. Early in 11-on-11 drills, Ortiz manhandled rookie WR Paul Hubbard on an off-tackle rushing attempt by rookie RB Travis Thomas. Ortiz drove Hubbard four-yards back into the backfield, which disrupted the play. On the other occasion, Ortiz beat FB Charles Ali at the point and slipped inside the blocking attempt to stop a Austin Scott rush in its tracks. Overall, Ortiz has been physical. but has problems once engaged by a blocker and lacks the explosive initial burst you like to see from an OLB.

- Rookie CB Damon Jenkins may not be the quickest CB on the roster, but the rookie has shown the ability to anticipate well and utilizes angles like a veteran in the early stages of camp. On Sunday, Jenkins again relied on his ability to body a receiver and uses his hands/initial punch coming off the ball to disrupt the timing between a QB and receiver.

- CB Jereme Perry returned to the Browns during the spring and appeared in mini-camp. The young veteran, who brings a familiarity of the Cleveland defensive scheme, has had a non-descript start to training camp and on Sunday he didn't fare any better. On consecutive plays during a less-than-demanding 11-on-11 drill, Perry was beaten by WR Travis Wilson on an out pattern. The CB was late in coverage, permitting the WR to turn up-field for a significant gain. On the next play, Perry again was beaten in coverage, this time by Efrem Hill, though the result was not nearly as pronounced. Perry's signing with the team was believed by many to give him close to a lock for a roster position. With the quality practice sessions of A. J. Davis and possibly the undrafted rookie combo of Damon Jenkins and Mil'von James, Perry is not a lock at this time.

- QB Derek Anderson has been making an effort to throw the ball away, rather than force something into coverage. At times, the starter is slow in recognizing or checking down. Overall, this QB has done a solid job in working to improve his short to intermediate passing. There has not been a single pass the QB hasn't made or cannot make. Through these early sessions of training camp, it is clearly obvious that Anderson has been the better of the QBs on the roster, some of which is related to having the talents of WR Braylon Edwards and TE Kellen Winslow to work with extensively, though the QB still needs to put the receivers in position to make plays.

- Backup QB Brady Quinn has thrown the ball much better over the past two days, following his three-interception session of Friday. Two issues stand out when watching the QB: he is showing a tendency to under-throw passes over the middle and his attempts to the right-side of the field are usually less accurate and wobble. When attempting anything to his left-side, Quinn throws a much tighter ball and his accuracy and velocity are significantly better. One noticeable aspect when Quinn is under center is that he does a solid job in leading a receiver, which improves the potential for yardage after the reception.

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