Monday: Notes of Note

There are always a few plays in practice which stand out, particularly during scrimmages. But subtle development continues on both sides of the ball in the Browns practice sessions. Lane Adkins has his eye on how the young players are moving along...

- OG Seth McKinney (ankle) did not practice.

- TE Steve Heiden (knee) did not practice, but was watching the practice session with his knee wrapped. When asked about his knee, Heiden noted it is coming along.

- DE Corey Williams (shoulder)

- FB Lawrence Vickers (hamstring) did not practice, but rode the stationary bike during the session.

- WR Kevin Kasper (hamstring) did not practice and rode the stationary bike during the practice session.

- C Marvin Philip was not on the field with the team.

- For the don't panic file....CB Eric Wright slightly turned an ankle in red-zone drills. Covering WR Braylon Edwards, Wright slipped slightly on the turf when the ankle turn occurred. Wright walked off the incident and did not leave the practice field, contrary to radio reports coming out of Berea. After the session, I spoke to Wright and he noted everything is alright.

- The first-team offense led by QB Derek Anderson was by far more proficient in practice drills. Anderson was sharp and fairly accurate in leading the offense to three consecutive scores in the red-zone drill. Later in the session, LB Andra Davis picked off an Anderson pass attempt to TE Kellen Winslow in the back of the end-zone. Overall, Anderson has been solid, but on this day he forced a few balls. A relatively obvious concern is that Anderson relies on Braylon Edwards and Winslow exclusively, with a little RB Jamal Lewis thrown in. During drills, Anderson would feed the ball to Edwards and Winslow, while other receivers in the lineup found openings in the defense.

- An interesting twist to the offense was thrown in during red-zone drills on Monday. Jamal Lewis took a hand-off from Anderson and promptly threw a strike into the end-zone to Winslow. A little wrinkle in the offensive set which further the dynamics of this offense..

- The mix-and-match offensive units that QB's Brady Quinn and Ken Dorsey lined-up with were far less productive. Having depth players on the field resulted in timing and communication issues in the passing game. Quinn has developed an excellent on-field relationship with WR Travis Wilson and the receiver has been very effective in drills. A issue which has been consistent for the past few sessions is Quinn throwing the ball low to receivers, especially when in the middle of the field or in the seam.

- CB's Brandon McDonald, Damon Jenkins and Mil'von James made exceptional plays on the ball in team drills. McDonald has been very consistent in drills, while Jenkins and James have had some stellar moments. Neither undrafted rookie CB has made an obvious move to pass the other on the depth chart.

- Linebackers worked on speed and agility drills in the evening practice session. Kamerion Wimbley was quick getting off, but the star of the drill was Shantee Orr. Rookie LB Beau Bell struggled in the drill, he was awkwardly stiff and slow in his two attempts. Reserve LB and special teams ace Kris Griffin was quick and efficient in the drill.

- Rookie OLB Alex Hall has been very workmanlike and is taking in all the veteran advice he gets. The very long and lean linebacker has steadily improved in sessions and is learning to use his long arms to get his hands on a blocker before he can be engaged and locked onto. This OLB does not look like the raw rookie of a month ago.

- In the practice session this evening, the defensive line play was reserved. Facing less pressure than they have in a couple days, the offense had a better day. The majority of the drills involved the passing game, as the team ran the ball only a handful of times. The sense coming from players as they walked off the field was that of being tired due to the heat and humidity - and, of course, getting to engage in two-a days.

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