Notes of Note: Weds AM Practice

Here are Lane's observations from morning practice, where the Cleveland Browns once again were looking at new ways to work Josh Cribbs into the offense. A number of players are settling in their grove now, and Lane provides the most detailed report you'll find anywhere...

Who's Practicing, Who's Not

- WR Kevin Kasper (hamstring) did not practice.

- FB Lawrence Vickers (shoulder) did not practice.

- DE Corey Williams (shoulder) did not practice and may be held out for a couple more days.

- OLB Antwan Peek (knee) did not practice, coaches decision. Peek noted he could have practiced, but the coach was being cautious.

- C Marvin Philip did not practice.

- TE Steve Heiden (knee) did not practice.

- OG Seth McKinney (ankle) did not practice.

- DL Shaun Smith (knee) did not practice, coaches decision. Smith is the spokesman for the function today at camp for children.


- NT Shaun Rogers kicked it up a notch in Wednesday morning practice session. Numerous times during the session, Rogers single-handedly collapsed the interior of pocket, pushing C Hank Fraley and LG Eric Steinbach into the face of the QB. While many look at Rogers in the camp setting and express concern that he is inconsistent, one must remember the staff does not intend on Rogers playing 70-plays a game, he is in the process of learning the system, and this is a training period to get into game shape.

- During the session, the defense blitzed on numerous occasions, with S Sean Jones and OLB Shantee Orr standing out. Jones is having a quiet and very productive training camp thus far and has been much more of a physical presence in the defensive backfield. Near the line of scrimmage is where Jones is having his greatest impact, as the veteran appears poised and confident in the refined scheme, which will utilize his physical strength more in support.

- With McKinney out of action, Lennie Friedman has been exclusively with the second-team offense at the center spot, while rookie Nathan Bennett has lined-up at right guard. The tandem is gelling together in the middle of the line, while the second-team right tackle was Cliff Louis in the session.

- Rookie NT Ahtyba Rubin showed some strength and explosion in the morning session. Occasionally he was strong at the point of attack with the second team defense, which is an improvement over recent sessions.

- KR/WR Josh Cribbs took snaps out of the shotgun. The athletic Cribbs is gaining opportunities in speciality plays and creates interesting looks for this offense due to his athleticism and play-making ability.

- Rookie LT James Lee has settled in nicely since moving back to the LT position. Though inconsistent in his drop, Lee has shown gradual improvement in this area and laid a devastating block on a defender on a screen pass completed to WR Donte Stallworth early in the 7-on-7 drills.

- DB Jereme Perry is gaining ground in the race for the 4th CB spot. As the sessions have progressed, Perry's coverage and recognition have been quicker and he has done a much better job sealing off the inside. Midway through the session, Efrem Hill attempted to cross the middle on a slant route, as the ball met the young receiver, Perry was there to dislodge with a tremendous hit.

- Rookie OLB Alex Hall again was in the mix in this session. Hall was been gradually applying more pressure on the QB. On one play, QB Brady Quinn dropped back to pass, felt the heat coming off the left-side from Hall and threw in ill-advised pass into triple-coverage, which was intercepted by S Nick Sorensen. Despite the interception, Quinn had a solid day under center, throwing a couple strikes to Syndric Steptoe and Josh Cribbs late in the practice session. If anyone is counting, Quinn did outperform the other QB's on the roster in this session.

- With Antwan Peek sitting out the session, Shantee Orr lined-up at times at the LOLB spot and was productive. Orr was able to get pressure on the QB, beating RT Cliff Louis on occasion, as well as displaying quickness in the flat against the pass.

- For this coaching staff, blocking by the running backs is crucial. This especially rookies looking to make the team such as Austin Scott and Travis Thomas. In team drills on Wednesday, both RB's failed to pickup rookie OLB Chase Ortiz, which would have resulted in the QB's being hit unnecessarily.

- TE Brad Cieslak has had an impressive start to camp due to his receiving skills, on this day Cieslak was very good in individual and team drills, when he was blocking/sealing off the edge.

- The left-side of the offensive line (LT - Joe Thomas and LG - Eric Steinbach) was exceptional in team drills run blocking. RB Jamal Lewis found very good success running behind the stalwarts of the offensive line.

- Rookie LB Beau Bell is slowly coming around and is getting into position a little quicker, especially against the run. In this session, Bell steam-rolled RB Travis Thomas and was all over QB Ken Dorsey.

- Later in the session, Dorsey threw a beautiful strike to WR Travis Wilson in the seam. Wilson continues to impress with his route-running and receiving skills.

- Following the practice session, NT Shaun Rogers and FB/TE Kolo Kapanui worked on the JUGS machine.

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