Tales from the In-Box: Week One Done

Lane Adkins' email box gets a lot of action throughout the year, but during training camp it receives no less than a righteous thrashing. Here are some of Lane's answers to your questions following the first week of Browns training camp.

Q: We keep reading how players are looking in practice. When I went out to camp, I did not see the team tackling, is that common?

LA: Yes it is. There is far less tackling and more work on technique, scheme, etc in camp. You will see much more contact coming from the front-seven of the defense. If a player breaks into the secondary, rarely will you see significant contact.

Q: You seem objective, since you have been at camp, what are your thoughts so far regarding the non-competition between Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn?

LA: Honestly, there has been really no competition in this no-competition setting. Anderson has consistently outperformed Quinn in team drills and has looked better in the majority of the individual drills. We have not viewed Quinn enough with the first-team receivers to truly see if he would be at Anderson's level in sessions due to the dramatic difference in quality and experience at the receiver position.

Q: We keep hearing about the issue at the #3 receiver, but this team appears to be loaded at the tight end position. Could any of these tight ends, like rookie Martin Rucker, really contribute to the point that another receiver may not be a necessity?

LA: Many see the #3 WR spot as a huge problem. I don't, at least not at this point. While the staff is really liking what they see in WR's Travis Wilson and Kevin Kasper, they are not completely sold on either. Kasper was really in the spotlight, then suffered a hamstring injury which has kept him out of sessions. Wilson has been very good, but needs to show this for an extended period of time. The staff often lines up Winslow and Rucker outside and this may be something we see consistently if/until a player makes a move for the #3 spot. Rucker, a rookie, has been solid in the receiving game and has deceiving speed and quickness. This rookie is polished catching the football and has made strides in recognizing and understanding the offensive scheme. Steve Heiden is an excellent TE, but really only a TE, whereas Brad Cieslak has looked very good in the camp setting and could be a keeper, depending on what the offensive staff feels the necessity is with blocking TE Darnell Dinkins fighting for a spot.

Q: If the season started today, who do you see as the top-five cornerbacks?

LA: Eric Wright, Brandon McDonald, Terry Cousin, Jereme Perry and A.J. Davis. Rookies Mil'von James and Damon Jenkins have made an impression and are in the battle for a roster spot at this early time in camp.

Q: Of the drafted rookies in camp, who do see as having the best camp thus far and why?

LA: Tough call between TE Martin Rucker and OLB Alex Hall. Rucker has demonstrated his receiving ability going back to rookie camp and continues to improve and impress with his overall ability. Alex Hall appeared lost and basically a non-entity early on. Over the past few days, the lights have gone on for Hall and he is doing fine in getting into position and rushing the QB.

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