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No whisper is too quiet for Lane Adkins as he gives OBR readers the very latest on the CB and RB situations, and whether or not a vet at the WR position is in the offing.

- Are you satisfied with the play of the CB's early in training camp?

"We like what we are seeing from our CB's. Eric Wright and Brandon McDonald have done well and Terry Cousin was a solid acquisition for us. We tried to get Terry (Cousin) to come here a couple years back, but we have him now and he remains a very good nickel corner. He has taken it upon himself to help the younger guys, not only with technique, but the intricacies of the game. All the guys back there, including the rookies are attentive to Terry."

- Could we see a play made to bring in a veteran in the defensive backfield or does the organization feel good where they are right now?

"We continue to monitor the situation and if something arises that interests us, we will do something. Right now, we don't expect teams to offer-up a veteran CB of quality in some capacity until the pre-season games are underway and those teams get a better read on the talent in camp. Obviously if the season started today, we would work with what we have and hopefully be successful; adding a player guarantees nothing. We like the talent in the secondary, but we have some concerns about the lack of experience."

- I have to ask: anything new regarding free agent CB Ty Law?


- Looking at the RB situation, are you comfortable heading into the season with Lewis, Wright and Harrison? Does a Thomas or Scott have a legitimate shot of sticking?

"We like the players on the roster at RB and it would be something very unexpected for there to be a change within the depth at the position. Thomas and Scott have some good qualities and there are some areas where they need plenty of work, as is the case with most rookies, not just RB's. We'll see how it plays out. I can see us keeping an additional RB on the practice squad where they can develop."

- The opening at the #3 WR spot may have been muddled with the hamstring injury suffered by Kevin Kasper. In his absence, Travis Wilson has continued to shine and gain reps. Could Wilson realistically enter the season as the #3 receiver?

"Kasper was doing very well prior to the hamstring injury, but he should be back on the field soon. He caught our attention since the spring camps and consistently progressed into a serious candidate to add depth to the WR position. You're right, Travis Wilson has been very good throughout the OTA's and into training camp. This is a young man that has talent, he can catch the ball and was drafted by us to add depth to the position. Some players take a little longer to develop. In Travis' case, he is definitely in the mix and is earning the opportunity he has in front of him."

- Are there any serious conversations about adding another veteran WR prior to the season, with Joe Jurevicius being out for an extended period of time?

"Nothing serious is going on. We always keep our eyes and ears open."

- Anything new regarding former San Diego WR Eric Parker and the team?

"No, and our understanding is he is still a bit away from being able to participate in any type of activities. We are getting a good look at the guys we have here and may not want to look away from those players."

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