Q & A With Travis Wilson

One of the biggest stories of camp has been the emergence--finally--of the talented WR. Read, in the receiver's own words, his thoughts on the progress he's made and, more importantly, what the organization feels about that progress.

Q: Arriving in Cleveland with great expectations, what went through your mind being relegated mostly to the bench and ultimately being inactive last season on game-day?

Travis Wilson: Coming into the league you think that you know what you need to do and you may believe you are better prepared than you really are. Things happen for a reason, I have changed the things I do in preparation, film-study and practice habits. Hopefully I am earning the confidence of the coaches and I'll continue to get opportunities to show what I can do.

Q: What types of changes have you gone through to be in better position to capitalize on opportunities and contribute in the 2008 season?

Travis Wilson: Maturity. Maturity is a big part of what is going on with me. I understand what I need to do, which is study harder, work harder, and be entirely committed to the game, to my teammates and coaches. I don't go out with my friends and stuff like that anymore, basically it is all about the game.

Q: I noticed Kellen Winslow said something to you on the practice field during a drill about positioning, what was that about?

Travis Wilson:
You listen to guys like Kellen , when they tell you something they see in your technique, you follow that advise. He (Winslow) noticed I wasn't getting my hands and body in position to stop a defender from getting into me, the ball.

Q: Heading into the off-season and into the camp setting, what do you feel about your work to this point? Has the coaching staff given you any indication what the thoughts of the organization are for you?

Travis Wilson: I believe I am doing better. My route-running and recognition have improved, I know what I am supposed to be doing, things like that. Focus, focus is a big deal, you have to stay focused and dedicated, if you are going to get an opportunity to play. They (the staff) hasn't told me much, just to keep working hard, give me some advice on routes, things like that. I've become a good listener.

Q: With the #3 WR position essentially up for grabs, what are your thoughts as training camp progresses and the opportunity you are getting with the first-team offense, rather than the second-team offense?

Travis Wilson: I don't think about it much. I know what the situation is and I can't control any of that. All I can do is go out there, show the coaches I can be depended on and earn their respect. I know I can get out there and play, make the right decisions and earn the trust of the coaches and my teammates. The opportunity is there to help the team, whether that is on special teams or at receiver, I am going to be there to do whatever is needed of me.

Q: Travis, this being your third year with the Browns, what do you expect from yourself with the season right around the corner?

Travis Wilson: I'm going to keep going out there and working as hard as I can. I want the coaches to see I am ready to play and help. I think they see the difference in me the person and player, but I can't afford to go out there and have a bad day or two. There really isn't anything worse than not playing on game-day. It bothered me and I hope that if I continue to improve and hopefully impress the coaches, I will earn that opportunity.

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