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What's the latest on Beau Bell's injury? Are the Browns still in the market for vet help? How much wood CAN a woodchuck chuck? Answers to these questions, and many more, are just a click away in the latest edition of What We've Been Told...

- Jamal Lewis, Jason Wright and Jerome Harrison remain the top-three RB's on the depth chart and there are no indications this is going to change. Despite a strong first two weeks of practice in camp by undrafted rookie Travis Thomas, this back could find his way onto the practice squad.

- WR Joe Jurevicius will not see the practice or playing field any time soon. Jurevicius is a LONG way away from competing at this level, if ever. The recent knee surgery appears at this time to have remedied the pain, swelling and discomfort, but the damage created is the issue in question.

- OLB Antwan Peek is doing well following surgery to have loose cartilage removed from his knee and is expected to be ready, no later than the regular season opener on September 7th.

- There has been speculation that TE Kellen Winslow has an issue with his knee and this is the reasoning behind him sitting out some training camp sessions. Let it be known, the coaching staff  is well aware of the pre-existing condition of the knee and his practice schedules dictates his time on the field. He is given time off by the staff, but the last couple days Winslow has been out due to a hamstring issue. The surgically repaired knee has not prohibited the TE from competing as much as the coaching staff's involvement has.

- LB Andra Davis remains the starter at ILB along-side D'Qwell Jackson, with Leon Williams settled in as the top back-up at both spots. Williams will see more playing time in the nickel scheme.

- Despite a strong showing in camp, WR Travis Wilson is far from securing the #3 WR spot. While maturing and doing well with many facets of the game, the staff is not sold on his progress yet. There is an anticipation to see what he does in game conditions.

- WR Syndric Steptoe, basically a forgotten player in the off-season, has had a strong camp. Steptoe has received reps with the first-team and has stepped-up considerably with the second-team offense. Drafted to supply depth in the special teams return game, the staff has taken a liking to the toughness of this WR and his ability to get open and catch the ball.

- OLT James Lee continues to impress. The staff likes the progress of the rookie and there is a belief he can contribute at this level. The question is going to be whether or not the rookie can squeeze a roster spot from the veteran quality and depth along the offensive line.

Looking for an established WR and CB? The team continues to keep an eye open and an ear to the ground. The concern is the depth at CB, as the belief is starting CB's Eric Wright and Brandon McDonald are fine, but in the case of an injury is where the concern resides. While not as concerning, the organization wants to be secure at WR in the event of injury. Donte Stallworth has had issues in the past, as well as Kellen Winslow, who will see time lined-out wide in the scheme.

- Rookie LB Beau Bell is suffering with some knee pain and swelling, which has resulted in the LB having an MRI within the past couple days. What we haven't found out is the end result. Bell was an observer on the practice field Monday evening, with his knee heavily wrapped. On Tuesday, the rookie was nowhere to be found.

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