Browns, Lightning Strike Quickly

The NFL limits us to one update per quarter now, so here goes... The Browns struck quickly in the first quarter of their first exhibition game. Then it was Mother Nature's turn to strike, postponing the game as a torrential monsoon hit Cleveland...

The Cleveland Browns' first team is probably already done for the night, thanks to injury concerns and a torrential rain that is currently postponing the Browns-Jets exhibition game.

As this is being written, the game is paused with 4:43 left in the first quarter.

Not much football has been played, but Browns fans have to be happy with what they've seen so far.


Following a kick by Jason Reda, the Jets first-team offense, led (temporarily) by QB Kellen Clemens, moved the ball fairly effectively against the Browns first-team offense. New York drove to the 37 in eight plays, highlighted by a Clemens-to-Cotchery pass of sixteen yards.

The Browns defense stiffened inside their own forty, however, and the Jets tried to fool the Browns with a no-huddle quarterback sneak on fourth down. Sean Jones blew up the run and the Browns took over at the 37.

Lane's Takes on the first drive:

  • No pass rush early. Only Shaun Rogers was getting a push.
  • Cotchery turned Eric Wright around on the pass
  • Run defense is solid - linebackers are flowing to the hole - D'Qwell Jackson and Andra Davis - Wimbley and McGinest are getting opportunities to flow to ball
  • Browns cornerbacks playing more press looks
  • McGinest and Wimbley solid in run support, Shaun Smith held up right guard/right tackle
  • Browns interior defense holding up the point-of-attack.
  • Sean Jones off edge on 4th down... tremendous play


The Browns first-team offense then entered the game and executed a nice, quick drive to take the lead 7-0. The team's first play was an eleven yard run by Jamal Lewis right up the middle, followed by an eight-yard pass to Donte Stallworth.

It was Braylon Edwards, however, who was stellar on the team's first drive. A 25-yard pass interference on the Jets took the Browns to the Jets 13 yard line.  Two short passes to Jamal Lewis followed, with a nifty Anderson scramble for six up the middle get the Browns a first down at the Jets 3.

One play later from the two, Anderson threw a pass behind Braylon Edwards that the star receiver pulled in with his trademark athleticism, turning halfway around and pulling in the pass for a touchdown.

Lane's Take on the Drive

  • Lewis - blew through hole on the first play - Fraley and Steinbach blew up the middle on that play.
  • Anderson nice step up into pocket on second play, Jets getting minimal pressure
  • Steptoe was in as the third receiver
  • Dinkins missed block on short Lewis run - one yard loss
  • Stallworth sharp in and out of cuts
  • Edwards turned Justin Miller inside out on the pass interference
  • Lewis one drop in flat, comes back to catch pass in flat

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