Browns-Jets: At the Half

The second teams came out after the rain delay, and battled to a 14-10 Browns lead at the half. Barry and Lane bring you the events and analysis of the Browns first two preseason quarters...

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The Browns and Jets returned to the field with a little over four minutes remaining in the first quarter following a lengthy rain delay of just over an hour.

When the teams returned, they did so without many of their first team players, although Jets QB Kellen Clemens came back in to quarterback the Jets.

Clemens demonstrated tonight that he will not provide any impediment to Brett Favre's ascension to the starting quarterback job in New York.

The Jets first drive after coming back onto the field was derailed by some nice plays from the Browns defensive secondary, which has a number of players in tight competition for jobs. After a five-yard run, CB A.J. Davis stepped up first, breaking up a short pass to WR Jerricho Cotchery. Veteran Terry Cousin struck next, breaking up another Clemens pass.

Three-and-out. Jets punt.

Lane's Take:

  • Clemens roll to right, great coverage by 2nd team defense... linebackers in lanes, defensive backs draped all over receivers
  • CB Terry Cousin (slot cover) tight coverage to break-up attempt

A cheer went up from the crowd when Browns QB Brady Quinn entered the game to lead the Browns second-team offense. Quinn began the drive moving the Browns efficiently, with quick passes to Darnell Dinkins, Travis, Wilson, Jason Wright, and a determined Josh Cribbs.

Quinn was hampered by the Browns second-team offensive line, however, which was responsible for an illegal receiver pass (Nathan Bennett) and offensive holding (by the promising James Lee), which put the Browns into a first-and-25 situation. After the pass to Cribbs, Quinn was picked off as he threw to Syndric Steptoe.

Lane's Take:
  • Syndric Steptoe in to return punts (2nd on depth chart at KR)
  • RB Jerome Harrison behind Nathan Bennett and Derrick Morse drove for first-down, impressive power 6-yard gain
  • Quinn bullet to WR Travis Wilson - nicely executed slant - 17-yd gain
  • Lee showing solid.........strong punch and setting up quickly
  • Offensive line overall has been solid in protection. Friedman and Bennett
  • Quinn pass off the hands of Steptoe intercepted. ball was on target, WR simply muffed the pass.

Following the turnover, the Jets had the ball on their own 29 and Brett Ratliff replaced Kellen Clemens.

One play later, the game was tied as the Browns second-team defensive secondary got burned, and burned badly. A 73-yard-pass from Ratliff to Davis Clowney got the Jets a quick touchdown, as the Browns safeties bit on a fake handoff and Clowney found himself five yards ahead of his pursuers. A.J. Davis was the cornerback on the play, with Terry Cousin and Nick Sorenson helping the Browns get burned.

Lane's Take:
  • CB A. J. Davis and DB Nick Sorensen burned on play-action bomb to the post - 71 yards Brett Ratliff to David Clowney. Davis bit on the play-action.

After that turn of events, Quinn returned to helm the Browns second team offense. Not known for his running, Quinn helped the Browns to a first down with a eleven-yard scramble on third-and-three.

Quinn looked in command as the drive continued, completing quick passes to Brad Cieslak, Steve Sanders, Travis Wilson (18 yards), and Jason Wright.

The efficient drive finished up with a one-yard Jason Wright run for a touchdown behind OG Lennie Friedman and the Browns took a 14-7 lead.

Three offensive drives, two touchdowns. At this point, the one drive which was stopped was ended more by Browns mistakes than the Jets defense.

Lane's Take:

  • Steptoe 7 yds deep in endzone returned to 35 yd line.
  • Wright off left tackle behind Lee and Ali. Wright running hard to the right side behind RT Isaac Sowells and TE Brad Cieslak
  • Quinn strength and elusiness got away from LB Brad Kassell, looks like Morse missed the stunt pickup
  • Quinn to Wilson again 18-yard slant - diving catch. Wilson and Quinn have done this throughout training camp.
  • Quinn looks very good, accuracy has been excellent and decision making has been spot on

As the Jets came back out, the huge gap between the Browns first-team and second-team defensive lines is revealed. Ratliff has plenty of time to throw, and is efficient as the moves the Jets from their ten to the Browns 48 before having to attempt a fourth down conversion. Against the backups, the Jets offensive line was able to get push, as Musa Smith barrelled for three yards up the middle.

Without a great deal of pressure, Smith was able to take advantage of the Browns secondary, firing passes in succession to Wright, Stuckey, and Clowney to take the Jets inside the Browns ten-yard line.

On third down, Nick Sorensen made a nice stop on WR Chansi Stuckey to keep the Jets out of the end zone, pulling down the receiver with a solo tackle on the two.

As a few members of the crowd bellowed "Nuge!" for the Ohio State alum, Mike Nugent booted a 20-yard field goal to bring the score to 14-10 at the half.

Lane's Take:

  • Darnell Dinkins, Shantee Orr and Steve Cargile strong in special teams return pursuit
  • Sorensen near pick of Ratliff, the safety did not have to move on the ball
  • Nothing from Chase Pittman, Rubin and Louis Leonard - no push, poor containment on the edge. OLB David McMillan moved off the point. McMillan getting an opportunity to shine with extended playing time has done very little. Beat in coverage by the TE Dustin Keller.
  • Shantee Orr solid in picking up back in flat from the ROLB spot.
  • LB Kris Griffin nice stuff on 3rd down rush - filled gap
  • Louis Leonard had opportunity to make play in backfield, whiffed.
  • Lack of rush a killer, Cousin beat - slant
  • Cousin giving too much ground, out wide, by far not his best position.
  • Again, no pass rush is evident, QB has all day in the pocket. Melila Purcell in at right DE, making no impact

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