After Three: Browns 17, Jets 10

Brady Quinn led the Browns on a long, time-consuming drive to highlight the third quarter. Meanwhile the Browns second-team defensive line struggled to assert themselves.

Coming onto the field in the second half, the Browns sputtered offensively for the first time in the evening.

The challenges may have had something to do with the pedestrian play-calling (run, run, pass, punt) and more to do with the lackluster offensive line play seen as the team returned. Dave Zastudil punts 39 yards to to the Jets 21 as Brett Ratliff leads the Jets back onto the field.

Ratliff led the Jets back quickly, hitting Stucky and Clowney quickly for 32 yards to the Browns 47.

As the Browns did earlier, the Jets second-team offensive line helped wipe out a promising drive, thanks to an offensive holding call that gave the Jets a first-and-20 at their own 43. Despite a neutral zone infraction by the job-threatened third-year veteran David McMillan, the holding call put the Jets into a hole they couldn't climb out of, and the Jets were forced to punt.

Lane's Take:

  • McMillan gets bodied too easily, takes himself out of the play
  • CB's play much better when pressing, but due to a lack of rush and poor integrity, the 2nd team cannot play as such
  • The crowd has weeded out after the half - maybe 25-30K here, tops

Brady Quinn didn't have good field position to work with as he came out to lead the Browns with about ten minutes left in the third quarter.

The Browns offense looked efficient against the Jets' reserves, however, with TE Martin Rucker and WR Travis Wilson being standouts in a drive that would go over 80 yards, burn off over eight minutes, and result in a short Jason Reda field goal.

A 23-yard pass from Quinn to Wilson started the festivities, and Jerome Harrison carried the ball repeatedly for the Browns, although he gave way at points to RB Travis Thomas and FB Charlies Ali. Three consecutive Harrison runs netted a first down.

Runs by Harrison and Quinn spreading the ball around per usual (Cieslak and Ali also caught passes) led the way inside the Jets 10 yard line.

The drive sputtered out at the Jets eight, and Jason Reda's field goal made it 17-10.

Lane's Take:

  • TE Martin Rucker is very smooth, gets into the route well and covers the ball well
  • OG Derrick Morse has been inconsistent getting off the spot
  • Nice grab by Wilson out of bounds
  • Second team offensive line is having some issues picking up blitzes and stunts
  • Nice pass and completion to Travis Wilson. The WR has been getting into the clear in routes
  • Harrison's vision and quickness showed there with a cutback run, Lennie Friedman did a solid job up front
  • Rucker's blocking ability gave Harrison the opportunity to turn the corner and get the 1st down. If Rucker stays healthy, he will see plenty of PT during the season.
  • Quinn is basically playing pitch and catch with the receivers.
  • RB Travis Thomas showed some burst off LT for a gain of 4

Like Brady Quinn, Jets QB Brett Ratliff is getting a lot of playing time. He returns for the Jets final drive of the third quarter, and found himself facing a stouter defensive line than he had seen earlier in the quarter.

The Jets went three and out, thanks largely to a nice play on second down as Louis Leonard penetrated and stuffed veteran RB Musa Smith.

As the quarter ended, the Browns fuond themselves with decent field position due to an ineffective Jets punt (Graham) and another solid runback by Syndric Steptoe to the Browns 38. Dorsey replaces Quinn as the Browns get their young quarterback out of the game after going 13-of-17 for 133 yards and one interception. Quinn's QB rating on the night was 73.9.

Lane's Take:

  • Dorsey has replaced Quinn
  • During his time in the game, Quinn looked to the short game to keep the chains moving, with the exception of some timely and accurate tosses to Wilson.
  • Nice addition to the playbook this season, as Dorsey rolled right and threw back to the middle of the field to Martin Rucker
  • Hands down, WR Travis Wilson has helped himself and should be the 3rd WR on this team at the present time

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