Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

Attendance was a lower than usual for the chat last Wednesday. Some theories have been advanced: Connectivity issues with the MAE switch on the East Coast, confidence that the team's issues are answered, etc. There are even some who suggest that some of our visitors were instead watching some fashion show. But I, of course, realize that everyone was watching <I>The Bachelor</I>. Aww, what a cute couple. (*sniff*). I'm so (*sniff*) happy for them. I... I... need to go now.

ArtBtz Carducci's name was just on the radio here...
ArtBtz Now his phone's ringing...
ArtBtz Hmmmm
Ramllov I was trying to think of a topic prior to Dave coming back
ArtBtz I can handle any questions about eating Blazing Hot Buffalo Wings while drinking beer.
Ramllov Has anyone figured out what has happened to Kevin Johnson?
ArtBtz There's theories on KJ that came up today in the press conference that he's not seeing as well, but Davis shot those down.
DavidCarducci Hello again. Sorry about that. Important call
redright Gameball for Dave Carducci for teaching schemes and running game. YES!
Ramllov Hey Dave
DavidCarducci Hello
DavidCarducci What's new?
BryanK Can we stop the Saints passing game? Brooks scares me
DavidCarducci Brooks should scare you. He's a heck of a quarterback. Plus the receiving crops is pretty darn good. I'm very impressed with Donte Stallworth.
Ramllov Dave, how much playing do the practice players get during the week?
DavidCarducci Ram, I'm not exactly sure of the breakdown. I think they rotate in with the scout team
redright Dave, Bowers is activated. Has he developed? Can Green run with a Fullback?
DavidCarducci I know Green prefers to run without a fullback, and I think he's been at his best when he has been alone in the backfield. I talked to Shea and Couch today, and they both said they are impressed with Bowers work so far. The knock on him that he was not a hard worker in pittsburgh had to do with some other issues
Ramllov Is Lang going to play this week?
DavidCarducci Ram, I think the browns are somewhat hopeful. He was walking with a little less of a limp today in the locker room
BryanK I'm using Stallworth this week on my fantasy team
Ramllov He almost seems to have hit a rookie wall, but that could be due to him missing a few weeks with his injury
DavidCarducci Bryan, the reporters who cover the team have a fantasy league, and I have Stallworth in that. I'm sitting him, though. Playing Quincy Morgan, Torry Holt and Hines Ward
redright the linebackers seem to be in a state of flux. How do you see the linebackers play going forward?
Ramllov When will Bentley be back and when will he start?
BryanK I think Bentley has a chance to be a true playmaker
DavidCarducci Redright, I think it's obvious that Holmes and Hambrick are coming off of a very productive week. Hambrick has been playing very well the last few weeks. Bentley probably won't play again this week. I've heard different things about Boyer coming back next season. Rudd is the obvious disappointment. I'm surprised at how often he is out of position and how much of it seems to have to do with his recognition.
Ramllov ESPN indicated that the Browns have between 2.3 and 2.7 million cap space left. Where will they spend it?
Ramllov extending whose contract?
redright Hambrick seems to be playing well and looks like he'll be here next year.
DavidCarducci I think Davis likes what Hambrick brings to the defense. The big question is Miller. I can't get anyone to give me a real idea of what they think of Miller. I know the team once was very sour on him, but with the lack of a pass rush this year, you have to wonder if the opinion has changed
BryanK I would think Ben Taylor's inability to stay healthy has helped Hambrick
DavidCarducci Bryan, maybe. But I think the Browns saw Taylor more as a special teams guy this year, until he had a year or more in the system and had the ability to bulk up. I don't know how much help he really would have provided as a strongside linebacker this year
BryanK Can Miller become a 3rd down pass rush specialist, or does he make too much $$$ for that?
DavidCarducci Bryan, he makes far too much money to justify using him as a one-down guy. I don't think he would accept that role, either.
DavidCarducci Knowing Jamir
redright Boyer is a special teams player and if he is on the bubble for next year, what about Jackson?
DavidCarducci AB, did you say something about my name being on the radio? Was it something good or bad?
ArtBtz Brian was on the radio with Brian Brennan and Kevin Keane (WTAM) talking about the site.
ArtBtz They said it's a good site other than Carducci, or something like that.
DavidCarducci If that was said, they were right on
ArtBtz LOL
redright Dave how much does jamir affect the Cap?
DavidCarducci Redright, I think that will depend on if they bring him back. This year, it doesn't have much affect at all, considering they are under. If they choose to release him, they would be responsible for the prorated portion of his signing bonus, and I haven't figured all of that out as of yet.
Ramllov Dave whose contract may get extended this year. McKinley, Hambrick?
howldawg DAVE could hambrick play the otherside w/miller back in his old spot & how much would the rookies affect that possiblity
DavidCarducci howldawg, Hambrick has said he would be comfortable at any of the three spots, although he hasn't played MLB at the pro level. He played both weak and strongside in Carolina, although I think he is most comfortable as a strongside linebacker. He was at his best as a strongside LB with the Cowboys
redright Jumping ahead to next year---If we are talking about the mix of linebackers, wouldn't we have to think BD would pick a top middle lb in the draft if he could?
howldawg i was thinking of him instead of rudd
Ramllov Dave what have you thought of Sander cornerbacks play this year?
DavidCarducci Hambrick is more versatile than I thought he was. I like his ability to pursue along the line of scrimmage, moves very well sideline to sideline and has a good nose for the ball. I think those skills would make him a very fine weakside backer if the Browns decide not to bring back Rudd. At the same time, the Browns seem to have made up their mind that they want to develop Bentley as a weaskside backer, and leave him there. That  leads me to believe he would be the replacement for RUdd if there is a move
DavidCarducci Excuse me for one second, another phone call
howldawg art give us a scoop
ArtBtz The Caribbean Jerk wings are pretty good
ArtBtz Hey! Here's a scoop! Lang practiced today and White didn't! How's that?
redright Ask for a scoop and we get a dip! LOL
howldawg LOL
ArtBtz Hey!
ArtBtz Don't you forget who has ultra-chatter-booting-powers. Ha!
redright On a more serious note; will the Browns be able to run at New Orleans? What scheme?
BryanK Impressive fashion show, by the way!
DavidCarducci Sorry about that. I'm back again
redright Don't make me watch that scandalous TV program.
howldawg i;ve watched everyone you boot return faster than they left LOL
DavidCarducci Ram asked about Sanders cornerback play.
Ramllov yes
Ramllov Is it worth while this year, is it improving?
DavidCarducci I've been somewhat disappointed in Henry and Sanders this year. I think in Sanders case it's matter of trying to come back from being off for so long. He's like being a rookie again. I still see things in him that I like. I love his size and his ball skills. Part of me thinks he would be a very good safety, but then I remember the way he used the sideline as a rookie, and his ability to run step for step with receivers and make up ground quickly. That makes me think he's worth keeping at corner
redright Will the Browns be able to run at New Orleans? What scheme?
DavidCarducci Redright, I think they will have a very difficult time running against New Orleans. They bring their safeties up as extra linebackers, and that should be a huge temptation for the Browns to throw the ball downfield, challenge the corners. They have a lot of faith in Dale Carter to shut down opposing WR's, in this case Johnson. If they can get similar matchups to last week with LB's on Northcutt and no safety help over the top, then I think there are some real opportunities
Ramllov I was wondering how Henry is doing now, He looked so good last year and now?
ArtBtz There was a better pass rush last year, Ram. That makes a difference, IMO.
Ramllov Yeah those turnovers last year covered a lot of things
DavidCarducci Ram, a lot of it I'm sure had to do with the pass rush last year. A lot of the picks were gift interceptions, and I don't mean that to imply that he didn't play well, just a statement of fact. I think it's always tough on a rookie who has a big year. You come back and everyone expects the same thing year in and year out. Opponents at this level are just too good to expect to have huge success all the time
redright If we can run, we have play action. Without Deuce they may not be able to run
Ramllov Dave, do you see a win for the Browns this weekend?
DavidCarducci Ram, I think if Deuce does not play, the Browns will win. If they can win, I think they have a shot at running the table. It would be a huge morale boost, and with the team getting healthier and an easy schedule ahead, I could see it.
BryanK How 'bout a Browns win and a Steelers loss to the Bungles!
Ramllov How good can this defense be?
howldawg dave did we see the real GREEN last week or just the same old bungles?
DavidCarducci If Deuce does play, it will be difficult. He makes them so much better, with his ability to split out as a WR in addition to what he brings to the running game. He does so much.
ArtBtz Heh... don't see that last part happening, Bryan
BryanK I don't either, but it would be great!
DavidCarducci Howldawg, probably a mixture of both. I think the confidence thing will come, and that was a sign of it.
ArtBtz No argument from me... add a Buckeye win to that and my head will explode from the delirious feeling.
BryanK Steelers are hurting this week.
DavidCarducci AB, remember, some bad Bengals teams have beaten some pretty good Steelers teams in the last 15 years or so. Something about that matchup. Bengals always seem to play the Steelers tough.
DavidCarducci Jeff Blake used to eat the Steelers alive
BryanK Kitna threw for over 400 yards against them last year
howldawg dave quit teasing us
ArtBtz Ah, forgot the Kitna factor.
ArtBtz When I disagree with opinions, I like to say ""Bah"".
ArtBtz Bah.
ArtBtz After they hacked the site, it's all been downhill for Bengals fans.
BryanK Its been downhill for the Bengals since 1990
Ramllov Who is the backup qb for new Orleans?
DavidCarducci Jake Delhomme ( spelling?)
redright Dave, do the Saints look vunerable this week after last weeks game? Do we have enough speed for the dome?
DavidCarducci is the Saints backup.... I think he's a local boy from the NO area
ArtBtz Guys, this is the BENGALS. They implode for fun.
DavidCarducci Redright, I think the Browns do have enough speed for the dome. Andre Davis and Dennis Northcutt could be dangerous against 3rd and 4th CB's or LB's on turf. Defensively, the Browns could have some trouble against the Saints speed. Oh, and Green is a good runner on turf.
DavidCarducci Redright, there is also the potential bonus of the Saints coming off a tough loss and potentially looking ahead to an important game against Tampa the following week
redright What is Deuce's injury?
DavidCarducci He had a high ankle sprain that forced him to leave in the 4th q against Atlanta
DavidCarducci Did not practice today
redright Could be less than his best if he plays?
Ramllov When will we see Warren and Browns consistently step up?
DavidCarducci Redright, that is true. but I'd rather take my chances against Fenderson and Keaton
redright Have to think they will have to get Deuce out there. There is not much backup.
DavidCarducci Ram, I have no idea. Warren really is not playing all that well right now. I really thought he would have a breakthrough year.
ArtBtz Isn't Warren's weight up?
Ramllov Roye and Northcutt appear to be the teams offensive and defensive MVPs
DavidCarducci I agree
Ramllov I hwas hoping Warren or Brown would be the defensive MVP
redright Other than Roye, what can be done to improve the D-line play this year?
BryanK Have officials quit calling holding? It seems like C. Brown is held so much.
DavidCarducci Right now, I think Couch is the offensive MVP. I like what he is doing. I'm very impressed with the way he uses the pocket.
Ramllov Northcutt could be the special teams MVP
redright Roye could be the defense mvp.
howldawg offensive mvp hard to call northcutt, couch, or davis
Ramllov Dave, what has happened to Kevin Johnson, I may have aske that already
DavidCarducci I don't think anything has really happened with KJ. He's just not seeing as many balls thrown his way. He has had a few more drops, like the one in the endzone Sunday. He said he turned his head late, and he blew it. Should have had it. The offense is spreading it around, though, and that means fewer receptions. Sometimes I think KJ's mind wanders when he hasn't seen the ball in a while. THat leads to some other errors, like poor blocking, missing hot reads, etc.
Ramllov thanks dave
BryanK I look forward to seeing Northcutt on the turf
Ramllov Dave have you been impressed with Lang? DE
Ramllov Has the offensive line started to jell?
DavidCarducci Ram, I have been impressed with Lang. I think he plays the run well, and at times he does very well rushing the passer, especially at key times in games. More than anything, I think his impact is as a leader in the locker room. The players really respect him. I have a lot of respect for Lang. I think he has an outstanding perspective towards the game, his role on the team, how lucky he is, how little some players really understand, etc., and I think he's had a real impact
redright Dave, I heard Steve Nelson the former Pats linebacker say that last year after the 4th game the Pats wrs dropped only 6 balls. He claimed it was the key to their offense and their run to the SB. No drops. We drop 6 in a game.
BryanK That sure makes a QB look good
redright Amazing statement by nellie
DavidCarducci Redright, I've seen a lot of drops this season, but I've noticed more BIG drops by the oppostion. More drive stoppers. Bengals on Sunday were an example. The Browns lately have made up for the drops by coming back with big plays. THey had a number of drops against the Jets, but when it counted they always came back with a big play ... for example, Northcutt dropped a ball in the first half, then Couch hit Quincy with a big play down the middle to help keep the drive alive and give them a field goal. Same in second half after a KJ drop, when Northcutt caught the crossing pattern
DavidCarducci I think KJ's drop on Sunday came right before Couch hit Sanders ... do I have that right?
DavidCarducci Guys I have to run. Got to get back to work on a story. I'm leaving a day early for New Orleans, which means that I have to pack six days of work into five.
Ramllov bye Dave
DavidCarducci Have a great night
BryanK Thanks, Dave
DavidCarducci Thank you

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