Undrafted Rookie Watch

Sometimes they are the 'Forgotten Ones'. Lane doesn't, and takes a peek at how the undrafted kids are faring.

- OT James Lee struggled early in off-season drills at the RT spot, but appears to have found a home at LT. Lee, an undrafted free agent, is agile, provides a solid punch at the point and can drive. His play in space has improved, though he has consistency issues. Early indications are Lee is a developmental player that is not nearly the project he was projected to be entering this camp with the Browns. If Lee does not stick on the final roster, he appears to be a legitimate practice squad candidate.

- OG Nathan Bennett is a physical interior offensive lineman with a nasty streak. Bennett utilizes leverage well in most cases, has a strong base and his technique is in the evolving stages. Inexperience is Bennett's greatest adversary at this time, as the rookie tends to lose himself in space and takes late angles when entering the second level of the defense. This rookie shows the tools to be a player worthy of development time, with a practice squad nod a real possibility.

- OG Derrick Morse was re-signed by the Browns at the start of training camp and has been a pleasant surprise. Morse moves fairly well in space, can be physical at the point of attack, but his technical prowess needs work. Morse attempts to over-power the opposition, he can be late in setting/driving and he tends to not get extension. This rookie is another example of a young player getting into a pro camp and improving due to the coaching and quality opposition. While Morse is a long-shot to stick, he could be a practice squad candidate.

- RB Austin Scott is in a battle with Travis Thomas to earn a possible practice squad berth. Scott has displayed some explosive qualities on occasion, but remains relatively inconsistent and has clearly not evolved in the training camp setting. With Scott, the talent is there and this young man has skills, but lacks a sense of urgency. This rookie must also improve his recognition and blocking skills and show more while on special teams.

- RB Travis Thomas the practice player has had his share of ups and downs. In some practice sessions Thomas looks good, runs hard and cuts well. In other sessions he is rather ordinary, slow to the hole and misses blocking assignments. While this inconsistency is common in rookie RB's, his continued cases of inconsistency could solidify his not making an impact and spot on the practice squad.

- FB Kolo Kapanui is a converted TE. Has some strong blocking ability, can power a LB out of the hole, but has shown to be limited due to slow feet and reactionary skills. With Lawrence Vickers and Charles Ali on the roster, the chances of Kapanui making it are relatively nil.

- WR Lance Leggett was a surprise heading into training camp and is hanging on. Leggett is a quick WR and a very good straight-line type player. However, he is a little slow and round in his routes, although that area is improving. When coming to the spring camp sessions, Leggett let the ball get in on him and he didn't use his hands sufficiently to complete on a consistent basis. Through the weeks in the Cleveland program, this WR uses his hands much better, is learning how to get off the line and fight a defender in his route. Appears to be on the outside looking in at this point, but the team likes his size, quickness and demeanor.

- CB Mil'von James was a hit in rookie camp, as he was always around the ball and quick in recognition/coverage skills. James has come back to the pack in the training camp setting due to a humble taste of dealing with the likes of Braylon Edwards, Donte Stallworth and Travis Wilson (yes, Travis Wilson). James displays physical qualities, but has issues in recognition, including his technique in space.

- CB Damon Jenkins is another of the unknown players in the training camp setting. While James was drawing the attention for being around the ball, Jenkins has been sound. His technique is the best of the undrafted players in camp. He supplies a nice punch/jam at the point, will get physical and move a receiver off route and can run adequately. Jenkins is in position to make or break his chance in camp over the coming couple weeks.

- DB Travis Key ---- no evaluation at this time ----

- DB Gerard Lawson didn't get the time and exposure as others in the defensive backfield due to his collegiate class graduation date. Nonetheless, this rookie has caught the eye of many with his toughness and determination. Lawson has been relegated to the rear of the class at the CB position in camp drills, but may be on the rise for some further opportunities. Lawson is raw and needs work to be a viable option at the professional level as a DB. This rookie did catch the eye of the staff in the pre-season opener with his work as a punt returner. Though in 2008, it's unlikely Lawson will spend his Sundays in the NFL.

- OLB Chase Ortiz has flown under the radar of many observers in camp. Ortiz is a high-energy player, he doesn't quit on plays and can provide some backside support. While not a great athlete, this rookie gets it done with determination and technique. His size and strength are factors, as Ortiz can be engulfed by a defensive end at the point of attack. Could be a depth player at some point in the NFL.

- DE Brian Schaefering is a scrapper, a fighter. This determination has helped him in drills. Undersized for a DE in this 3-4 scheme, Schaefering battles and can hold his own on occasion. This rookie can be stood-up, lacks consistent drive and has a difficult time getting off blocks. Schaefering has been up and down and he does not show the ability to sustain a high motor style of play consistently.

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