Taylor: Circling The Browns

John Taylor is back, and he brings the scoop you just can't get anywhere else (as always). This afternoon, get the latest on the position that has some teams sniffing around the Browns. Plus, who's on the receiving end of calls out of Berea?

-- Several teams have placed calls to the Cleveland Browns in recent days regarding the tight end position, but, as of right now, the club has no interest in lessening the depth they have at that position. Part of the reasoning behind that line of thinking is the health issues that affect a couple of key performers at TE. In particular, the lingering injury issues surrounding Steve Heiden have made the Browns leery of dealing away a position of strength in order to prop up the depth of another position which is perceived to be weak. However, should Heiden return to health in the coming weeks, the Browns would likely have an open ear for teams wanting to talk about the availability of Darnell Dinkins and Brad Cieslak.

-- While the source for the last note would not reveal which teams have expressed interest in the Browns' tight-end situation, a league has told The OBR that the Bills have been sniffing around multiple teams regarding tight ends that may or may not be available. The source did not say that the Browns were one of those, but common sense says that is the case given the sheer numbers the Browns possess at that position. And speaking of the Bills, and allowing you to do the math for yourself…

-- The Browns have spoken to the Bills "recently" regarding Ashton Youboty, a league source told The OBR, but a deal for the cornerback "is no closer or no further away than it's ever been". A Browns' source, however, insists that the interest in Youboty is not nearly as intense and earnest as some would be believe, and that the Browns "are simply doing their due diligence on a player who may or may not be available". Youboty is facing stiff competition from several young corners in his attempt to make the Bills' 53-man roster, and could be released at some point before the start of the regular season. That could be the very reason why the Browns are shuffling their feet regarding Youboty as he could be available without giving up anything via a trade.

-- Speaking of cornerbacks, here's the opinion of one NFL scout as to Ty Law and the Browns: "Given the position they're in, being on the cusp of something great and being one injury away from total chaos at (the CB) position, it's unfathomable that he is not there. If the cap room's not there, you clear it. He would be a tremendous third corner at this stage of his career, and could even play well should one of the starting corners go down with injury. It boggles my mind that he's not in camp. A long-term injury to (Eric Wright or Brandon McDonald) could hijack and implode all the defensive improvements they've made this off-season."

-- The only problem with the above, league sources told The OBR, is that Law still views himself, even at the relatively advanced age of 34, as a full-time starter in the NFL. And, needless to say, he wants to be paid commensurate to his view of himself. At this time, though, no team – the Browns included – are willing to discuss much more than a veteran-minimum, incentive-laden deal. That being said, do not discount Law eventually landing in Cleveland at some point in the future.

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