Concerning Braylon Edwards' Foot...

It's August, it's training camp, and... it's an injury to a star Browns player. Fans can't be blamed for getting concerned, but NFL teams are tight-lipped on injuries and rumors start spreading. What's the real scoop on Braylon's foot gash? John Taylor has been doing some digging and has the answer...

When news of Braylon Edwards getting Ty Cobb'd by a teammate reached the 'Net, it sent the whole of Cleveland Browns Nation into an uproar.  Fortunately for all involved, the sky will not be falling on anyone's head anytime soon.


According to a source close to the receiver, the injury to Edwards' right heel is "somewhat worse than what the Browns are letting on but not nearly as bad as some people are thinking".

The source said "it's a virtual certainty" that Edwards will miss this coming Monday's game against the Giants and "there's a pretty good chance" he'll be held out of the Lions game five days later. There's an outside chance he could miss the final pre-season game on Aug. 28 against the Bears, but, the source said, "almost no chance he'll miss the season opener" against the Cowboys in early September.

"It would take a serious, unexpected setback for him to be unavailable for the Cowboys game," an additional source added.

Should Edwards miss the pre-season finale, though, it would likely be nothing more than a precautionary-type deal to ensure the wide receiver would be available for the opener.

It should be noted, however, that this is an at-this-time type of scenario and, although it seems highly unlikely right now, things could – but aren't expected to – change for the worse for both Edwards and the Browns.

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