Adam Caplan Chat Transcript

Fresh off his Berea training camp tour stop, Adam Caplan visits the OBR chatroom to offer his takes on what he saw, and what's coming next for the Browns.

ramllov - I was wondering about your impression of Alex Hall, OLB?

Caplan - RAM: He lined up a little at DE too when they changed fronts, athletic.

Caplan - He should make the final roster.

ramllov - Adam, could Beau Bell go on the PUP?

Caplan - RAM: I don't see it. He should be back closer to the start of the season.

wskeezer - What's the likelihood that the Browns deal with the Bills for Ashton Youboty?

Caplan - I should have something in my notes tomorrow about that.

Caplan - Bills want to wait as long as they can before they move him.

ramllov - Adam/Barry, do you see the potential trades for CB or other positions a few days before the final cuts?

Barry McBride - I've got a real TE-for-CB vibe working, Ram.

wskeezer - Barry, which TE do you have in mind?

Barry McBride - Both Brad Cieslak and Darnell Dinkins have value and will barely see the field outside of special teams on this roster.

wskeezer - Does it look like Youboty would be more likely dealt, or an actual roster cut?

Caplan - WS: More likely to be dealt

Caplan - He has value around the league, conditional 5-6th rounder

ramllov - Adam, your impression of A.J. Davis. Do you consider him the fourth cornerback after Terry Cousin and the starting second-year players?

Caplan - RAM: Davis and Jereme Perry will battle for the final CB spot. Still up in the air. Cousin is a real issue the more he has to play. Mike Adams can play CB as he's playing that in nickel.

Caplan - Adams is a smart, scrappy player

Caplan - But I wouldn't want him as my nickel slot CB

isentintheclowns - How has Antwan Peek's rehab progressing?

Caplan - IS: He's expected back in time for the season I believe. Pray he's ready to go as they really need him.

BarryMcBride - isent: Adding to Adam's comments, Peek has spoken with Lane and says he's coming along very well. He believes he'll be ready for Dallas.

Caplan - I just hope we finally get to see what Peek can do. He hasn't been healthy since he signed.

wskeezer - Adam, is it suprising to you that Adams is getting the nod over Cousins?

Caplan - WS: Not really, Adams played college ball close to where I live and I know his career pretty well. He's the better of the two but in reality, he's a hybrid player, not a true cornerback.

ramllov - Adam, the wide receiver who grew up in greater Cleveland, how do you like him as a third or fourth WR this year.

Barry McBride - Steve Sanders, Ram?

Caplan - Very impressed actually, talked about him in my piece today.

Caplan - He did drop a few passes but he plays with good body control.

isentintheclowns - Is Youboty having some knowledge of Mel Tucker the reason for the interest? Same with the signing of Brandon Mitchell recently?

Caplan - IS: Mitchell has nothing to do with any move they make, same with the safety they signed.

ramllov - Adam, if Mike Adams becomes the nickle, who are the two backup safeties?

Caplan - RAM: He will play both for now.

Caplan - Nick Sorensen really gets exposed off specials

Caplan - He doesn't have the coverage skills

isentintheclowns - Is he on the bubble now? Sorensen?

Caplan - IS: No because of his special teams coverage ability

Caplan - that's why him and Kris Griffin will make it

wskeezer - With Kasper's injury, I was surprised to see you list him making the team over Syndric Steptoe. Any particular reason?

Caplan - WS: Just for being a veteran. When the real games count, they have to have someone with experience.

Caplan - But that's only if he comes back soon

BrownsEd101 - I thought your take on Joe Thomas was rare in today's game. Usually there's got to be a flaw in someone on the field, but to see a second-year player have this kind of ablity is rare in deed. Don't you think?

Caplan - BR: Really amazing, I can't get anyone who watches coaching tape to give me some negatives on him.

Caplan - In my eight years covering the league, I can't remember that for such a young OL.

BrownsEd101 - Is it too early to name him a possible "future Hall of Famer" to his name?

Caplan - BR: Funny, I was talking that over with a Browns' official for a few mins the other day.

Caplan - He could be on his way.

ramllov - Adam, did you notice if Jerome Harrison was picking up the LBs and DBs on his blocking assignments?

Caplan - RAM: It's more of consistency in that area. Getting his angles on protection is key for him.

isentintheclowns - How has Jake Long fared in camp?

Caplan - IS: He's playing LT which is going to be a challenge for him.

ramllov - Rex Hadnot, G, how is his pass blocking? I heard it was a weakness to be concerned about?

Caplan - RAM: He's more of a grinder, run blocker so his pass blocking will be overlooked.

Caplan - I just find it amazing that they think Ryan Tucker will be ready week one.

wskeezer - Any update on Joe Jurevicius and him making it back to the field?

Caplan - WS: I don't get the feeling they have any idea when he will be playing, if at all this season.

jomama21 - Do you thing Braylon Edwards stats will improve from last year with the addition of Donte Stallworth?

Caplan - JO: It's not so much that, it just gives him another option who can stretch the field. Plus they can do different things with him. BTW, they ran three double reverses with him and Josh Cribbs in Tuesday's practices.

ramllov - Adam, Barry, Have you noticed if DA is having more rollout-type plays this year?

Caplan - RAM: When I was there, just a few times.

Barry McBride - RAM: I haven't picked that up... with this offensive line and his height, he doesn't have to roll out much.

isentintheclowns - LeCharles Bentley getting any talk lately?

Caplan - IS: He isn't getting anything other than one-year offers.

wskeezer - Is it your impression that if Jurevicious doesn't make it back this season, he will just call it quits?

Caplan - WS: He wants to play badly. I just don't get the impression that he's on their radar right now.

ramllov - Adam, reading the various coverages discussing the Browns, Stallworth appears to be worth the money. He could be a factor this year?

Caplan - RAM: Stallworth can help dictate matchups when he's at his best. His problem is he wears out his welcome after 5-6 weeks. Wes Chandler will be on him though. I was watching Chandler work with the WRs this week.

Caplan - Pretty interesting.

Caplan - And I can say without question that Cribbs should be allowed for 15 plays or so on offense but the feeling is they are still concerned with him being on the field too much.

BrownsBot - Efram Hill is pretty much a dead man walking as far as making the roster from the sound of your article, accurate?

Caplan - BR: NO chance.

ramllov - I was just thinking of Pittsburgh and Baltimore 3-4 blitz packages. When he rolls out, their concentration will be where he is not.

Caplan - RAM: There are certain packages where you can roll him out. He can do that.

BrownsEd101 - I keep hearing Ty Law's name over and over as a possible veteran presence for the corner. I personally can't see him in Orange and Brown because of his price tag...

Caplan - BR: They have the money to sign him but Law has to be more realistic.

Caplan - With Law, it's also an issue getting him in playing shape. Keep in mind he hasn't practiced since December.

ramllov - When you talk about Cribbs, won't he need 10 to 15 plays to keep the opposing defense from keying on him every play he participates in?

Caplan - RAM: The defenses really don't know what he can do but I can tell you he could be special as a WR from watching him in three practices.

ramllov - Adam, I read Moore, LB signed with Arizona

Caplan - RAM: Yep. BTW, Shantee Orr can play ILB and has in camp a bit so they aren't too concerned there.

wskeezer - When do roster cuts begin?

Caplan - 8/30-53

Caplan - 8/26-75 players

Caplan - Practice squad the next day.

BrownsEd101 - Hey Adam, maybe I'm making too much out of it, but I am a bit worried about the Ravens and this new coach. It looks like he's coached them up good; does this relate to a better-than-expected record this season for them?

Caplan - BR: Problem is their offense could be a disaster.

Caplan - QBS, WRs.

Caplan - Yikes.

ramllov - Adam, do you see the NFL owners increasing the roster from 80 to 85+ next year?

Caplan - RAM: I know the GMs for a lot of teams would like to raise it.

jomama21 - No Qb, they should have pursued Brett Favre!

Caplan - JO: OL is a problem too, both OTs.

ramllov - Adam, how do you like the Jets receiving corp?

Caplan - RAM: It's not bad but not deep either. Jerricho Cotchery is very underrated.

Caplan - TEs should be better there.

BrownsBot - The Ravens just picked up Lorenzo Neal, I see them running a full T formation backfield. With 3 fullbacks to cover their awful line... Only reason that I can see them getting Neal...

Caplan - BB: BAL has lost a lot of players to injury in camp. Neal is an old school FB that's for sure.

Caplan - That's all, see you next week.

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