Haltime: Giants 30, Browns 17

Derek Anderson leaves with a possible concussion and the quarter starts with more chaos. But the Browns reserves come through to make the game respectable by halftime.

Madly typed as the game played out. Please excuse typos, etc. Speed trumps perfection.

First Series: The second quarter didn't start much better than the first quarter ended. Following a short pass to Charles Ali, Derek Anderson fumbled, which was run back by Butler for 95 yards and a Giants touchdown. Can you say "whupping"? You're seeing one. GIANTS 30, BROWNS 3

Second Series: Browns reserves start coming into the game as Austin Scott returns the kickoff to the Browns 31. The Giants defensive line continues to bring it. Harrison loses a yard. Anderson is sacked for a loss of eight and goes off to the locker room with a possible concussion. Quinn comes in and throws and incomplete. Punting time.

Lane's Take:

Mental mistakes..........penalities....this Cleveland team is struggling against a fired-up NY squad

Third Series: Giants start off at their 27 and gain fifteen yards on two runs by Ward. Eric Wright sacks Anthony Wright for ten yards. The Giants QB then completes another nice pass to Hixon to make it third and one. Ward runs left tackle for a first down at the Browns 47. Two incompletes by Wright force a punt.

Lane's Take:

- David McMillan was terrible on the first down rush......he was in position but was locked onto and a non-factor

- Beautiful corner blitz by Wright. His timing was perfect.

- Once again LB D'Qwell Jackson was in the hole to make a stop

- Nice coverage on the deep ball by McDonald and Adams

Fourth Series: The Browns again start deep at their own eight. Jason Wright gets nothing on two runs and then Quinn is sacked. Not exactly encouraging. Zastudil puunts to the Giatns 44.

Lane's Take:

- NY defense is playing at a different level, speed and quickness

- The Giants are showing no respect to the Cleveland offense. They pack the box and just come after it

Fifth Series: Giants start near mid-field and the Browns defense is helped by a Brandon Jacobs fumble. Anthony Wright throws two passes which can't clear the first down marker and Feagles punts to the Browns 31.

- Nice screen by NY, Andra Davis did a good job in recognition

- Nice rush from Shantee Orr. Cleveland defense is showing little pressure, from the starting unit or second team.

Sixth Series: Quinn throws deep to Steptoe for 26 yards and then a short 9-yarder to Steve Heiden. Ali runs for four. Following an incomplete pass, Jerome Harrison rips a 23 yard run through traffic and Quinn caps it off with a touchdown pass to Steptoe for seven yards. Finally, a positive drive. GIANTS 30, BROWNS 10

- Beautiful pass by Quinn to Steptoe

- Again, Quinn throws a nice pass off the roll to Steve Heiden

- If Travis Wilson picks that ball up in flight, it would have been a TD

- Jerome Harrison uses his blockers well, he is a talent

Seventh Series: The Giants start off at their 26 and move back further thanks to a holding call. Another corner blitz, this one by Mike Adams, crushes Anthony Wright who tosses up a dying waterfowl snared and run to the endzone by Eric Wright. After suffering through that first quarter, the reserves are giving Browns fans something to smile about. GIANTS 30, BROWNS 17

Lane's Take:

- Interesting 4-man look with Orr and Hall as the ends

- Nice safety blitz and an INT for Wright for a score

- Nice pressure by Orr again... he keeps getting doubled

Eighth Series: The Giants start off at their own 33 and immediately take to the ground. Ware and Bradshaw run them to their own 45 as Alex Hall makes an appearance on the stop on second and four. RObair smith is offsides, which takes the ball to mid-field. Wright throws for no gain with the click ticking down to thirdy seconds and then hits Bradshaw for a first down at the Browns 43 with 25 seconds left. Orr's hit on Wright knocks him out and brings in David Carr. The one-time top draft pick comes in and flinches under a heavy rush, throwing it incomplete. Nineteen seconds left at the Browns 43. Carr is rushed and dragged down by Shaun Smith after running for three yards.

Lane's Take:

- Nice turn in by Jones and finish by Orr.

Barry's Take:

- Lane had to exit right before the half, so I have to try to offer intelligent analysis here. Um... Nice pursuit of Carr by Shaun Smith. Like me, Smith has cat-like grace and blinding speed for a big man. Is there beer in the fridge?

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