Third Quarter: Giants 37, Browns 24

The Browns and Giants reserves traded touchdowns during a less-eventful third quarter...

Lane's Take on the first half:

- In a nutshell, Fraley was abused. Shaffer was not much better. Steinbach had trouble at the point of attack, DA did not have time to set in the pocket and throw which is the strength of his game. The NY lines dominated the play.

- E Wright did not play well, turned around too easily

- Had to like Davis and Jackson at LB, they filled and flowed

With the reserves into the game, Browns fans can start to shake off the wooziness created by the rough first half.

First Series: Gerard Lawson has a nice little runback to the Browns 37 on the kickoff. Two short Quinn passes to Heiden and Ali moved the ball to the Giants 44. Quinn then first a long pass that should have been intercepted, but Syndric Steptoe may have landed a roster spot with a heady play to take the ball away from the defender and race in for a touchdown. In the stats, it looks like a 44-yard TD from Quinn to Steptoe, but the reality is different. GIANTS 30, BROWNS 24

Lane's Take:

- Quinn pass was slightly underthrown, nice job by Steptoe to fight for and take away the ball for  a TD. Get ready Cleveland - the Quinn factor is going to be loud this week

Second series: Poor return coverage by the Browns yields a 59-yard return by Ware to the Browns 41. From there on in, the Giants played conservatively behind David Carr, mixing the run and short pass effectively to march down the field through an overmatched Browns reserve defensive line. GIANTS 37, BROWNS 24

Lane's Take:

- Right now, guys like Purcell are getting hammered off the ball

- Excellent backside pursuit by Orr

- DE Pittman is holding his ground, but not going forward

- Simply cannot expect the LB's and CB's to cover for 5-6 seconds....terrible

- NT Ahtyba Rubin was four yards off the ball. Again, Pittman in position and Griffin closed the door on the run

- Solid coverage by A. J. Davis, was all over the WR on the fade and was physical

- Left side of the d-line was poor and the LB's/S were pinned

Third Series: Short runback by Lawson undoes his previous good effort. Browns take over at their own 15. The Browns reserve offense looks strong against the Giants reserves. Jerome Harrison powers for 12, and then Quinn throws a nice long pass to Steve Sanders for 19 yards to the Browns 46. Harrison gets nothing as the right side of the Browns line gets run over. Quinn's ten yard pass to Steptoe gets ten, but the Browns fall short on an incomplete pass from Quinn to Sanders. Zastudil punts.

Lane's Take:

- Barry: "Harrison should be the number two back. I don't care how great a kid Wright is. Harrison is a better runner". Lane: "Yes he is, but but the Browns trust Wright with the little things"

- Nice blocking by the right-side of Sowells and Dinkins.....NOT

Fourth Series: Giants start out at their ten. A.J. Davis stops Thorpe for one yard gain after a short pass. A short pass and a third yard run by Ware gives the Giants a first down at their 21. Giants go to the air, and Carr misses two of three, forcing a punt.

Lane's Take:

- Barry: "Giants could keep this ball for 12 minutes the way Purcell, Pittman, etc are playing." Lane: "Especially Purcell and Rubin, at least Pittman isn't getting blown off the ball."

- Kris Griffin has been in position and active. He has been solid

- Again, Pittman first to the ball on the d-line.

- Pittman is servicable against the run, he brings little against the pass.....but you know what you are getting.

- Speaking of defensive linemen - where is Louis Leonard tonight

Fifth Series: Steptoe is clobbered on the punt return and the Browns start at their own forty. Short gains by Wright and a scrambling Quinn gets the Browns a third-and-six. Quinn is forced to scamble again and the Browns are forced to punt.

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