Scouting The Newest Brown

Alain Poupart, publisher of Scout's Dolphins site, gives OBR subscribers the lowdown on the latest addition to the revolving door known as the Browns' secondary. Additionally, Lane Adkins chimes in with his thoughts on what exactly this move means for the defense...

From Alain Poupart, publisher of Scout's Dolphin Digest website, who gives an insider's look at the newest member of the Cleveland Browns: 

Travis Daniels is a former fourth-round pick who had quite the roller-coaster ride during his three seasons in Miami. After being drafted in 2005 by Nick Saban, for whom he played at LSU, Daniels became a surprise starter as a rookie and turned in a respectable performance.

But he sustained an ankle injury in training camp the following year and hasn't been the same since. He started 11 games the last two years combined, but that was because of injuries to other players. After struggling at cornerback in 2006, new coach Cam Cameron gave him a look at safety in 2007, but Daniels continued to have problems in coverage.

Daniels was in a battle just to make the 53-man roster this summer, but whatever shot he might have had appeared to disappear after he was badly beaten on two third-down plays last Saturday night at Jacksonville. It didn't matter that he got bailed out on one of them because the Jaguars wideout dropped the pass.

The book on Daniels coming into the NFL was that he lacked ideal speed, and that certainly has proven true. While he seemed to be able to make up for that as a rookie, he's been exposed time and time again since then. He's also not a guy who made a lot of plays as he had one interception in each of his three seasons in Miami.

This is a great trade for the Dolphins, regardless of what draft pick they got, because Daniels more than likely would have gotten cut before the opener. For the Browns, it would seem a clear sign there are major issues in their secondary and it would be surprising from this end to see Daniels provide much of a solution.

The Orange & Brown Report's own Lane Adkins gives his take on the thought process behind acquiring Daniels:

The addition of a cornerback such as Travis Daniels comes as no surprise. Daniels received a favorable rating by the Browns scouting department and a player which the organization believes can step in and contribute. The release of Mil'von James should come as no surprise, if you have been following along with the Orange and Brown Report.

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