Lane Adkins: Reality Check

All right... we've had four days to digest the debacle in the Meadowlands, and now the Browns are getting ready to face the Lions. Lane Adkins pauses to reflect one what we saw against the Giants, and what it means as the third pre-season game nears...

It is what it is, don't panic, take a deep breath and relax:

- The Browns defense did not show much or any of their 2008 scheme in the first two pre-season games. If you like vanilla, you have had plenty of it to taste. Don't expect too much added flavor against the Detroit Lions on Saturday night.

- Don't worry about NT Shaun Rogers as the team is taking a cautious approach with the defensive standout. As for the knee soreness he's experiencing, it is nothing major.

- Subtle whispers have gone around that WR Braylon Edwards would not be ready for the season opener against the Dallas Cowboys. As of this writing, nothing has occurred which should prevent him from lining up for that game at Cleveland Browns Stadium.

- Didn't like what you saw of the second-team defensive line of the Browns? We didn't either; no push and inconsistent at the point of attack.

- The starting LB's have caught some flack after the second game from fans and some indirect notes in the media. Come again? Andra Davis was in position to make plays; D'Qwell Jackson was flowing to the ball; and Kamerion Wimbley wasn't a push-over either as he and Willie McGinest played the perimeter well and provided some back-side support. I am not concerned.

- Watching the game again, I have yet to see OLB David McMillan make a play in place of the injured Antwan Peek. Also puzzling is why McMillan is playing ahead of Shantee Orr. I can understand giving a player that "knows" the system or been on the roster an opportunity, but that opportunity should cease when the player doesn't get it done.

- Speaking of Peek, the OLB will be back by the start of the regular season, unless there is a setback in his rehab. As to how the rehab is progressing, the OLB is ahead of schedule.

- The addition of a cornerback such as Travis Daniels comes as no surprise. Daniels received a favorable rating by the Browns scouting department and a player which the organization believes can step in and contribute. The release of Mil'von James should come as no surprise, if you have been following along with the Orange and Brown Report.

- We like to be an innovator. First Travis Wilson's accomplishments in camp were noted here and he was the story. Then, we talked up Steve Sanders, and there he was. We have been writing consistently about the ability and strong off-season of WR/KR Syndric Steptoe. After he was one of the bright spots in the Browns Monday night debacle, it is good to see others are taking the time to discuss the 2007 seventh-round draft selection.

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