Daniels: A Scouting Snapshot

Lane Adkins gets the scouting low-down on new Browns CB Travis Daniels, shown here picking off a last-second pass against the Titans in 2006. How do NFL scouts look at the newest Brown?

The acquisition of cornerback Travis Daniels is the latest effort by the Cleveland Browns to add depth in their defensive backfield. Daniels, in his fourth season out of LSU, is not viewed as a standout player, but more of a player that adds another young veteran presence for the depth-deficient Browns.

Lacking ideal top-end quickness, Daniels was moderately successful in his rookie campaign with the Miami Dolphins. In the Cleveland defensive scheme, which will utilize numerous cover-base sets and short man-up in the secondary, Daniels could be an alternative to the youth and inexperience which riddles the Browns defensive backfield.

Daniels was an above-average talent when evaluated by the Browns leading into the 2005 college player draft. While not a top-end speed caliber defensive back, Daniels was highly regarded in numerous drills, displayed quickness off the spot and the ability to quickly get his hands on the receiver. At the pro-level, Daniels has been inconsistent off the spot and tends to let a receiver get too far into his body and off in routes.

Let's note here: Daniels runs well enough to play the CB position, but must utilize his physical and technical skills to be effective and should step-in and fill a depth role at CB.

Due to his size and lack of top-end speed, Daniels has the physical tools to play the free safety position, which may provide improved depth and versatility for a team such as the Browns. At the present, the Browns have been active in securing depth in the defensive backfield, which the addition of Daniels could provide.

Following an ankle injury prior to the 2006 season, Daniels appeared to lose confidence and was utilized in different roles. A change of scenery, defensive scheme and coaching will benefit this defensive back.

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