Taylor: Josh Cribbs' Ankle Woes

How bad is Josh Cribb's ankle? Will it keep the dynamic return man from playing against Dallas? John Taylor has been trying to find out just that. Plus, the risk of a quarterback controversy lays heavy on heads in Berea. JT's got the scoop, as always!

If you are a Josh Cribbs fan, you might want to turn your eyes away from the screen, or, at least, skip down to the next note.

According to a source close to the return specialist, the high-ankle sprain Cribbs suffered in the loss to the Giants is a lot worse than the club is letting on – do NFL teams really do that? – and that the Pro Bowler could begin the season on the sidelines.  For multiple games.

A Browns source tells The OBR that, while this type of injury "this close to the start of the regular season raises some red flags, (his missing regular season games has) not really been a topic of discussion."

With high ankle sprains, there is always the chance that the injury could linger, the Browns source said, but Cribbs seems to be responding well and the club is hopeful for a speedy return.

Cribbs is currently undergoing a "very intensive treatment program" in an effort to speed-up the recovery period, a period which could extend into the early portion of the regular season if the treatment doesn't match the organization's fingers-crossed hope.

-- One thing the Browns are concerned about is, given the fact that Cribbs and/or his agent are looking for a new contract, the KR/WR may be tempted to return from the injury earlier than he normally would.

-- Is there a quarterback controversy in Cleveland? No, at least not in the eyes of any of those within the multi-layered levels of the Browns' organization. Are those very same people fearful that the performance of Brady Quinn over the next two pre-season games – should Derek Anderson's mild concussion linger past this weekend – could ignite one? Absolutely.

Not that a controversy created outside of the organization would affect the organization, mind you. It's one that could be created inside the walls and locker rooms of Berea that has the club wary.

-- Speaking of QB controversies, what if fans/media wanted to avoid this whole DA/BQ talk that seems to dominate most Browns discussions to begin with? It really would've been simple to sidestep. Phil Savage could've listened to his head coach long before Brady was a gleam in Phil's eye. Or, at least that's the opinion of one league source who used to be, but no longer is, involved with the organization.

"RAC's liked DA since (Anderson) first got there. There's just something about that arm that makes a lasting impression," the source said.

Of course, that doesn't explain why in the hell Romeo Crennel decided to go with Charlie Frye over Anderson last season, but that's another story for another day.

-- A source close to rehabbing wide receiver Joe Jurevicius tells The OBR that the organization has all but decided to place the veteran on the PUP list to begin the season. A Browns' source would neither confirm nor deny that a decision had been made, but did allow that it has been discussed. Gee, ya think?

Multiple sources also continue to refute recent rumors that Jurevicius was entertaining the thought of retiring.

"He's not hanging 'em up yet.  At least not this year," the source said.

-- Despite the trade earlier this week for Travis Daniels, the Browns are not finished shopping and are still in the market for a veteran cornerback. Whether that would come via the trade route (Ashton Youboty is still very much in play according to Browns' sources, although not nearly as likely as it was two weeks ago), the signing of a free agent currently not on a roster (yes, the obligatory Ty Law reference as the two sides retain an open line of communication) or a corner from one of the rounds of roster cuts remains to be seen.

-- As a reminder, the cut down to 75 players is on Aug. 26, while the cut down to the regular-season limit of 53 players is four days later. Make sure you mark your calendar accordingly.

-- For those who are wondering, ex-Brown Ted Washington has yet to officially retire, and does not plan to do so for at least the next two months or so. Washington's agent, Angelo Wright, tells The OBR that his client is keeping himself in shape – please, hold your laughter ‘til the end of the paragraph – just in case a contender suffers an injury during the early portion of the regular-season schedule and has an interest. Should no one call after the first month or so of the season, Washington will likely retire and turn to coaching. Wright stated that the defensive lineman has already received interest from several teams at both the professional and collegiate level regarding a coaching position when he ultimately does hang up the cleats.

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