All the links you need to express yourself during today's Browns-Lions game. Click for the good of all humankind, not for evil. Unless it's fun.

It's gameday on the OBR, and that means only one thing: unfettered cavorting!

Yes, you can participate (and cavort if you must), in live events occurring all day here on the Orange and Brown Report.

For those of you willing to risk the full open throttle of live and unfettered two-way text communication throughout the game, we proudly present the (free) OBR Chat Room, which has been running each game day since the invention of the interwebs and Java back in the year 1999. You can find it here. Click it, and beware it's full uncensored nature.

Alternatively, you can participate in the Spectacularly Official Browns-Lions Game Thread, currently taking center stage in the Watercooler, resplendent in its' spectacular officialness.

During the game, we'll be providing quarterly updates, photos as we get them, and the usual folderol during and after the game. If you've been here on game days before, you know what to expect.

Fans still looking for places to watch the game or get updates throughout the day, should dial into the OBR Watercooler, where these topics are the subject of hot, sweaty conversation.

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