The Lions take out their first-team offense, but the Browns offense can't get a TD. Detroit continues to get enough through the air and offer enough defensive pressure to stay on top at halftime.

DRIVE: Six yard pass to Winslow under pressure, Harrison gets one yard, and an incompletion to Stallworth.Zastudil comes in to punt.

- Once again, the Browns aren't able to get anything going on the ground or the air.

: Lions start out on their 20 and go eighty plays on five yards. After two inconsequential plays, the Lions complete a long pass to TE Gaines for 21 yards. Then Orlovsky hits McDonald across the middle for 19. On first down at the 35, Kevin Smith is once again bottled up in the middle of the line, but bounces outside and is off to the races. LIONS 13, BROWNS 0.

- Lots of movement prior to the snap confused the Lions on the first play of the drive, but the Browns get flagged for encroachment on Robaire Smith.

- Eric Wright have very good coverage on a long pass to Furrey on the second play.

- Gaines was matched up against LB Leon Williams and beat him for a long completion. It was a perfect play by the Lions and Gaines had two steps on Williams.

- Wimbley failed to make a tackle on the long run for a touchdown by Smith. And Brandon McDonald got blocked out of the play by the quarterback. Ugh. Again this is deceptive regarding the Browns run defense. The middle was once again bottled up, but Smith wasn't brought down and was able to create the run.

: Browns start off at their 30 after a Laswon return. A short pass to Harrison netted 15 yards. With first down at the 44, Quinn gets a lot of pressure and seemingly gets out of it with a shovel pass, but holding negates it.

With first-and-20 at their 34, Quinn again hits Winslow short five six. Winslow gets tagged by several Lions. On second down, Quinn shows a nice touch on a pass to Harrison for another six. On third and eight out of the shotgun, Quinn hits Winslow for a first down. Browns get their first third-down conversion.

On first down, off of play action, Wilson is unable to bring down a long pass. Quinn then gets the first down on a nice pass across the middle to Stallworth. A short run by Harrison to the Lions 24 is followed by a nice elusive sweep by Harrison to make it third and short. Jason Wright then gets great blocking from Joe Thomas and Eric Steinbach, and uses his arms to escape defenders.

On first and goal at the eight, Ernie Sims gets past Hank Fraley and nails Jason Wright four yards deep. A flare to Stallworth gets the Browns inside the five, but Winslow was called again for holding pushing the Browns back to the Lions 21. On third and long, Quinn throws to a spot, but Leigh Bodden was the closest to the ball. On third-and-very-long, Quinn is victimized by a bad snap and pressure, and wound up throwing the ball away.

The Browns have to settle for a field goal, a Dawson 39-yarder. LIONS 13, BROWNS 3

- Vickers held on the second play of the drive, but still let his man get after Quinn.

- Travis Wilson is again unable to bring down a key pass. He hasn't translated his practice improvement to the field.

- Harrison showed a nice move on the sweep, but ran into Ernie Sims, who is having a good day.

- Kellen Winslow has been called for offensive holding two weeks running now. This one was critical as the Browns had some offensive momentum.

DRIVE: Dawson's kickoff is touched back. The Browns threaten safety blitz, but Eric Wright knocks away an attempted pass. One second down, Shaun Rogers smashes Tatum Bell for no gain. From the shotgun on third-and-ten, Orlovsky is blitzed and throws a horrible pass downfield which is picked off by Nick Sorensen.

- Bernie Kosar continues to educate viewers... He commented on Orlovsky's terrific audible on first down and his bad decisions on second and third down.

DRIVE: Browns start at the Lions 49 after the pick. Quinn holds up under the rush and throws a nice short pass to Sanders on first down. Quinn follows up with a first down pass to Stallworth. On first and ten on the Lions 36, Harrison runs right and is stopped short. On second-and nine, Quinn tries to force a pass down the middle to Sanders and is nearly picked (he's escaped some bad throws today). From the shotgun at the 35, Quinn throws too high for Steve Sanders. LIONS 13, BROWNS 6.

Phil Dawson attempts a 52-yarder and nails it. At least one Cleveland Brown has a healthy leg.

- Quinn had mixed results under pressure of blitzes, with one good decision and a couple of bad ones.

- The Browns have more luck running behind Thomas and Steinbach on the left, and you've only seen that a couple times so far today. The Browns are running right a lot. Not showing their tendencies, perhaps?

Fitzsimmons runs the ball back to the Lions 34 on the kickoff. Brandon McDonald is five yards away from Lions WR Ellis as the Lions start off throwing long and snagging 20 yards on the play. Kamerion Wimbley makes the tackle at the Browns 46. Lions go back to the ground, and get just two on first down, and three on second down. A short pass creates a fourth-and-inches on the 37. The Lions go for it on first down out of the I. Bell found his lane closed up, and Bell stops, and then cuts back for four yards and the first down.

With time ticking down, Orlovsky throws a short four yard pass to Tatum Bell. Orlovsky throws out of bounds near the pylon on second down from the 29. ON third and six, the Browns blitz, and knock the ball down. Andra Davis broke in, and leapt to block the ball. The Lions try a fifty-yarder and make it with 20 second left. LIONS 16, BROWNS 6

- Alex Hall is acquitting himself fairly well during his playing time in the first half.

- The Browns are having a hard time tracking down the running back if he's stacked up, and then changes direction. Bell's cutback run was the third time today a runner has been stacked up, but escaped to get positive yardage.

- All first teams are in the game with the exception of the Lions offense, providing most of the explanation for the Browns ability to close somewhat by halftime.

DRIVE: Lawson takes the kick at the eight, and fights to the 30 yard line. Quinn comes in with 13 seconds left and takes a couple of knees.

- The Browns get flagged for an illegal formation on Quinn's first take-a-knee play. Sigh.

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