After Three: Lions 26, Browns 6

The Browns add an unimpressive third quarter to a less-than-inspiring "tune up", with missed tackles, defensive secondary weakness, and offensive line penalties helping the Lions tack on another ten points.

DRIVE: Steptoe grabs the ball at the three and gets hammered down by Darnell Bing at the 21. Quinn returns at quarterback.

On first down, Quinn has time and hits Harrison short across the middle for six. Second play goes for seven, Quinn to Sanders. On first down, Quinn rolls out and hits Stallworth for ten. The Browns have gone with three straight throwns for 23 yards and the Browns get into some rhythm.

On first-and-ten on their 45, Jason Wright gets a huge hole (on the left side naturally) and scampers through for 15 yards. Another run gets three against a safety blitz. Quinn then hits a quick slant to Steve Sanders gets the Browns to third-and-two at the Lions 32.

Quinn throws right to Stallworth and would have gotten the first with a decent throw. He simply missed Stallworth. They go for it on fourth and two at the 32, and Quinn's pass to Harrison bounces off the running back's shoulder pad. Quinn was blitzed.

- The Browns got into a nice early rhythm again the Lions with three straight throws and a run to the left.

- The game sped up for Quinn when the Browns got closer to the Lions end zone, and Detroit started coming with blitzes. At that point, Quinn's game got a bit discombobulated and line protection wasn't as good as it needed to be.

- Quinn and the Browns can't finish off a drive. Missing Edwards and Lewis? You bet.

: Lions take over at their 32 after the failed fourth down, facing the Browns econd team defense. After a short run, Orlovsky hits Standford on the post for 20 yards. Orlovsky with time again form his 36 as he hits Standeford long again, burning Jereme Perry for 17 yards. Wow. Lions on the Browns 44. Two runs by Calhoun get six, creating third-and-four on the 23. Orlovsky hits Standeford again for four yards, getting a first down.

On first and ten from the Browns seventeen, the Lions offensive line and Stan McHugh shove the Browns backwards seven yards, creating a second and three. Calhoun gets a little hole on second down near the first down, until he's stopped by Purcell. On third and short, however, Calhoun is brought down by DL Chase Pittman. The Lions settle for a short field goal to make it LIONS 19, BROWNS 6.

- David McMillan missed a tackle on first down, and Gerard Lawson missed one later in the drive.

- Ahtyba Rubin showing some good lateral movement for a nose tackle.

- Chase Pitmann had a nice play, getting penetration against the Lions on third-and short, ending the drive.

- The drive overall showed the glaring problems with depth on the Browns defense. With Orlovsky picking on what was basically the Browns third-team safeties (with Pool and Jones out), he was able to hit Standeford at will.

: Following Syndric Steptoe's 31 yard return, Ken Dorsey comes in for the Browns. Dorsey's first pass was too far ahead of Jerome Harrison, but Nathan Bennett is called for holding anyway. Welcome to first and 20, Ken Dorsey.

With the Browns in a hole, Dorsey's first pass to Darnell Dinkins gets nothing. On second and long, Dorsey hits Harrison again, who runs well with the ball, but Lennie Friedman's "major face mask" call take the Browns back to the 12. Egads... what a mess... Now Dorsey has second and 31 to work with.

A draw play to Jason Wright gets the ball out to the 20, making it third and 22. Dorsey makes a quick throw to Kasper, finally playing in a pre-season game, which gets eight and Kasper's helmet removed.

- Kevin Kasper finally in a game, and he just gets smacked on his first reception.

- There's only so much that can be blamed on inexperienced players working together late in a game. The team's offensive line marched the squad back 22 yards thanks to penalties.

: Lions take over on their 31, and immediately throw to Ellis again 19 yards again, although Orlovsky got tagged on the play. After a short run, Brian Calhoun ran past David McMillan and turned on the afterburners, running for 40 yards. This gave the Lions a first and goal at the nine. Lions try running up the middle again close to the end zone, getting just two on first down. Then, with an empty backfield, Orlovsky hits Middleton at the one and he leaned in for the touchdown. LIONS 26, BROWNS 6

- Kevin Kasper immediately went to the locker room after that crunching hit on his first reception. Kasper got a "neck and head" injury and won't come back.

- The Browns third (and fourth) teams need a refresher course on how to tackle. Defensive depth looks horrible.

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