The Pain Ends: Lions 26, Browns 6

The Browns stumble to the finish line against the Lions, failing to score a touchdown...

NOTE: These rundowns are compiled live as the game occurs and are published after each quarter. Please excuse any spelling mistakes or typos.

DRIVE: After a nice runback by Syndric Stepoe, Ken Dorsey stumbles handing off, but Austin Scott gets five. A short pass to Efrem Hill gets three, and then hits Hill again for five yards and a first down.

On their second set of downs, Scott lost three, and then Darnell Dinkins couldn't pull in a pass off his fingertips. Dorsey then throws long (and out of bounds) to Paul Hubbard, and are forced to kick.

- Dorsey looking better than in previous games. After a poor first pass, Dorsey has made the throws. The veteran should be able to work well against the Lions future roster cuts.

DRIVE: After a touchback on the punt, Atrose Pinner gets the ball and is stopped by Travis Key after two yards. Orlovsky's bootleg pass is almost jumped by Gerard Lawson, but he can't come up with the ball. On third down, Orlovsky's throw to Ellis is complete for 17 despite a jarring hit by Brandon Mitchell. First down Lions.

On their next series of downs, Orlovsky rolls out, can't find anyone and runs out of bounds for a yard. After a short run by Pinner, Brian Schaefering puts pressure on Orlovsky after a bad snap, and the Lions backup QB throws the ball away. The Lions punt takes a Browns bounce and Dorsey will take over at the fifteen.

- Brian Schaefering made some noice there, tying into a solid training camp from the undrafted free agent.

- The Browns new defensive backs, Travis Key and Brandon Mitchell, made plays during this drive, showing a bit of hunger in their play.

- This short drive was nicely devoid of any flailing attempts at arm tackles.

DRIVE: Dorsey starts the drive with a three-step drop and an eleven yard pass to Hill on a slant. Travis Thomas gets nothing as Dizon slips off a block and hits Thomas hard. One second and nine at the 26, Dorsey attempts to set up a screen but it's basically hopeless as defensive linemen flowed through the Browns offensive line like a sieve. James Lee gets called on a false start, which gives Dorsey a third-and-fourteen from his 20. Dorsey once again goes long for Hubbard, but he's well covered, and the Lions bat away a fairly decent pass by Dorsey. Zastudil punts to the Lions 33.

- James Lee's nice training camp is getting screwed up by penalties when he enters the game.

- Any momentum that Travis Thomas establised early in camp seems to be gone now. I haven't tracked his special teams performance, but his odds of making the team seem extremely long.

DRIVE: A short run by Lawson, is followed by a David McMillan sack of Dan Orlovsky for a loss of eight. Cason's three yard run doesn't make a first down. Steptoe catches the punt on the Browns 19, and runs for seven after getting popped by Middleton.

- The sack may be McMillan's final glittering moment as an NFL player, unless I'm missing something. I can't see him making the roster.

- The hit on Steptoe sounded like a nasty one, but the WR bounced off and got some positive yardage on the return. Steptoe has really surprised me these last two weeks. I knew he had some return ability, but he plays tougher and catches better than I remember seeing early in camp.

DRIVE: With the bottom-of-the-roster offenses trading punts, Dorsey gets another chance to see if he can get the Browns into the end zone. Starting at the 26, Dorsey's first pass is made under a rush, but Dinkins can't hold on to the ball. From the shotgun, Dorsey gets blitzed, finds Legget quickly, and then makes a nice run to get fourteen yards. Nice play.

First and ten from the 40, Dorsey hits Dinkins with a short pass, and he then bangs his way for ten yards to mid-field.

With the fresh set of downs, Dorsey hits Harrison short, but the RB drops the ball, helping explain why he's behind Wright on the depth chart. Out of the gun on second down, Hubbard makes an acrobatic catch to get six yards. Third and four from the gun, and Dorsey hits Cieslak for a first down at the Lions 39.

On first down, Dorsey gets a blindside hit and loses the ball but Seth McKinney pounded on it for a loss of five. He then throws high to a wide-open Steve Sanders who can't pull down the ball. On third and long, with a safety blitz coming, Dorsey has to bail out and hits Leggett for four. With lots of time on fourth down, Dorsey hits Cieslak long, and the tight end rambles for 19 yards to the Lions 21, first down.

Dorsey again with lots of time, hits Harrison, who inexplicably just goes out of bounds with at least five yards ahead of him. Dorsey then hits Harrison again across the middle for four yards to the Lions 14. Two incompletions to Leggett on third and fourth down gave the ball back to Detroit with 1:51 remaining.

- This drive actually revealed a lot.

- Jerome Harrison's bobbled catch and bad decision to step out of bounds helps explain why he's behind Wright on the depth chart.

- Steve Sanders failed to make a catch and joins Travis Wilson as a receiver who didn't move forward in this game. Lance Leggett looks good when he gets in, as does Syndric Steptoe. I wouldn't have predicted that as the pre-season began.

- I'm really glad that Kevin Shaffer can slide over to left tackle, because James Lee has promise, but is not the answer.

- Seth McKinney and Lennie Freidman showed they can easily handle fourth teamers as Dorsey had lots of time on this drive.

DRIVE: Griffin stops Pinner one-yard behind the line on first down from the Lions 14. A short run and a short pass allowed the clock to run out.

The game mercifully ends.


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