Bengals Are King Goat in Week 12!

Browns fans, namely the clever and good-looking ones who hang out here, could only muster up one goat from last week: the Cincinnati Bengals. Other than that, it was a goat-free week as no candidate got the required critical mass to receive points for the end-of-the-year <I>David Modell Award for Uselessness</I>. William Green digs himself out of the goat hole with another terrific performance. Here are the Gameballs and Goats results for this week!

Each week, like we've done since 1999, we ask folks to send us three nominations for Bernie's Insiders gameballs as well as thee nominations for the team goat. We add up all the nominations and post them each week, and also keep track of the votes throughout the year. Gameball and Goats nominations can be sent to us via email to or via replying to a post in the Watercooler.

We tabulate the yearly finish based on adding up each week's results throughout the year. The top gameball vote getter is awarded 7 MVP points for their finish each week, second place gets six points, and so forth. The top "goat" vote getter is awarded 7 David Modell points which are subtracted away from their total. Second place in the goat voting gets 6 David Modell points, and so forth. So, if a player finished second in gameball voting one week, they would be given 6 MVP points. But if they finished first in goat voting the next week, they would get 7 David Modell points, and would have a year-to-date total of -1.

It's sort of like the BCS formula, except more complicated and irritating.

Goat point mainstays William Green, Bruce Arians, and the Offensive line got gameballs for the second straight week, which helps them move away from the top spot for the David Modell Award. Current front-runner for the David Modell Uselessness Award is head coach Butch Davis, who took it on the chin when the Browns were sliding earlier in the year.

Tim Couch and William Green remain the big movers for additional gameball points after two solid weeks, but Dennis Northcutt's performance since the start of the year has put him in the catbird seat to get this year's MVP. Northcutt's total of 41 points is nearly double the player in second place (Phil Dawson). If the offensive outbursts continue or Northcutt has a couple of bad weeks, however, it's possible for Tim Couch could still make a run.

Week 12 Results

1. William Green
2. Dennis Northcutt
3. Anthony Henry
4. Tim Couch
5. Offensive Line
6. Bruce Arians
7. Courtney Brown

1. Cincinnati Bengals

Year-To-Date Leaders

Team MVP: Gameball Voting

1. Dennis Northcutt (YTD Total  41 / Previous Rank 1)
2. Phil Dawson (21 / 2)
3. Jamel White (20 / 3)
4. Kelly Holcomb (19 / 4)
5. Tim Couch (14 / 7)
6. Mark Word (13 / 5)
7. Andre Davis (10 / 6)

David Modell Uselessness Award (Team Goat)

1. Butch Davis (YTD Total -27 / Previous Rank 2)
2. Offensive Line (-23 / 2)
3. Bruce Arians (-20 / 3)
4. Defensive Backs (-12 / 8)
5. Special Teams (-10 / 17)
5. Coaching Staff (-10 / 5)
7. Officiating Crews (-8 / 8)

Method: Gameball or goat points are awarded to the first through seventh place finishers in each category. (Seven points to the top gameball vote-getter, six to second place, etc). Goat points are subtracted from gameball points to calculate a total.

Weekly results throughout the year are now posted on our schedule page.

Your Comments in Week 12


Big Gameball again to Dennis Northcutt.  The guy made huge plays again.  3rd down catches, runs for TD's, big catches big has this guy been. - Rob

Dennis Northcutt:  Forget MVP, how about Dennis Northcutt for President! - Dawgalong

Tim Couch--How many times did he take a big hit and deliver the ball well enough to the receiver to make a big play!  I especially liked the one when the Saint was around his ankles and he threw for the first down anyway.  He is really doing great. - JMatt

Tim Couch -- his strength: tremendous courage in the pocket, and it produced big plays that won the game - Robert M.

William Green--Another one where I was wrong.  Thank you Butch for being patient with us highly opinionated and lowly football educated fans.  I can't wait until Jamel comes back and we put them both in the backfield. - JMatt

Offensive Line:  These guys have taken a lot of guff most of this season. Time to give them their due. - browniefanman

FRONT 7 - It showed up big time today!! Allowed the safeties to play back in pass D. - Copdawg

Dennis Northcutt -- Returning, receiving, running out of the backfield -- what can't he do? - Matt

Henry made a key interception today, can't forget him. I'd like to see this trend continue and rack up the picks like last year. - TobesWSU

Anthony Henry - Two big time picks.  Cannot beat a defensive back with good hands - Josh

Courtney Brown - In Brooks' face on the fumble, then turned around to recover the fumble, great awareness on the field. - Eric S

Ross Verba: not only anchored the O line to its best ever effort, but also recovered Green's fumble at a critical time. - Yogi

Offensive line. Kudos to Green + Couch, but the o-line was the difference. The last scoring drive was a thing of beauty, and when it did go wrong (Green's fumble) an offensive linemen saved it (Verba). - Mike

Courtney Brown: Outstanding quarterback pressure and presence of mind to get to the fumble and recover it.  Lil' Aaron had to be ****ing his pants seeing you running at him with your arms over your head.  Probably why he dropped the ball:)  - Phil

There were many to pick from on the offense, I am simply going to give a game ball to the entire unit for actually marching down the field in the 4th Quarter, eating up the clock and making it a two score game.  When we had to have a drive to preserve the win - they moved the ball. - Goofboy
Dennis Northcutt - How much better would his season be if Browns Stadium had astro-turf?  Then again, who wants astro-turf? - Jim M.

Honorary Gameball to the City of New Orleans for wonderful hospitality!

Bruce Arians- Finally, I can give this man a gameball. He did a great job of play-calling overall, especially with the Dennis Northcutt TD run. That was pure genius! I only hope his play-calling is as consistent over the next five weeks as it has been the last two.


Aaron Shea and Mark Campbell--Because they graduated from MEEEEEECHIGAN!  Go Bucks! - JMatt

Art Modell--I couldn't think of three on this game, so why not give him one.  He's always a goat in my mind. - JMatt

Referees:  "Leverage"?  What the h*** is that?  Morons. - browniefanman

Warren Sapp - a worse hit than Gerald Warrne's hit and the 'superstar' doesnt get suspended - upperdawg

Gerard Warren - He is not making any impact plays to warrant the money - Copdawg

Where the hell was the waterboy? Those guys were thirsty. Lousy game all around. - Dawgalong

The Bengals -- for losing to the Steelers

Bungals get a goat for not hanging on to beat the Squeelers. We could have had first place! - TobesWSU

Bengals - Could they give any more games away this year - Josh

Buffalo Wild Wings in Boardman, Ohio- For choosing to have the sound turned on for the Steelers-Bengals game and not the Browns game. We live in Northeastern Ohio, dammit! Not Pennsylvania! - FGMDawg

Saints - How was this team picked to win against the Brownies, and how is their record so good coming into the game?  6 turnovers?!?!?!?  I'd hate to be a Saint's fan today. - Eric S

Bruce Arians--Even in a win with some flashy plays I can't help but give the nod to the architect-king of two yard routes on third and eight.

Andre Davis. While he didn't make any huge mistakes, he looked surprisingly sluggish on kick returns and didn't do much in the passing game. Maybe he's not a turf player.  - Mike

Dwayne Rudd - Yes, the defense did a great job today, but I still see you coming off rather unspectacular plays acting like you just had your 5th sack of the game.  And I saw you and whoever else was with you taunting the fans with the ball.  Uncalled for, dude.  Your play is getting better, but Warren Sapp or Ray Lewis you are not.  Put that energy into your tackling and then we'll talk. - Phil

The Bungles for sucking so bad that they just had to give it away at the end.  Damn. - Goofboy

CBS Announcing Crew -- when the Browns begin to rate anything but their "Z" unit? - Robert M.

All the "expert" commentators on TV who picked the Saints. - Jim M.

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