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Why did Travis Wilson get cut? Shantee Orr? And why not Jerome Harrison? Lane Adkins offers his analysis and inside information to give Browns fans the answers they deserve...

Q: Travis Wilson had a good offseason and looked to be a good fit as a receiver here. What could have happened to lead to his release?

LA: Wilson could not overcome the issues that led to him being a disappointment in his first two seasons. While the WR did look good this off-season, it was the little things that he kept doing that led to his undoing. Wilson was far from consistent without the football, his blocking was inadequate, he failed to gain an edge on the technical aspects, etc.

Q: I have followed your updates on Syndric Steptoe since the early days of training camp. What do you believe led to him making the team, while some others failed to impress?

LA: Steptoe has shown to be versatile. He can return kicks and play on special teams, but his largest impression came in the receiving game. The second-year WR was solid throughout camp, whether in the slot or flanked outside. His routes were good and he displayed better-than-adequate speed and quickness.

Q: I read elsewhere in the media that Jerome Harrison was on the bubble and could have been cut to keep an additional fullback. Seeing the team did not cut the running back and he has been named as a potential replacement for Jamal Lewis if he cannot play, why the change of direction?

LA: You answered your own question. Head coach Romeo Crennel had his customary meeting following practice with the media one day and talked briefly about Harrison. Crennel noted what he would like to see and his (Harrison's) size as being what it is. The media (no names) jumped on this and took it as Harrison was a potential casualty, which of course was not the case as we reported here for a lengthy period of time.

Q: Why terminate the contract of a player like Shantee Orr when he obviously could contribute right away, rather then keeping a player like Beau Bell who hasn't done anything or Kris Griffin who is really a special teams player? Or even another rookie linebacker like Alex Hall who is a project?

LA: Releasing Orr came as a surprise to me. Orr looked good in the camp sessions, he slid to the inside and was looking increasingly fluid with the reps he received, and he provided experience and a pass rush presence coming off the corner of the defensive set.

I understand the team keeping Bell and Hall due to the draft status this year and potential; all teams do this. Griffin is a special teams ace and is not chopped liver if he was forced into the defensive scheme.

Q: We keep waiting for the Browns to make a move to upgrade the cornerback position and nothing happens. Now we are headed into the Dallas game with question marks in coverage. Is it too late to bring in a player like Ty Law and expect him to adapt quickly?

LA: I believe in "never say never", but I am under the impression the Browns and Law are not a match, despite the perceived need for quality talent to be added to the position. A trip back to New England has been Law's true love and could be in the making. While I believe Law could have come in and helped this team, he is neither a savior nor the player he once was. Simply, Law would be a piece of the puzzle in Cleveland and I don't believe that is his desire.

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