Halftime: Cowboys Rolling, 21-7

The Browns started the second quarter with a touchdown, but can't hold back the Dallas offense...

These game notes are composed live and posted during the brief break between quarters. Please excuse typos or misspellings not corrected in the name of internet speed...

The second quarter started off on a positive note for the Browns, as they pushed the ball across the goal line against the Cowboys, but Dallas struck back quickly.

FIRST DRIVE (Browns): The team completed their drive against the Cowboys with a two yard touchdown pass from Anderson to Winslow. Drive was 16 plays, 66 yards, 8:57 burned. Perfect. Browns 7, Cowboys 7

Big Plays: Pass interference on Adam Jones in the end zone against Braylon Edwards. Anderson's touchdown pass to Winslow.

SECOND DRIVE (Cowboys): The Cowpokes struck back quickly  in four plays to go back on top 14-7 after starting on their own 31 following the kickoff. The Cowboys are able to move at will against the Browns. Unless the Browns can create more defensive pressure, the only way to keep Dallas from scoring is to keep the ball away from them. Four plays, 84 yards, 2:55 clock.  Cowboys 14, Browns 7

Big Plays: Romo to Patrick Crayton for 18 yards on the first play of the drive. Marion Barber runs right for 23 yards. Romo hits Terrell Owens deep for 35 yards and a touchdown.

THIRD DRIVE (Browns): Three and out for Cleveland. Joe Thomas was flagged for a false start, and two incompletions sandwiched a nice eleven-yard run up the middle by Jamal Lewis. Zastudil punted to the Cowboys 29. Three plays, eleven yards, 1:10 burned.

Big Plays: None.

FOURTH DRIVE (Cowboys):  It's the Cowboys turn to go three-and-out as Barber is contained on first down, Crayton gets only three on second down, and Romo has his first incomplete pass. Three plays, six yards, 1:44 clock.

Big Plays: None

FIFTH DRIVE (Browns): Steptoe gets the Browns to the 27 with a nice runback. Once again, a Browns penalty (illegal shift) puts them in a hole, and three straight incompletions by Anderson doesn't get them out of it. Zastudil punts the ball to the Cowboys 31.  Three plays, no yards, 49 seconds time of possession.

Big Plays: None

SIXTH DRIVE (Cowboys): The Browns stopped them once, but not twice. Again, the Cowboys abused the Browns secondary with Jason Witten being the chief abuser. Marion Barber also got into the action as the Browns were unable to stop the Cowboys mix of run and pass. Ten plays, 69 yards, 5:34 burned off the clock. Cowboys 21, Browns 7

Big Plays: Romo to Witten for 14 on the first play of the drive. Followed up by a 12-yard run by Barber. Romo to Barber for 13, and to Owens for 11. Robaire Smith sacked Romo on first down at the 16, but the play was nullified due to an illegal hands to the face penalty on Brandon McDonald. Six-yard pass from Romo to Owens to create a first-and-goal from the one.

SEVENTH DRIVE (Browns): The ball rolls to the ten yard line, where Gerald Lawson doesn't touch it. Lewis runs for seven as the gun sounds.

Big plays: None.


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