Fan View: A Time Saver

If nothing else, the Browns thrashing at the hands of the Cowboys allowed for efficient opining...

Time saver is the title of my article because I didn't have to wait until the end of the game to write about what was a completely pathetic performance by each and every Browns player and coach today.

Random thoughts in no particular order.

*Is it 2000 again?  I was sitting down hoping to see contender today and ended up with pretender.  Instead of seeing a 10-6 team trying to prove they belong with the elite, they showed how far away they are.

*Defensive problems?  Outside of generating no pass rush and not being able to stop the run, they looked, er, like crap.

*Offensive problems?  Outside of not being able to run consistently or generate a vertical passing game, they looked, er, like crap.

*Coaching problems?  Is it just me or did the Browns look more unprepared than they have since, let's see, er, maybe 2000?  1999?  In their home opener on national TV, the Browns looked flat and not ready for primetime (the network/NFL execs responsible for getting Cleveland 5 primetime slots this season must worrying about their jobs just about, oh, right NOW).

*Can anyone tell me why Romeo Crennel wanted to kick a FG when the Browns were down 28-7 in the 4th quarter?

*Is it just me or did the Browns really miss Joe Jurevicius today?

*What Derek Anderson was out there today?  Seemed to me that the 2007 late season D.A. showed up in full force.  Not good.

*The Browns may not be able to stop the run or rush the QB but Shaun Rogers and Corey Williams sure did, er, nothing today.  Wait, they spent owner Randy Lerner's money pretty well so far.

No excuses.  No more talk.  The Browns proved today that they DO NOT belong with the elite teams of the NFL.  They will be lucky to hit 8-8 (my preseason prediction) after what I saw today. 

The Steelers are coming to town next week and 0-2 looks possible.

Did I say possible?

It's probable.  Only for about the 88th year in a row (at least it seems that way).


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