Adkins: Browns Scrambling Towards Sunday

Lane Adkins is at it again! Here's exclusive information on how fast key components of the team are healing... Plus, gets the skinny on what happened against Dallas, and how the team intends to prevent it on Sunday

- KR/WR Josh Cribbs could have played in the regular season opener, as the high-ankle sprain he has been suffering with has adequately healed. Prior to the game, however, the staff decided taking a cautious approach would best serve the team and player over the course of a long season.

- OG Rex Hadnot's knee sprain/strain has made significant improvement over the past week. Heading into the week leading up to the Pittsburgh Steelers' visit to Cleveland this Sunday, the opportunity for the player being available to play has increased considerably.

- RB Jamal Lewis' hamstring limited his practice time in the week leading up to the season opener. The hamstring was not an issue during the game and Lewis is good to go, barring any setback in practice this week.

- Starting S Brodney Pool is expected to be available for the upcoming game against the Steelers after sitting out the season opener due to a concussion suffered in the pre-season.

- Mum is the word on the groin... quad... injury suffered by WR Donte Stallworth. Mum isn't the word when it comes to Stallworth pulling up lame prior to the game against the Cowboys. While not getting into specifics, 'disappointment' was the word lobbed this way about the player sitting out the game.

- Much like what transpired in the 2007 season, communication issues riddled the Cleveland defensive backs leading to numerous blown coverages. A good amount of time will be spent working through the recognition and responsibility issues which plagued this defense throughout the pre-season and into the season opener.

- Despite the Dallas offense having three receivers with over 80-yards each in the passing game, the Cleveland defensive staff is not upset with the overall play of the CB's. Much of the issue is being placed on the lack of pass rush and communication issues, which appear to be pointed toward the safeties and LB's in coverage.

- There is a growing sentiment by those close to the situation that the Browns would be best served to let the defensive line talent play to more of their experience. Following up a subpar pre-season, the defensive line presented no pressure on the opposing offense, through the play against the run was improved - early in the game. NT Shaun Rogers, DE Corey Williams and DE Robaire Smith are all players accustomed to a more aggressive style of play. Due to the lack of aggressiveness coming from the front-seven of the Cleveland defense after the first game of the season, this may be something the staff eventually may mix more into the scheme if the play doesn't change very soon.

- The worst case scenario came to fruition for the Browns against the Cowboys. The front seven was unable to pressure the QB, the defense would have to blitz which would further expose the secondary and the Dallas offense would simply be able to pick apart the defense in the passing game. Being forced to blitz was not what this Cleveland staff was looking forward to and they were surprised that the Cowboys' offensive line would be as dominant in the opener.

- While the defensive line has been critisized for their overall performance in the season opener, there may be no bigger disappointment than the non-descript play of OLB Kamerion Wimbley. Wimbley was a non-factor against the Cowboys, as Dallas LT Flozell Adams basically engulfed the pass rusher.

- Heading into the second game of the season, the Browns will again face a strong offensive unit in the Pittsburgh Steelers. The belief is the Steelers are as potentially explosive, if not more so than the Cowboys and the Browns cannot afford to make the mistakes which has hampered this team since the start of camp.

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