What We've Been Told

While the Browns lick their wounds following Sunday's loss, the team's management continues to mull over what it means to their scheme and their roster. Lane Adkins, per usual, provides the inside scoop on the thought processes in Berea...

- The Browns' roster is not a finished product. The front office continues to look at potential talent, seeking a fit to enhance the roster. As of Tuesday evening, the organization had not committed to any additional signings, though a couple players of low impact have been discussed.

- With S Sean Jones on the shelf with a knee issue that requires surgery, the Browns do not plan on filling his spot on the roster at this time. If the knee is worse than expected, then a transaction may occur, but the organization is not anticipating such an issue.

- S Brodney Pool has been cleared to practice and will line-up with Mike Adams at safety while Jones is out for an unspecified period of time. Neither Pool nor Adams can provide the physical presence in run support that Jones does, but the play of these two players in coverage could be an upgrade for a Cleveland defense that struggles in coverage, especially on the TE.

- The organization has been happy and satisfied with the demeanor and work ethic of WR Donte Stallworth since signing with the team in the off-season. We hear the WR experienced an issue with his leg during the week and either aggravated or told the trainer prior to the Dallas game he would not be able to go. An MRI of Stallworth did not disclose a significant issue and the anticipation is the speedy WR would be day to day.

- The coaching staff was quite surprised the Cowboys basically manhandled the Cleveland offensive and defensive lines this past Sunday. Also, the belief within the walls of the Browns' training complex is the game was not nearly as ugly or non-competitive as the score may have indicated. A handful of plays on the defensive side of the ball and missed opportunities offensively were too much for this team to overcome against one of the better teams in the league.

- The scheme deployed by the Dallas defense did not catch the Browns' staff by surprise in the season opener. One of the primary issues was the Cowboys did not make many mistakes on the defensive side of the ball and the Cleveland offense was not sharp and proficient. Making no excuses, but the injuries which hampered this unit -- thus not allowing them much time together this pre-season -- caused issues with timing, cohesion, etc.

- When looking at the Pittsburgh Steelers on tape, the next opponent of the Browns are quicker and stronger on the defensive side of the ball. In the Steelers' season opener against the Houston Texans, the Steelers blitzed heavily and generated significant pressure on the Texans' offense. The Cleveland staff anticipates the Steelers will attempt to pressure the Browns' offense off-tackle right and stunt between the center and guards.

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