Gameballs, Goats: The Results Are In

There wasn't much happiness to be found in this week's Gameballs and Goats. Romeo and Braylon, in particular... you guys might just want to look the other way for a bit. But if you beat the Steelers, all will be forgiven. Well, most will be forgiven.

THE WEEK'S RESULTS: Let the people's voice be heard! Browns fans weren't pleased with the way that the Browns looked, and let the team know about it in their Goathorns comments. Romeo Crennel, in particular, got a horn-lashing from fans who had looked forward to this game for months and were not impressed with what they saw. If the team does not improve against the Steelers, things next week could be even rougher.

Player Gameballs
Kellen Winslow 296
Jamal Lewis 191
Shaun Rogers 169
Fans 99
Derek Anderson 85
Joe Thomas 58
Phil Dawson 56

GAMEBALL WRITE-INS:  "None of the above" (5), "Fans who sat through yet another lost season/home opener"  (4), "Me for watching this trash" (2), "The Cowgirls" (2), "Are you kidding me?", Sarah Palin, "None, they all played like a high school team. ", "Syndric Steptoe for doing more than the all-pro Edwards... way to go...", Dallas Cowboys, "Meegan and Margeaux", "Landscaping crew, field looked great!", "Leryn Franco", "Beer for making domination taste better...", Scott Player's Goatee. "The gameclock (for running out)", Casey Coleman, Jose Cuervo, Fox TV Coverage, "Fans... for booing", "TO's BO", Tony Romo, Night at the museum, "Lebron James touching my hand in pregame", "1/2 a game ball for D.A.'s first half.", "Tony Romo's chin scar", Orlando Pace, Grady Sizemore, "Bill G of Rochester NY", Troy Aikman, "Anyone who chanted @$$HOLE!!!",


Player Goathorns
Braylon Edwards 387
Romeo Crennel 305
Entire Defense 149
Mel Tucker 87
Derek Anderson 84
All Coaches 60
Linebackers 53


Troy Aikman (5), Pass Rush (4), "RAC's parents", "Cowboy fans in the stands", "Edwards....come on man......we expect and deserve more from you", "So-called 'Browns fans' gloating after a loss (x3 goats)", "The we don't call hands to the face on the Cowboys REFEREES", LeBron James, "Melty ledge jumpers in the cooler", "terry cousins needs to retire...", "Romeo why go for the field goal ???", "Ohio State Suckeyes", "My neighbor, he's fan of the Browns", Dawg Pound Mike, Joe Buck, "Field Goal Decision", "Edwards hands", "NFL schedulers. Stop playing us at home opening day. We don't know what to do with that.", "Myself", Entire Front Office, Pittsburgh, Chin straps, DB coach, "White jerseys for home games", "Savage for not bringing in a veteran CB", "WRs who come up lame in warm ups", Strength and conditioning coach, "romeo dumbell", "Opening day beatings", WTF?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Jay Knecht, "The D except Shaun Rogers", Jason Witten, Injuries (3), Stallworth's Hamstring, Deploying to the Middle East, Bruce Arians, Tony Romo's Chin, "Whoever was 'covering' Witten", Cowboys Fans, Jessica Simpson, Lloyd Carr, Jerry Jones, "Browns Fans who sold their tickets to Cowboy fans"


Fan Comments
naxos I'll go with Winslow and Lewis on offense and Shaun Rogers on D. Those are the only guys who really stood out as playing good.
bigdaddy78 Sorry no gameballs today. Another ill prepared team, worthy of nothing but ridicule and scorn.
czarayn Absolutely no one.
ikoiko Quinn and Cribbs didn't play, just like most of our offensive starters. Winslow was the exception.
dapetersen Nobody
sactribe They did their jobs, that's more than you can say about most of the team today
bulldogdad Joe Thomas, reliable and solid. K2 brings his A game every game. Shaun Rogers is a huge upgrade in the middle.
naplesrbr At a minimum, every fan who paid and attended today's "game" is owed an NFL football.
bundydawg Gotta go with the fans just for the upcoming pain I know we are going to have to go through.
ashvilledawg Jamal tried, Wimbley did to. Too little to late.
chefeman17 none!
jaw1dawg nobody comes to mind
apvic Shaun Rogers was a beast... without him the "D" sucks. Andra Davis for having his best game in recent memory... now keep it up.. and finally K2.. what a gamer.. if the rest of the offense was like him today and we might have had a chance to win !!!
ndegrands Winslow, Rogers and Steptoe. All ok.
vintage74 Winslow was the only one who showed up for this game. Fans get a gameball for having to watch another unmotivated RAC coached opener. And last but not least I'm giving a gameball to the longsnapper because everyone else just sucked and I can't think of anyone else to give it to.
92noheart It's hard to give anybody a gameball in this one, but Kellen didn't drop a single pass, and DA didn't throw any picks and looked pretty poised, but he needs to air it out more.
fanofbrwns Braylon Edwards ability to drop 95% of a passes thrown his way!!!!
thehollismaniac Since there is a column, I give it to Jamal. That big run he had in the second half where it took 4 or 5 cowholes to tackle him was probably the best play of the game. Winslow caught everything thrown his way.
nybiggdawg Shaun Rogers played his rear-end off. He showed all the other DL-men up.KWII was very consistent and focused. RB's gave a good effort, especially gamer Jamal Lewis who wasn't 100%.
stimp You know its bad when you have to choose the kicker.
shrooney Edwards...c'mon!?!! Defense exposed for how poor it really is.
rainesghost At least we didn't lose by 19...
gregtng Derek Anderson because he really did nothing to hurt this teams sh*tty play.. Ken Dorsey because Bernie Kosar repeatedly says he's a great quarterback during the preseason
tisone Rogers played well and gave 100%. One of the few to generate a pass rush on very rare occasion.
caryncbrownsbacker The fans get a game ball for this laid egg. Are you kidding me! Our secondary has got to be the worst in the league and NO player on either side of the ball deserves a game ball.
dawgdc Jamal for playing on a bad hamstring and trying to do what he could do. K2 for showing up to play. Lawrence Vickers for being a good fullback!! Eric Wright for the pick off in the endzone!!!! Not too much to be proud of today but they at least stood out!!!
mmmbrowns If there's one thing Romeo's good at, it's sucking on opening day.
fladawg1 KWII has to be the best receiving TE in the league, hands down.
Harrison shows some nice flashes and a change of pace.
JL just gets it done. I love seeing when he pulls a pile a few yards.
dawgedue Winslow played like he cared. Pontbriand was flawless as usual, and made a nice tackle. Rogers made an impact despite being held EVERY PLAY.
harpster Thanks for the penalties guys... but it wasn't enough.
spicydeigo A few guys had decent games but over all this team came out an laid a big egg. No one but the fans are getting a game ball from me.
number1brownsfan Shaun Rogers is the Browns' best player; great game by him. DA gets a game-ball, only because he didn't throw an INT. Dawson get one for the FG (PATHETIC).
pittspukestoolerz we should have all pooped on our seats before we left the stadium
hpschlos K2 came to play. Joe Thomas gave DA enough time to throw. The fans booed appropriately when they kicked the field goal.
dawghowl K2: played hard and caught everything thrown his way. Lewis: Jamal ran the ball hard and got what he could. Fans: For having to put up with that pathetic display of a so called defense the browns put on the field.
dawgshelter The only 2 players who came to play today.
springsdawg DB's were constantly toasted but pretty good run support from Jones. Nice catches by Heiden even though he missed one. Jamal is THA MAN.
lr44k Shaun Rogers is a beast. double teamed all day and made some nice plays. Steptoe did fine for first game. no fumbles and positive yds. Winslow is a true stud. if QB had some time Winslow would of been off chart.
karelnemecek DA gets a pass tossing catchable passes and seeing them dropped. TEs K2 & Heiden did a good job and made important grabs. ST did a good job on coverage, fair on returns, but we shanked a punt.
mtsames Losers get nothing
trilobiterex Voted for that since I flipped channels to that rather than watch that mess up by the lake.
silly5 Rogers was making plays.
amp4319 Lewis ran very tough and he was not 100%. Thomas kept Ware away from Anderson and that is not easy to do. I thought Rogers was really the only guy on our front seven who showed up.
chowdogg Josh cribbs for wanting to play, we need our best player on the field
Ali he is one big dude
Lewis and Shaun Rogers for their effort
Hall is probably our best linebacker
Crennel for helping with the spread getting that important field goal, saved me 50 cents
playbrowns Officials did an adequate job today, and probably helped us out more than we would like to admit. Rogers looked good, but this 3-4 defense is miserable. Lewis ran hard and looks good, even if he was hurting.
oldeguarde 1/2 a game ball for D.A.'s first half.
predator94warrior Special Teams did a respectable job without their Superstar on coverage units, even though Zastudil kind of shanked one.
dapound I thought D.A. had a nice start. too many penalties, drops and way too much pressure. Many of his throws were on the money and he did not throw a pick
browndawgsteve Anderson - Like Edwards didn't play much in the preseason but he was crisp and for the most part he was on time and accurate.
Chudzinski - Plays were their, just needs to be executed.
Dawson - Hit all his attempts and kickoffs for the most part were deep. All when he was not 100%.
Winslow - Caught everything around him. Just like he always does.
mistofdeath Here we go again. We still love our Browns just wish someone would let them know we have been back since 1999!It's ok to leave it all on the field to play to win not just to try not to look real bad the next day. Romeo and mel must go. Andy sorry for the way they have wasted your money and Chud sorry for the drops and a O they just cant seem to run it right. Good plays need go finishes not drops miss reads and ...well you watched the game too.
poqdawg Fans need to have a game ball for having to put up with this!
froggy60 Winslow came to play like a player should and did it well.
Lewis is a stud.....
Rogers is a mountain in the middle but, needs help
dawgonit0207 Nice showing by the defense. NOT! I could have beat the Browns with the amount of time Romo had.
brownsclown Hard to find many gameballs today. Jamal ran hard but being behind he became a non factor. Kellen played well early, disappeared later and Eric made a nice pick, and we didn't see him much any other time (a good thing).Remember game 1 last year, and we were OK.
dawgpoundr Maybe the varsity will show up next week, then I'll have some real gameballs to award.
vandalfan11 He tried to make plays but got screwed by everyone...he looked crisp but was let down by his team. Rogers is a beast... KII looks like a probowler again
brownsfanmn13 At least K2 came to play. On the defense, I would have to say Andra Davis looked like he was much more active than the rest of the defense.
outlawjessej OL-NO SACKS!  I vote McKinney in individually simply because that facemask penalty was something I wanted to do, to a cowboy, all game long. How bout them %$#@! cowboys!
dirtydave98 Noboby deserves a gameball after that P*ss poor performance! Hopefully there's some improvement before Sundays' game with Pitt in Prime time
dawgnuts1 KW2 - played hard, as usual; Cribbs - just because this game was a reminder of how great he really is; no one else deserves any for this piece of crap performance.
sindustmark McGinest gets a gameball for bust Romo's chin and giving us something to cheer about when Romo was crying in pain
muskiebuck It is a sad day when I have to vote for the place kicker and designated snapper for two of my three game balls.
clevelandfan No player or coach deserves a gameball after this disaster. Props to us fans who continue to support this glorious team. Our time will come! Hopefully this will be the only type of this game this year.
snagdawg I appreciate Jamal being on the field and giving it his all. More than I can say for some. Steptoe gave us all he had, but he just doesn't measure up to Josh Cribbs.
avonlakebacker73 Gotta give a game ball to those of us who stayed and watch our beloved team get embarrassed once again.
64superfan Derek Anderson needs to buy Joe Thomas a six pack for keeping him alive!
29turner JL is running as hard (if not harder) than last season!
spark0269 At lease Jamal Lewis has some guts and spirit.
tomahawkdawg KWII - Nice TD. Best TE in the NFL IMO.
J-LEW - Not a 100 yd day, but workmanlike and tough all game.
The Fans - Only Browns' fans would be so loyal on opening day depite a 1-1000 record in the past 1001 years.
dixiedawg At least I got my grass cut during the 2nd half. Pitiful.
iwillpierceyou I give a gameball to BEER. Without BEER, we would have never made it this far. He gives 0 on every play, and I'm glad to have BEER on my team.
bigfwee Steptoe for answering the bell when it was rung. Kellen Winslow for being the only starting reciever to show some consistency. Steve Sanders for getting that first catch.
sawthewarin64 Lewis ran hard and tough. Thought he looked good for having a suspect hamstring
smithlel Any gameball is by the slimmest of margins!
sawthewarin64 Rogers looked 'decent'... just wonder why no calls on Cowgirls when HIS helmet was getting repeatedly knocked off... fuuny they called it on the Browns
keith322 Steptoe played well for a rookie in his first game.
clevelandcraig WTF. That is the best we can do WTF.
lkounto Game ball to Shaun Rogers, since he held his own and usually occupied 2 giant lineman on most plays. He atleast gave our pathetic LB's a chance to make a play; of course they didn't make many.
Game ball to K. Winslow Jr., since he was the only real consistent offensive threat and made the most of the situation, like catching the ball traffic, and scoring on a semi-busted play in the end zone.
Game ball to Robaire Smith who is the best returning d-lineman and the most consistent performer in this game. Remember that he sacked Romo only to get it nullified by a penalty. Watching him play his position is impressive. He really is the only true 3-4 end on the team. The rest are on the job training and it shows.
thejamdawg KWII was the only player who showed up. You can't blame the officials for this, they actually called penalties on Dallas. We deserve a Gameball for cheering when Romo got nailed and for putting up with this crap. Bill G gets a Gameball for "T.O. STILL HAS B.O." and update on a classic.
mdr Game balls for the 3 players that seemed to be trying. One for that fans, as always.
deathbyeagle Jamal had some did K2. Everyone else sucked real bad
houndfromhell A few good players who actually gave a sh*t. The others only played like it..
thapymp At least the tight ends came to play.
rutger No-body gets any for opening the season like with an effort like that once again and there aren't enough Goathorns to go around for that defense.
taipeidawg I know the secondary got burned but somehow they showed some guts... Brandon McDonald played tough though now he knows there are some receivers you can play soft against hoping for a pick, but others you can't give any cushion to. I give Shaffer credit for helping to get some running yardage over the right side of the line when there was nothing to be had on the left.
mmercurio88 8-ball gets the 1st game ball because of his energy. Congrats to Sanders on his 1st NFL catch. Cribbs didn't play but that's good enough for third place.
vdubble Jamal, Shaun and Kellen brought their A game and stepped up. What the hell happened to out other playmakers. The OL did a pretty good job as well.
jmiller40 None qualify.
cashmoney216 Jamal...thanks for being a man and showing up even though you weren't 100%. Stallworth needs to model himself after you.
alfraggs not his fault receivers can't catch
mcdawg1 Besides Winslow and Rogers, does anyone else deserve a gameball? Sad day when Dave Zastudil gets the 3rd gameball, reminds me of the times when Chris Gardocki was team MVP.


Fan Comments
brownsbot Romeo Crennel x 1000
coguarddawg Accomplished nothing in the pre-season other than injuring stars. Totally unprepared for week one!
naxos DA looked bad but RAC was gutless not going for it in the 4th, but really the Defense as a whole just blew.
siouxdawg Aikman and Buck could not have possibly been more blatantly biased. How many times does Wimbley get tackled without getting a call? Crennel didn't have the guys ready to go. Kicking a give up FG doesn't exactly inspire the troops to put in any effort.......what a bum
idahobrownie Thanks for trading the draft for the same old defense
barrymcbride The Browns defensive secondary was overmatched all day... why were the Browns so sanguine after the loss of Holly? Travis Daniels... Terry Cousin... puh-leeeeeze. He who hesitates is lost. We lost.
wrobo Kicking a FG down 28-7 late into the game is retarded (unless you were covering some sort of spread). Ridiculous to not get ANY pressure on Romo... Who is to blame for not having the team ready to play week 1? RAC might need to go...
bigdaddy78 As an organization, this franchise is in disarray. They know they suck, so they play that way. Blame anyone, they are all deserving.
alamodawg1 Romeo -- have some nads and go for it instead of kicking a fg -- where is the fire and leadership!
czarayn Isn't it time to send Romeo the way of Charlie Frye and bring in a completely new and competent coaching staff? And I think it's also time for Savage to ship out. What a disgusting display! Just think of the horrific embarrassment we fans face knowing this team has 5 nationally televised games.
other bjk Hey Randy - Why spend all that money on training camp? If the team isn't going to prepare, let them work out on their own, and just stroll in a week ahead of time. Same difference
ikoiko A pathetic display by our defense, Romeo calling for the FG was idiotic, especially since he didn't go for a subsequent on-sides kick.
salemdog Crennel- what a coaching mind. "I wanted points on the board, If we didn't make it where would we be?"I would have given goathorns to the pass rush, but it's hard to blame something that doesn't exist.
sactribe They played today, right??
brownzjunky Hey I know. We're only down 21 and haven't moved the ball all day or been able to stop their offense so ... let's kick a field goal!
pomeroy Team is totally unprepared and living off last season's 10-6 record. If Romeo does not have them ready to play Pittsburgh next week, it will be an extremely long season.
bulldogdad Mel Tucker: very vanilla and uninspired first half. The "D" played with some fire the 2nd half, but you have to come out of the gate with fire. Chud: some very questionable play calling; i.e. low-pctg. plays on 3rd and short. Braylon, you couldn't catch a cold today: just one horn because you are out of shape from the injury.
buckscobrownsfan We need to pick-up Lito Sheppard and Ty Law to stop the bleeding in the secondary. If Crennel can't get this team prepared and ready to play on Sundays, not only will the Browns not make the playoffs this season, yet again; but Crennel will be canned after this year.
80sboy About what I expected with what we have, and that's not taking anything away from 99% of the players.
brett Phil Savage should be added to the list.
dhohenshil Romeo did not have his team ready again, How many years in a row??
brownseastcoast Byalon Edwards should give us back salary cap room so we can get Ty Law.
naplesrbr The Defense was as impotent as the 2,000 year old man bedore viagra.
bundydawg for doing nothing about the totally untalented d-backs on this team. I would have much rather had a solid corner than Corey Williams, who was a total waste of a 2nd round pick.
ashvilledawg These guys sucked bad. If this is an improved D-line, we're screwed 3 ways to Sunday.
chefeman17 Braylon for not catching, Stallworth for be hurt again, already, and Romeo for the team not being ready to play AGAIN!
jaw1dawg The whole stinking team as far as I am concerned. What a freakin joke that game was. No pressure, no coverage, no tackling, no offense. They are going to get killed next week
apvic its time for old & very slow McGinest to retire... and when you go, take the worthless piece of crap D'Qwell Jackson with you... did he make any tackles at or behind the line of scrimmage ??? what a pu$$y !!!! I'm thinking cut Braylon some slack because of his injury until I saw him getting on Anderson.. get real!!!! you sucked today... you dropped all the balls...and they were your penalties...whine.... whine... I am so frickin disappointed in Edwards..
manoafats The offenise was just a step behind the penalties in the 1st half made up for in the 2nd
floucka 0-1 yet again. If being like the Cowboys is what the Browns are striving for they have a ways to go.
phelix17 Romeo does not have these guy ready to play. Pittsburgh is going to beat us like step-children, again.
appraiser Not a good game. Not prepared. Can a linebacker make a play? Why kick a field goal in the 4th - continuation of pre-season practice? Braylon seemed to bring the offense down.
thedietz You need a TD RAC, big choke
jaztip Put 8 defensive backs on the field because our linebackers are just not getting it done.The linebackers as a group are too often out of position or when in position are just plainly beaten at the point.
ndegrands Savage for not recognizing that more help is needed and Tucker for not being prepared for a premium attack.
livedoctor Once again this team was completely unprepared and out coached. Mel Tucker has no business being a defensive coordinator in the NFL. Where's Todd Grantham???
vintage74 Another year, new line, still can't stop the run or the pass or anything else. Hey better give Ty Law a call, unless you plan on giving up 300+ through the air every week. I don't think Travis Daniels is gonna be the answer big guy. RAC...pathetic opening day effort once again. Congrats. Way to not get the team motivated to play.
92noheart I think we're in for a long season with this secondary. Our D-line looked slow and tired during the game. I hope those trades doesn't cost Phil Savage his job because I like him a lot as out GM.
kosar1985 Pathetic defensive effort
fanofbrwns This team is a PAPER TIGER! This time we blame everybody but the players! The ushers at the stadium, parking lot attendants, beer vendors, don't forget the ticket takers! We will blame everybody who tries to take my money for this farce of a team, lol!! We still got tomorrow, we'll go 15-1!!!
thehollismaniac Dropped passes by Edwards, no pass rush, poor coverage by the LBs and secondary, and the inability to stop the run. Defense couldnt get a stop in 1st half and the offense never got into a rhythm after the TD drive. The muffed snap was aggravating, as were Joe Buck and Troy Aikman in the booth spouting their man love for everything dallas did.
nybiggdawg Stallworth is a useless member of this team. Has done nothing."0".Getting hurt in warm-ups is sad, pathetic. BEdwards eally showed lack of concentration, focus, maturity. Practice time missed was sooo obvious. OL-men must have been reading their PRE-season clippings, Dallas DL ate their lunch. Shaun Rogers a beast, rest of DL easily handled. Romo had ALL DAY.
stimp Did not hear Williams' name all day. Kamerion Wimbley is built like a WR... what is he 220 #'s? Defense is awful. Bill Cowher anyone?
mrgrinch same old romeo... don't bother getting the team ready to play
mfabrams Braylon - Great receivers catch the ball, including the basic passes.
Romeo - You're down by 21 points and you kick the field goal. I'd rather see the team go for it to show they have a desire to win. The attitude needs to be adjusted to having faith in your players.
grsychckn Joe Buck and Troy Aikman reported that D'Qwell Jackson was yelling at the secondary to stop someone? How about he fill a hole or make a play for something other than a penalty...
climberbrown the coaching staff must have no testicles. Going for a field goal to keep it a 3 possession game when it ALREADY WAS A 3 POSSESSION GAME was the stupidest thing they could have done.
b0wman 4th and 3, down by 25 and you take the FG???
shrooney Save the opening drive that was a pitiful display... we are no where near a playoff contender
rainesghost They had to stretch Romo's legs on the sideline, as he didn't need to use them all day.
losangelesdawg Either we're not that good, or we are a little better than an average team that will get beat by a superior team. I understand injuries take a major toll on a team, but our backups sure were not up to the task. I'm most disappointed in Braylon. If he wants to be in the upper echelon of receivers, he CANNOT drop balls.
gregtng The Play Speaks for itself
tisone This team was not ready to play. Braylon looked like the 2006 BRAYLON and not the 2007 Braylon.
Romeo again, did not have this team ready to play on opening day. No excuse for that, injuries and all. Defense still sucks, and the offense will have to carry us again this year.
caryncbrownsbacker The defensive backfield and the offense that laid an egg.
dawgdc Mike Adams for allowing TO to not be covered on his first touchdown pass. Romeo for having no balls on 3rd 2 the start of the second half and not having this team prepared. Andra Davis for watching Romo's eyes and dropping and interception matterfact the whole Linebacking crew for sucking!!!! Braylon for dropping everything today
dawged goathorns for myself, for watching this crap each year
mmmbrowns The name on the door is Cleveland, so the entire city gets the goat horns.
eisman The defense was gored today. Kicking a field goal when you are down by 21?
brownsfan1313 I guess Mel Tucker really did show his defense in the preseason, it just happens to be vanilla.
three sewers gone Romeo must go! He will not take this team to the promised land.
fladawg1 LBs showed when they wanted to, but most just didn't show at all.
DL, will we ever be able to pressure an opposing QB consistently, or at least once in awhile?
RAC grow some balls, 4th & 3 down 21 points, 4 minutes left and you choose to kick a FG?
dawgedue Braylon.... we expect better
Defense... sucked
Romeo... I'm sick of the flat play and looking at your apathy on the sideline
harpster The team was flat. Do they really WANT to win? Note to Troy - It's STEVE FRIKKIN SANDERS... we understand you are a Cowboys fan but at least learn the opposing team roster.
spicydeigo Just sick to watch. They better bring there lunch pals and be ready to play mext week.
number1brownsfan Edwards for dropping 4 passes, all Def Backs (even though there was next-to-no pass-rush), and a Extra-Big-Fat goat-horn for bringing the most pathetic 3-4 defense I've ever seen.
josh19 Romeo is an idiot and should be fired. He is the worst in-game coach and time manager of all time, time to go.
benbenbenbenben get rid of him before he tries for another field goal down by 21 with 10 minutes left on 4th & 3 with only one time out left. What more is there to say? The guy is an idiot
ctownsouth Hey, down 28 to 7, lets kick a field goal. If I was Lerner I would have Bill Cower on speed dial. I dont want to here, well we just wanted to get some points out of the drive. YOU PLAY TO WIN. I thought that was the object of the football game or any sport.
chidawg I'll refrain from swearing at the secondary, but it is difficult to refrain from swearing at the @^*%%^ pass rush. I hope BE learned that the team issues shoes for a reason and gets back up to speed in a hurry. It would be nice to see RC play to win for once.
atldawg725 Gene Upshaw had a better game today
pittspukestoolerz orange and brown glasses wearing freaky Browns fans
hpschlos The inside linebackers missed tackles, missed pass deflections, missed interceptions. Also, Sean Jones was nowhere to be seen when we needed him the most.
dawghowl Braylon: wow what an awful game he played, quite possibly his worst as a pro. His head wasnt even in the game, 4 drops and 2 penalties. I know he has been out and that he wasnt quite in game shape yet, but he is a pro bowler and I expect alot more then that out of him.
Romeo Crennel: Kicking a fg down 28-7? what kind of garbage is that? He did not act like he was into this game. And it felt like he didnt believe the team had a chance to win this game from the start.
Entire Defense: Just pathetic, very little pressure on Romo, none at all in the first half. LBs were out of position all day and the DBs couldnt cover anyone
dawgshelter You need more than 3 for the goathorns this week. ZastDUDil deserves an award as well.
gammadawg It's the NFL, not a country club. Make these Millionaire punks eat gruel.
springsdawg We need one experienced starting corner. We can't go on like this. Terrible game planning from the coaches. Too many arm tackles from the LB's except Wimbley.
lr44k plenty to go around but BE gets the whole bag. a stinking fg
karelnemecek Its gonna be a long year--OL got beat off almost every snap; they were either pushed back or unable to open holes for the RBs. DL got beat/pushed back off almost every snap. Everyone knows games are won & lost in the trenches. What the heck was Sean jones doing out there. Mike Adams should have been covering Witten. Edwards gets a little pass because he just returned. Where was the game planning by Crennel and Tucker. Savage had better skip to plan "B" and look for help at DB and pass rush. We are missing Ryan Tucker badly. There's a thousand lbs on the d-line that just got man-handled every which way possible.
mtsames #52 #20 and #17 Edwards really sucks ,Adams can't cover and Jackson can't tackle.
silly5 Edwards makes some catches and it may be a different game. He must of thought he was playing OSU again. Williams has shown a thing. DB's can't cover anyone. All Dallas receivers were able to get separation at will.
brownsfan1 they were outcoached at all levels.
amp4319 DQwell Jackson was a non factor in the game i dont remember seeing him make any plays out there.
Crennel needs to stop being afraid to lose.
chowdogg medical staff for sidelining Cribbs
Our linebackers suck...wimbley, JQ, Davis, williams
Edwards for suiting up he was worthless
Stalworth for pulling a groin...I swear i saw him running pretty fast WITHOUT a limp 40 mins before game time, he must be really fast when his groin does't hurt
glennchannell Crennel deserves the biggest set of horns. While the team played poorly in the first half, the defense showed some signs of life and was playing with a lot more emotion until RAC called for the FG. At that point, the entire team seemed to deflate since the head coach had apparently given up.
playbrowns Braylon looked like absolute scUM.

Stallworth had a groin injury because he lost his nuts right before game time.

Romeo should be ashamed of how bad his defenses have been in Cleveland.

This entire organization is a faulty unit.
owlnawndow Lerner for hiring Crennel. Crennel for, well, being Crennel. Edwards for a horrible game. Goathorns to the decision to kick that field goal and to the secondary. Travis Wilson for being a waste of a third round pick and not even making the team this year.
confuseddog Romeo's wonderful FG!
oldeguarde D. Jackson, 8 solo T's but every time something really bad happened it looked like he wiffed the play.

M. Tucker. How many times must your blitz be burned before you flood the zones?

B. Edwards, hands of stone.
ezmoover Romeo Crennel Must Get The Hell Out Of Cleveland Now!
deathorglorie Why kick that field goal to take it from a 3 score diff to a 3 score diff
predator94warrior The penalties on McDonald were horrible calls ,Romeo also needs to grow a pair , what good does 3 points do in that situation???????????????
dapound Wimbley is too high a pick not to make a difference on defense.

I was shocked by the play of Braylon.
He obviously did not have his head in the game.

I am beginning to think RAC might not be a good fit for this team. I like him as a person but his coaching is troublesome. Too many times we don't go for it on 4rth down plus many other questionable calls.
browndawgsteve B. Edwards - I know he didn't play much in the preseason but he gets paid to preform and he messed up all over yesterday.
Entire Defense - Could stop the run or the pass. Could have given Tony a lawnchair and mixed drink back there
Tucker - Back to the drawing board my good man.
Crennel - Way are we going for 3 down by 21? Our team needed a boost and this way a way to get it. FAILURE
indianzimm Mike Adams-I could be him in a race. slow, sloow. sllooww...
vadawglb Same old problems look like they still haven't been fixed; no pressure on QB, Opposing receivers running wide open, No continuity on offense.
mistofdeath Where's the D!If they dont get there @#$ in gear (and after the return of the browns to cleveland you know they wont) the pigburg squealers we run for 500 yards against us maybe in the first half.Was thinking it's just preseason ....Romeo is not giving away anything .......Sunday wasnt the preseason and we looked the pop warner lower grade team.The coaching was well FUBAR down by 3 sores so kick a field goal to keep us down by 3 scores.What a long strange trip it's been.
poqdawg Romeo, why go for three when your down 28 to 7? Because you have no confidence in your team!
froggy60 Where is the pass rush????????
dawgonit0207 Way to go Braylon. This could have been a different game if you could CATCH the friggin ball. Romeo, down by 21 and you kick a field goal. WTF!
brownsclown Picking any individual defensive players would be unfair. The whole defense was bad, all three levels. Mel Tucker had no answers to even slow Dallas down. Romeo is the Head Coach, a defensive background, and it really ends up reflecting on him. Only way to go is up.
muddydawg67 Like JT wrote: Down by 21 with 10 minutes to play and you kick a field goal?!?!?!? Steve Martin once joked that he liked to punt on first down. I'm thinking Steve and Crennel are from the same coaching tree.
dawgpoundr I know at one point in the first half I saw Tony Romo doing needlepoint and yawning in the pocket while he waited for his receivers to come open.
smokeymule Stone hands (Northcutt) err Edwards needs to get some stickum.
vandalfan11 Our LB's looked totally lost

Corners got burned and Saftey's were a mile a way on every hit

brownsfanmn13 MY GOD, Crennel, you SUCK!!!! Going for a field goal in the 4th quarter on a 4th and 3???? I can see why the players love playing for you, you put NO accountablility on them.. Edwards should have been benched for a rookie but you left him in there.

Mel Tucker, I think you should stick to DB and we should see if Grantham can come back. How about showing some blitzes that work?!?!

Again, Crennel has a team that showed now emotion or fire (like their coach). How many more years must we see this kind of play??
dawggone11 Worst two safties in the league. Even when we did get pressure, Tony Homo knew Whitten would be open what with these two clowns chasing him around. Terrible. It looked like Crennel decided before the game that we couldn't win, and that's how the team presented itself.
outlawjessej ...gotta blame sombody else
dirtydave98 That was worst than last years day 1 beat down by the steelers. expected a much better performance from the team. What a let down. Who do we trade Anderson to on Tuesday?? Worked last year!
newjerzedawg I would put the whole defense but Shaun Rogers showed up, even though everyone around him didn't, so I'll just go with the LB unit, Tucker, and Crennel
jaybern53 kicking a field goal , down by 21 with 10 minutes to go.Please don't ever do that again.
tromick1 We have the very worst ILB's in the league. No pressure on blitzes and completely clueless on stopping the run. Jackson and Davis are both to slow of foot and too slow reacting to plays. They both need to be replaced next year!
dawgnuts1 Braylon - made multiple rookie-like drops, not good enough for a pro bowl receiver; entire defense - from this point on, i'll refer to them as "charcoal"; all coaches - nothing like having the team ready to play; also, thanks Savage - i'm sure glad we got rid of all those meaningless draft picks to obtain a valuable pass rush.
sindustmark How does a flag not get called when Henry punched DA in the head!!! CMON!!!!
K2 was hit in the face and they dont call that. Im getting sick of seeing a penalty on us somewhere down the field whenever we get a sack, Why does that happen every year?! We NEVER get a clean sack! The refs say, "oh well its Cleveland so if they did something good, we better remind them who they are and give a BS penalty! Hardy Har Har!" F that
muskiebuck Our inside LB's were pathetic. Edwards should have continued his nap. And my write in candidate Cameron Wimbley now looks to be a first round mistake. Showed me nothing in this game. Forget about the fact that we don't have another pass rusher. he still showed me nothing.
hatchccc Romeo Crennel for the "we're not trying to win" field goal.
clevelandfan All Coaches - Something is seriously wrong when this team comes out as flat as it did for opening day.

Braylon Edwards - Look, I understand the guy was hurt (all his own fault, btw), but when the ball hits your hands, you have NO excuse to not catch it.

Entire Offense - no push, very little protection, very little fire, this needs to change NOW!

Entire Team - Come on guys, you're paid very well to play this game, come out with some heart!
clevthom Romeo, way to wave the white flag and teach your team to be quitters. Even a eight year old playing Madden knows you go for it when your down 3 touches with only 10 minutes to play.
snagdawg Braylon needs to go back to training camp and start over.
avonlakebacker73 field goal? punting at mid field when we only need 2 yards, down by 20+
djw333 The DBs left little hope for the season, RAC's FG call was awful, and Braylon should be embarrassed.
64superfan Braylon Edwards should just shut up and play. He was TERRIBLE!!!!!!
29turner Troy and Buck can spit the cowgirls D out now that the game is over. Totally unfair for these two to announce a dallas game to a national audience. Well, unless your a cowgirl fan that is.
spark0269 Overall the whole time stunk
jaymesbawned gutless plays. Idiot announcers tearing browns apart for not getting a pass rush when only bringing 3...
tomahawkdawg BE - Too many critical drops.
Defense - WTF? I know Dallas has a good offense but you looked like an AFL defense out there.
Mel - Need to work on them coverage schemes, coach. Despite being out-talented, having your players in the right positions and making the right reads will keep your secondary from getting burnt.
Deployment - This will be my last GB&GH of the season...I was able to catch part of the 1st quarter before leaving to return to JAX to prepare for my deployment this week. Sure hope those DVDs of the future games have more to offer than the sorry effort this past Sunday.
dixiedawg Didn't we trade away early draft picks to shore up the defense? 500+ yards is pathetic.
iwillpierceyou Why is this team never ready to play? Romeo needs goathaorns for every game this team show up unprepared. What a joke.
bigfwee Donte for pulling up lame. Braylon for not wearing shoes after practice.
sawthewarin64 Braylon needs to stop running his yap and catch balls!! Awful effort... consider an hour a day with the juggs.
smithlel Willie needs to sit next to Jim Brown for the remainder of the season.
jasonallen Andra Davis is the worst middle linebacker is the league.

the 3-4 defense. Hey Romeo, when you have better DLs than LBs you change your scheme to account for that.
sawthewarin64 Romeo you once again did not have the team prepared to play. High school team coaches do a better job of getting plays called and managing a game.
sawthewarin64 Inside linebackers were TERRIBLE! As soon as Beau Bell is healthy, stick him in there, he can't be any worse than the little guy and the old man
keith322 Edwards had better games his rookie year.

The defense was terrible.

The offense was terrible.
manoafats Now we know Romeo has Dawson in FF league

Edwards hands
wmbrowns0120 This was almost as depressing as last years opener. I didn't really think we were going to win, but to lose the way we did was embarassing. When is Braylon going to learn to catch the ball when he's wide open!! The whole team looked dazed and showed no heart or passion!
clevelandcraig Wow just wow.
cav50 injured again!
lkounto Goat horns to D'Qwell Jackson. At the goal line he slipped off the running back trying to tackle Marion Barber.The lineman did their job (R.Smith)and absorbed the offensive block; awful tackling. Say what you want about Andra Davis, but Leon Williams just can't play. If you watch the replay, watch how Williams gets botched up with his own players, and is slowed down by taking lousy angles to the ball; he just doesn't see where the play is going.
Mel Tucker: Nice debut as DC. Last season certain players bitched about how Graham (former DC) misaligned the safeties and put players in the wrong positions to make plays. Well I don't hear anyone complimenting Tucker today. Where were the safeties to support T.O.'s touchdown catch? Isn't that the DC's job? Did the timing on the blitz look a little predictable? Well it did to the fans and more importantly to Romo. He is a work in progress, and Pittsburg knows that too.
Rob Chudzinski: I understand that Dallas has a very good d-line and that Fraley was challenged on virtuly every play by the nose tackle, but Chud needed to help the line out. With the exception of a screen called early in the 1st or 2nd series, I don't remember a screen called the rest of the game. Aren't screens designed to slow the rush? What about a trick play? We saving those for Pittsburg? Are you holding back and not showing your hand? I mean really, that game was not well called. I understand that the line did not do a great job run blocking, but heck they were fighting for their lives in pass blocking. Chud you're an old blocking tight end, think how you can SLOW DOWN THE STEELERS, because you are going to get more of the same.
thejamdawg Hey Romeo! Nice display of quiting with 10:15 left in the game when you went for the useless field goal. It's now official: The Dallas Cowboys have the biggest group of bandwagon jumping front runner fans in all of sports. I seriously doubt that any of them who were in Cleveland were actually from Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico or Arkansas. At least at Indians-Yankees Games in Cleveland, I've met Yankees Fans who actually are from New York or New Jersey.
crapchesterdawg Having his pro Dallas point of view along with the beating on the field, I don't think I could handle much more!! Terrible on all accounts!!
mdr I guess the coaching staff forgot that this was a regular season game, and that this one counted.

Braylon - how much is he paid? All he has to do is 1 thing - catch the ball. It's not rocket science.

Frayley - blown up all day - Can tucker play center? Is Bentley still available?

Jessica Simpson for not showing up and getting camera time. I could have used some eye candy, since what I saw on the field was making my eyes hurt.
ihatebutch RAC, this game proves that you do not have the ability to prepare a team for the rigors of a season. I wish you no ill, but you need to be removed from HC duties. Poor decision making on your part(a fg on 4 down trailing by 21?!)AND by the players (letting Witten waltz off the line uncovered) shows that any knowledge you have of this game is not being utilzed when it counts by coach and players alike. I am tired of this crap! Every year, it is the same, we come back here, we focus all of our frustration on someone, wait for the problem to be resolved and pin my hope towards next year. CAN ANYONE FIX THIS?
pea1971 its a joke watching edwards trying to justify dropping 4 balls thats just bullsh*t
sg2431 Another opener has come and gone with the same old result, another blowout.
Then again, why should things be different? Its the same useless defense.
Whats the old saying, "the true meaning of insanity is doing something over and over and expecting a different result?"
Sounds like RAC's 3/4
deathbyeagle Defense!! Can't stop the run, can't stop the pass and can't put any pressure on QB---Other than that they are great ;)

--Was Romeo playing the point spread on that Field goal???
houndfromhell The good news is people now say we wont
win any games. But I know we can be if
they try extra hard 3 and 13.. go browns?
rbj40 Pursuant to preseason, Crennel did not have his team ready to play!
thapymp Braylon: Rusty and out of synch. Needed to be wearing shoes three weeks ago when running after parctice.
McDonald: I had a lot of faith in McD when he made a few good plays and a INT or two. And he looked good in the preseason but he got burnt more times than a 60 year old hippie.
Romeo: Romeo where for art thou confidence Romeo? or balls or comprehension of the fact that if we could only score 7 points thru 3 quarters then how could we score TDs on three more possessions after the field goal in the fourth. Taking a field goal on the 4th down and 3 in the fourth quarter felt like padding the loss. I felt we lost all momentum that might have been gained and it really raised questions in my mind about Crennel's ability. Hope he proves me wrong.
rutger Romeo, (you have to be kidding me? This is how you prepare for EVERY opener and kicking a friggin' FG??? Once again are you kidding me???), plus the entire defense and Edwards for sure. Worse games he's ever played in a Cleveland uniform. After that effort he has no-where to go put up.

And I thought that Ted Washington was gone? It looks like we have an entire defensive line of slow fat guys now! Maybe alternating four guys that all weigh in at 320 min. isn't such a good idea after all?

Randy was pissed? Well obviously not enough because Romeo still has a job!
taipeidawg Romeo, don't kick a field goal in that situation - have some guts and go for the first down. Better to go down swinging!!
Last season running over the left side of the line would just about guarantee some yardage, but in this game I thought Chud tried to run over the left side too many times before realizing it just wasn't going to happen and trying something different.
Note to Braylon - catch the ball!!
mmercurio88 Lil' Sav show is getting old. He's mortgaged the farm for one shot...and THIS defense is it? He and Professor Klump must go! The genius of Romeo is the same as the genius of Charlie Weiss! Way to go for that FG, Romeo. I almost miss Butch (not really).
brbbva There were a lot of a**hole fans out and about. Very embarrassing.
mtsames Mike Adams for giving a helping hand to Marion Barber. What a chump!!!!!!!!!! Why is Willie McGinest still playing to old and to slow
adamkilgore for going into "sphincter tightening mode" a week early as opposed to making us wait until the Pittsburgh game to see our team become completely inept - I look forward to an exciting first half followed by a complete meltdown in the second half against Pitt.
vdubble Romeo this team was not ready to compete from the opening gun. I know about the injuries but that isn't what bothers me. The first half we got downright bullied.
jmiller40 Was that Derek or is Charlie back in town??

Donte who....same thing new location.
cashmoney216 Romeo MUST GO!!! Stallworth is a girl!!!
alfraggs team seemed to be totally unprepared
mcdawg1 I'm sure it's pretty cliche, but "I wish I had more than 3 choices". Let's not forget about the horrendous day Hank Fraley had, because he was the biggest culprit for a lot of the offensive woes.

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