Transcript: Adam Caplan Chat

OBR subscribers had some hard-hitting questions for Scout's Senior NFL Reporter Adam Caplan Wednesday night. Adam offers the scoop on how the Browns first game is viewed around the NFL...

Adam Caplan: hi everyone

<matthewr99> Hi we have a chance this Sunday night?
Adam Caplan: MATT: Chance, yes, the Steelers are good but not close to Dallas.
Adam Caplan:
But in the end I think the Steelers win
Adam Caplan: Mark: 30-24 PIT

<BigDaddy78> Got any dope on Stallworth, the team seems awfully hush hush
Adam Caplan: MATT: He won't play unless he practices
Adam Caplan:
they could really use him this week
Adam Caplan:
so they can spread PIT out

<Ottocorp> Has the football world overestimated the importance of the loss of Faneca?
Adam Caplan: OTT: That will be answered when they face a good front four
Adam Caplan: so far PIT won't have faced one

<clebrowns80> Adam, if the browns get beat the way they got beat by Dallas is Crennel on the hot seat?
Adam Caplan: CLE: Not yet

<browns3213> Are we really going to suffer through with Edwards, Steptoe and Sanders as our WR if Stallworth can't go for a while?
Adam Caplan: BR: I think they're wrong thinking they don't need a #3 WR, the excuse is poor

<djw333> How many NFL teams could we actually beat with Adams and Sorensen at safety?
Adam Caplan: DJ: Not many
Adam Caplan: hopefully Pool will get cleared to play

<UABrownsFan> Adam, why won't Romeo blitz? Is he just stubborn or stupid?
Adam Caplan: UAB: They did but when they did DAL picked it up easily

<dcarbetta> Another year, same sloppy undisciplined defense. Romeo or personnel?
Adam Caplan:
DC: I think it's more personnel based

<PABrownsFan> Should we expect another Safety coming in for the next Couple of Weeks? Mike Doss maybe? Gary Baxter?
Adam Caplan: PAB: No one wants Doss
Adam Caplan: or Baxter
Adam Caplan:
maybe Greg Wesley

<browns3213> Adam, has Wimbley shown that he really is little more than a one move LB who was a flash in the pan as a rookie?
Adam Caplan: BROWN: I think they have to be concerned with him
Adam Caplan:
and he's not getting protected up front
Adam Caplan:
the front three got moved to use a scouting term
Adam Caplan: they got turned to the side
Adam Caplan:
bad sign

<matthewr99> Tucker didn't show me a thing on Sunday
Adam Caplan: MATT: I can't disagree, and BTW, the problems with lining up correctly showed up again
Adam Caplan:
not that bad but there were times when it happened
Adam Caplan: according to a source who saw the coaching tape

<matthewr99> first Maurice now Romeo gives us Tucker
Adam Caplan: MATT: Tucker is respected but he and the defense are works in progress

<Ottocorp> Phil has a history of making the big move to try and fix the team, why is it that he seems so unwilling now with so many emerging holes?
Adam Caplan:
OTTO: The quick fix theory isn't working

<browns3213> I know that John Lynch at this point can't cover anyone, but could he be used to get the DBs lined up an put a lick on someone in run support?
Adam Caplan: BR: Smart player but I don't think he would work

<Mark_Zickefoose> So do you think the blowful D Sunday was a product of a new DC or is it something more serious?
Adam Caplan: MARK: A personnel evaluator I talked to this morning said it's more they didn't do a good job of evaluating the personnel
Adam Caplan:
depth especially
Adam Caplan:
it's hard for me to argue that
Adam Caplan:
The guys I talk to know 100% than I do, they scout for a living
Adam Caplan:
or in the decision making business

<matthewr99> Good ? DJW how did OL grade Adam?
<matthewr99> They seemed SLOPPY seemed more coaching
Adam Caplan: MATT: I think overall the offense was and will be fine
Adam Caplan:
the defense is a major problem
Adam Caplan:
even with the injuries
Adam Caplan: We have to see if Rodgers can play at a high level, same with Corey Williams

<UABrownsFan> Adam, do you still believe Savage is right for the job or is he in over his head? Thanks
Adam Caplan: UAB: I think he is but I want to see how things go the next 4-5 weeks before I go any further

<djw333> I thought Williams and Rogers would make a major impact...was it wishful thinking?
Adam Caplan: DJ: You would hope so, they will have a better chance this week
Adam Caplan:
it was embarrassing how bad they were last week
Adam Caplan:
Adam Caplan:
front seven
Adam Caplan:
and gap discipline by LBs was bad
Adam Caplan:
CBs took bad angles in coverage
Adam Caplan:
I wish you could see my notes
Adam Caplan:
that I was given
Adam Caplan: it's a joke

<matthewr99> In all fairness....Dallas line was impressive
<matthewr99> they were huge and could move
Adam Caplan: MATT: Totally, you would have to have seen the coaching tape, it was like DAL was varsity, CLE was JV

<hpschlos> are the Bengals about to implode like the browns in 2004?
Adam Caplan: HP: They're garbage, no GM, no vision in CIN

<matthewr99> Adam where is Pitt O line compared to Dal O line
Adam Caplan: MATT: PITs is average these days
Adam Caplan:
problems are in the interior but they'll get away with it until they face a strong front four

<BrownsGettinBetter> Adam, if you had to to make a snap call will Romeo Crennel be the Browns head coach a year from today?
Adam Caplan:
BR: I would think so at this point
Adam Caplan:
you can't keep firing coaches

<clebrowns80> Adam, with the mess on defense don't you believe we are just poorly coached?
Adam Caplan: CLE: Problem is the secondary is shot
Adam Caplan:
the CBs can't matchup up at all against good WRs
Adam Caplan: and the safeties, well we don't need to go there

<matthewr99> So u see Browns blitzing more this week?
Adam Caplan: MATT: I don't know what the % was last week, problem is when they did, they didn't get home

<matthewr99> I respect him...but not good head coach...(Peter Principle)
Adam Caplan:
MATT: The decision to go for a FG was inexcusable
Adam Caplan: It's not like RAC is a young coach

<PABrownsFan> Wouldn't the defense improve if we stuck McGinest inside with Jackson, moved Orr or Hall to the outside? McGinest can't rush, but he can still stop the run.
Adam Caplan: PA: I think soon Orr has to play more, Willie doesn't move well enough
Adam Caplan:
and I'd get Hall some more snaps

<matthewr99> Adam didn't McDonald and Wright look decent last year?
Adam Caplan: MATT: Yes but preseason and first game have been regression for them

<slug69> Adam, what's the take with Lerner being mad about the field goal?
Adam Caplan: SLUG: Who wouldn't be?

<browns3213> Since DAL is undoubtedly the best we will play all year, is there still reason to be optimistic?
Adam Caplan: BR: We have to see them compete at a higher level this week, make it close

<matthewr99> I'm trying to withhold judgment on Tucker
Adam Caplan: MATT: Agreed, it's only one game but we need to see something front seven this week
Adam Caplan:
they aren't injured there

<BrownsGettinBetter> Adam, is it too earlier to start talking about the 09 draft since CLE will be in the top ten ?
Adam Caplan: BRO: Lets not get nuts

<slug69> Adam, so how short is RAC's leash?
Adam Caplan: SLUG: Not short really, it would have to get really bad
Adam Caplan:
he just got an extension

<djw333> If we can't get pressure vs. weak PIT OL, is it time to start thinking draft 09?
Adam Caplan: DJW: Their schedule gets nice soon

<slug69> Just seems this team plays with no intensity.
<slug69> Except K2
Adam Caplan:
SLUG: I just think they made a gross error in personnel evaluation
Adam Caplan:
I think the players are giving effort
Adam Caplan:
that's not the problem

<dcarbetta> which personnel in particular?
Adam Caplan: DC: Too many to name here but no one pushed Andra Davis for example
Adam Caplan: no physical presence at ILB at all
Adam Caplan: it was embarrassing last week

<djw333> I guess you're saying the DBs and LBs are terrible...
Adam Caplan: DJW: Nope, not that, there's a lot that is there that wasn't improved upon

<MrFrump> Hey Adam, I was wondering about Eric Parker. Thought I heard something about the browns being interested in him in the offseason.
Adam Caplan: MR: I don't know if the toe problem has been corrected because he hasn't had a visit
Adam Caplan: anywhere

<BrownsGettinBetter> Adam, in your estimation has Kamerion Wimbley underachieved?
Adam Caplan: BR: That's hard to say, but I can tell you this, he's a non-factor
Adam Caplan: he gets engulfed against the run and he's not getting to the QB
Adam Caplan: still overrunning plays

<racmpc> Any chance Bell can step up in the coming weeks?
Adam Caplan: RAC: He has to get healthy first which he's not

<redright> Adam, what can we expect in the next three weeks against afcn rivals?
Adam Caplan:
RED: BAL D is back, offense is bad there
Adam Caplan:
which helps CLE when they play them

<Saldawg> Any free agents that can help
Adam Caplan: Alvin McKinley signed with NO today, he could have provided depth
Adam Caplan:
but that's about it
Adam Caplan: problem is many of the free agents are 4-3 personnel
Adam Caplan: not 3-4

<slug69> Unless I missed something, did Ty Law sign with anyone yet?
Adam Caplan: SLUG: Nope
Adam Caplan: BTW, Browns now have a shade over $6 million of cap space

<mrslick36> What's your prediction for Sunday night?
Adam Caplan:
MRS: 30-24 PIT

<browns3213> Time to abandon the 3-4 with these personnel?
Adam Caplan: BRO: They have the personnel to play in the 3-4

<flounderou> Adam, is it fair to say we really need 3 new starting LBs next year...
Adam Caplan: FL: Little earlier for that but they are working their way towards that
Adam Caplan: Not having Peek really hurts
Adam Caplan: it's a shame no one really got to see what he could do in the two years
Adam Caplan:
he was here
Adam Caplan:
oh well, he's done

<redright> We have the talent to play in a 3-4 and yet we have a #30 defense. What do we do?
Adam Caplan:
RED: They have to go with what they got
Adam Caplan: and be more physical which they are capable of doing
Adam Caplan: I think Williams is a work in progress, going through what Robaire Smith went through last year
Adam Caplan: it will take him time to adjust to the change from 4-3

<matthewr99> I agree adam...they didn't play aggressive on Sunday
Adam Caplan: MATT: It was really an eye opener the second time I saw the game
Adam Caplan:
picked up a lot of stuff I didn't see originally
Adam Caplan:
I can't believe how dominant the Dallas OL was

<matthewr99> Did Edwards drop 4?
<matthewr99> that really hurt
Adam Caplan:
Adam Caplan:
he was terrible, may be his worst game as a pro
Adam Caplan:
And all 4 were bad
Adam Caplan:
that's the problem
Adam Caplan: cost them a score and other big plays
Adam Caplan: first downs

<djw333> Jurevicius, Jones, Pool, Tucker, Stallworth, Cribbs...hs anyone had worse injuries than us?
Adam Caplan: DJ: SEA WRs

<matthewr99> Winslow looked respectable
Adam Caplan:
MATT: He was really solid as usual
Adam Caplan:
he was moved everywhere, slot, out side

<BigDaddy78> I can't believe we didn't run one stunt, it looked as though our front three ran straight into the double teams
Adam Caplan: BIG: I didn't see them do anything different, was looking for overload blitzes, bear fronts, stuff like that
Adam Caplan: whatever they did wasn't working

<kevinmackfan> Adam do you think we could still run the 4-3 now
Adam Caplan: KEVIN: No, they don't have the personnel

<BigDaddy78> The blitzes we did run were one man, and shown to Romo way too early
Adam Caplan: BIG: It seemed they brought 4 a lot but that was about it

<BrownsGettinBetter> Why does Phil Savage have no interest in Joe Horn? I have heard people within the organization are pleading for him.
Adam Caplan: BR: Agreed there, not sure what they are thinking
Adam Caplan:
but he didn't work out that well for the Titans

<hpschlos> Adam: is Savage holding onto that 6mill in cap space because he wants to save up for 2009 Free Agency?
Adam Caplan: HP: That money has to be spent, usually teams save $3 or so for free agents

<matthewr99> what happened with horn and the Titans?
Adam Caplan:
MATT: None of the 6 WRs that tried out for them looked good
Adam Caplan:
except for David Kircus I'm told

Adam Caplan: All: Good chat, I have to run, see you next week.


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